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The Sprites of Salimus

The Sprites of Salimus

You know, I do sprite a lot. Some sprites I make in hopes they'll be used. Others, I make for my own purposes. In the end, a sprite is a sprite, and any I make ends up here.

To see my latest work, look at my most recent comment. (I just like keeping this showcase organized.)
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The Sprites of Salimus

You know, I do sprite a lot. Some sprites I make in hopes they'll be used. Others, I make for my own purposes. In the end, a sprite is a sprite, and any I make ends up here.

To see my latest work, look at my most recent comment. (I just like keeping this showcase organized.)

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honey i'm honey
I did this on a whim. Literally no other reason. Granted, I kept going with it because, my god, were these two easy to sprite for!

Personally, I've always liked ShellNumemon too. It's like they took a Numemon and made it cute. I can always appreciate cuteness.

The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory:
Now that the Ultimates are done, I can present them together freely. Ah, don't they all look nice being proportional? I think they do at the very least. Even better for you though, it means they are all in one place.

In order, we got AeroVeedramon, Scorpiomon, Antylamon, Assaltmon, Arukenimon, Bigmamemon, BlackWarGrowlmon, Blossomon, Cyberdramon, Dinobeemon, Doumon, Dagon-I mean Dragomon, Gaduramon, Gigadramon, Indramon, Infermon, Kimeramon, Majiramon, Mamothmon, MasterTyrannomon, Megadramon, MegaKabuterimon, MegaSeadramon, MetalGreymon, MetalTyrannomon, Minotarumon, Monzaemon, NeoDevimon, Okuwamon, Paildramon, Pandamon, Shakkoumon, ShogunGekomon, SkullGreymon, Toamon, Triceramon, Vermillionmon, WarGrowlmon, WaruMonzaemon, WaruSeadramon, and

The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory:
The shading doesn't make much sense. Maybe it's the vibes I'm getting from the room.
Ready for something sweet? Hopefully this is good enough to eat. Probably not though, because you're suppose to live with it.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It happens.
October 20th, 2017
For some reason, I really wanted to make RiseGreymon. He's a pretty cool digimon afterall.
One thing I gotta say though...
The gun on he has seems to never seems to have a consistent design. Just the minor details of it. I guess it's not an odd thing but really, I've never seen a digimon that does something like this before.

Anyways, I used ExVeemon as a base and Greymon for the hands, so obviously, Zebub Al-Zemechiel gets credit for that. You can find those sprites in the link below.
Something really irks me about using sprites that aren't on a 1 to 1 scale. It's just a pet-peeve, but I'm sure it does bother other people as well. Most people do not have a choice in the matter after all. There's just not enough digimon sprites people can use in comics. That's the reason I made all the Growth Enhanced digimon sprites. This tutorial is an extension of it. Heck, there might be a digimon someone wants bigger that I didn't do. It could be the Digimon I made is too small or too big. There's an even greater chance though that this will help someone make bigger sprites of something they want to make. Whatever the reason, I'll end up helping someone with these sprites and it'll be worth it.

The original sprites for ShimaUnimon and Nefertimon can be found at The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory:
It's basically some unsaid rule that everyone uses Zebub Al-Zemechiel's sprites for their digimon sprite comics. I can see why. There's a variety of digimon to use and from all of them you can edit together other digimon. A lot of people have made whole sheets of those types of sprites too so there's a lot of different digimon available.
So, one thing that bugs me about Zebub Al-Zemechiel's digimon sprites are some of them are really tiny when put next to any other sprite. They don't even look like their actual sizes sometimes.
An idea came to me though. Just make the sprites bigger and enhance them for their new size.
Boom - this is the result!

I got all the champions so far. Each of them in order are Airdramon, Akatorimon, Allomon, Ankylomon, Birdramon, BlackGrowlmon, Boarmon, Boogeymon, Centarumon, Clockmon, Cyclonemon, DarkTyrannomon, Deltamon, Devimon, Devidramon, Digmon, Dokugumon, Drimogmon, Ebidramon, Wendigomon, ExVeemon, Flymon, Frigimon, Fugamon, Gargoylemon, Garurumon, BlackGarurumon, Gesomon, Golemon, Gorilliaon, Greymon, BlackGreymon, Grizmon, Growlmon, Gaurdromon, Gururumon, Halsemon, Hyougamon, Ikkakumon, J-Mojamon, Kabuterimon, Kenkimon, Kokatorimon, Kuwagamon, Kyubimon, Lyxnmon, Mekanorimon, Mojamon, Monochromon, MoriShellmon, MudFrigimon, Nefertimon, NiseDrimogemon, Octomon, Ogremon, Parrotmon, Pegasusmon, Raidramon, Raremon, Saberdramon, Seadramon, Seasermon, Shellmon, ShimaUnimon, Snimon, Stingmon, Strikedramon, Submarimon, Togemon, Tortomon, Tuskmon, Tyrannomon, Unimon, Woodmon, and Youkomon. Quiet a few...

The Numbers above the little one's head show how much I scaled them up btw. It'll be useful if you want to convert a sheet.

I got the Ultimates and maybe a couple Megas to go. Mega's a a bit strange, either being about the right size any ways, you could just use the sprites from the DS RPGs, or be very created and zoom out on the scene. That means you can use the same, sized sprites and not worry about the weirdness of using the sprites as long as you have a background to match these sizes well enough.

The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory:
Hey! This is a nice one!
So, the other day I was thinking, "You know, what if a digimon was like a hermit crab but had an ice cream cone as a shell?" Naturally, that got me thinking of Shellmon. From there, I ended up creating ConeShellmon.

ConeShellmon's name is also a pun on the Cone Shell Snail, which is a highly venomous snail that lives in the ocean. It's a quiet unsuspecting creature. Luckily, I don't think ConeShellmon's going to give you food poisoning.

Swirlmon was more of an after thought but a good one. I remembered the shape of Burgermon's hat and thought it looked like a scoop of ice cream. Small edit there and BAM! You got an ice cream rookie digimon.

Edited from here:
The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory:

The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory:
Made these two on a whim. Probably won't sprite other poses of them myself. When creating these, I took the Centaur base and drew over it to get them how I wanted them. Not a bad result.
Pajiramon faired better out of the dou. Vajramon just has such an off face that it's always impossible for me to get it spot on.

Centaur Base:
Here's another digimon for you guys! I enlarged the sprite with my techniques and gave you guys a whole bunch of poses to work with. Hope you guys like it!

The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory:
May 10th, 2017
So remember the Digimon I tried making bigger? These? tarumon-unimon-shimaunimon-ikkakumon/

When I got the ShimaUnimon bigger, I got an idea. You see, I've been messing with LSW sprites recently, and I noticed that Zebub Al-Zemechiel's sprites have a similar enough design that I thought of meshing the two together.

That and you can blame chest centaurs for inspiring me.

The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory:

LSW Base Sheet:
This set doesn't have a background to go with it, but it's presence proves a point. If you look closely at the sprites, you'll realize just how simple they are. Not a lot of advanced spiriting here. The shapes are just squares, and yet a lot's been done with it. It's simple to make and use.

I'm not the biggest fan of this type of furniture in real life, but hey, maybe your are or it'd match a character of your. Even if it's just fits your setting hope you enjoy it.
Been a while since I've posted one of these so take this on for size.

Plants are used often to make a home feel more alive. You see at least one ficus in a business after all. Most of these's plants are based on ones in Animal Crossing yet again, but the green house and sacks of fertilizer as well as the rake and that shovel I pulled right out of my head. Not a lot of flowers here, so I'm sorry about that. Plenty of shrubs you can choose from though!
This is an animation I made with the sprites in the Dorumon sheet. Most of the stuff there is made frame by frame animation anyways. The walk and hit cycle are just examples. Be sure to check that out if you haven't already.

Dorumon Sheet:
Heya guys! Been a while since I've updated this thing.
Anyways, I was messing a round with Dorumon's sprites by Zebub Al-Zemechiel's Tiny Gifs at The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory. At first, I just wanted to do a walk cycle. I then noticed how how simple the sprite was for me to edit and I accidently ended up making a sheet for it... Oops.
Besides the original sprite, everything else is completely custom besides the tails which are shrunken down and edited version of Renamon's tails from Digimon: Battle Spirit. A little ingenuity goes a long way.
Either way, I admit it was pretty fun. No regrets here! Just wish you luck on your sprite comics.

The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory:
Another set based on Animal Crossing furniture, and it's a favorite of mine. Yeah, I really like the modern wood set. It's surprising I did the lovely set first because I hate that set... (I'll had to go back to it and add a couple things I missed btw.)

I think this turned out pretty well! Only one thing I don't really like and that's the ceiling. I wanted to do a different roof style, you see, but didn't have an idea for something new. I know one of my friends said a wood ceiling would be nice to have, but the wall's so busy and had such unity that I didn't want to make it too different or complicated. It's alright for what it is, but I just wish it looked better.
That's pretty awesome!