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Chris knows there's something out there better for her. She's young, cute, downtrodden (in her opinion) and orphaned; How can she not be destined for greatness?

When the chance to prove her worth comes along, she can hardly turn it down... Just a pity the only person she gets for company is a mysterious obnoxious masked fellow who just can't seem to leave her alone.

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@Visitor: They live a rather long time, upwards of 100 years in captivity. They lay soft eggs, and protect them as preciously as a dragon would protect its treasure horde. Just the one stomach, but considering the vast range of things they're happy to eat, it's different to your standard mammal stomach.

I call platypus.
How long do cuiburn typically live in captivity? Do they lay eggs or give live birth? How many stomachs do they have?
@The_mad_one: Yes, they are deceptively hardy creatures! Though they probably don't know it.
H0ly, do cuiburns have the elemental resistance of dragon types?
GMO dragon cows. Has magi-science gone too far?
Is this flashback taking place before the fire?
@HVoice: I shoulda known this was a flash back. God Damn it xD
Flashback? Flash forward?
@Visitor: Yeahhh I coulda drawn this better. I might fix it up at some point.
The moonbeams seem to interfere a little strangely with the curtain in the first panel.
Meanwhile I AM the be all and end all of Cuiburn facts 8D

...There's not a whole lot to know.

See y'all soon.
Oh this is it! When she first calls upon Rumple! :D
huge fan
im a huge fan of both your comics been reading for a while. I'm excited to see the epic conclusion to rumpel and will keep reading mokepon >:3
Broom Powers Activate!
I expected this from the beginning of this chapter. He can't stay put.

@Zelkova: Oh naw, I mean I wrote the end first xD I don't actually storyboard scenes ahead of time, but this chapter was the first part of the story I had set in my mind.

Regarding Brightside... I just haven't had the time to do short stories on the side these days, sadly. Pity though because I did enjoy working on them. Maybe someday again.
@H0lyhandgrenade: If this was going to be the first chapter then is it safe to assume this was going to be a short comic thing but you decided to make it a full blown thing? Or do you just like to storyboard out of order?

On that note what happened to your comic that used to be a group of short stories? I like quite a few of them such as the zombies with the roller skates.
See y'all soon.
I feel like this could literally be anyone!