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Chris knows there's something out there better for her. She's young, cute, downtrodden (in her opinion) and orphaned; How can she not be destined for greatness?

When the chance to prove her worth comes along, she can hardly turn it down... Just a pity the only person she gets for company is a mysterious obnoxious masked fellow who just can't seem to leave her alone.

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Comment on Chapter 8 Page 30
MilkyTea, 04 Mar 2015 07:54 pm
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: It's worst then that, I think she's trying for the Bitch Award! 8O
Comment on Chapter 8 Page 30
MilkyTea, 04 Mar 2015 07:53 pm
I agree with the alt text.
Deck her.
Comment on Chapter 8 Page 30
Sapar, 04 Mar 2015 02:32 pm
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: She's probably very aware, and revels in it. It's basically medieval nationalism.
Comment on Chapter 8 Page 2
ghndgj (Guest), 04 Mar 2015 12:24 pm
I really miss child-Toby, his face is so adorable. Why did it become so manly. Why.
... Then again, we won't probably get see much of his older face anyway.
Comment on Chapter 8 Page 30
qazox, 03 Mar 2015 09:47 pm
@The_mad_one: probably did that before the ball.
Comment on Chapter 8 Page 30
Ultimate the Hedgehog, 03 Mar 2015 07:04 pm
Wow. Her attitude is so unlikable it's getting to the pint where it's unbelievable. Is she very much aware of what a bitch she's being? Like to the pint where even she hates it but feels she has to?
Comment on Chapter 8 Page 30
Critic, 03 Mar 2015 06:12 pm
A wild DRAGONTHING appeared!
It's super-effective.
The enemy kingdom's QUEEN fainted.
Comment on Chapter 8 Page 30
Dastardly, 03 Mar 2015 05:33 pm
Ouch. She's extremely caustic, but she's not wrong.
Comment on Chapter 8 Page 30
The_mad_one, 03 Mar 2015 05:29 pm
This woman keeps getting more pleasant.

I think next up she's going to eat the flesh of an orphan.

While the orphan still lives.
Comment on Chapter 8 Page 30
Visitor (Guest), 03 Mar 2015 05:16 pm
This is the part where you fireball her face off.


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