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Chris knows there's something out there better for her. She's young, cute, downtrodden (in her opinion) and orphaned; How can she not be destined for greatness?

When the chance to prove her worth comes along, she can hardly turn it down... Just a pity the only person she gets for company is a mysterious obnoxious masked fellow who just can't seem to leave her alone.

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Comment on Chapter 11 Page 7
maaari (Guest), 24 Aug 2016 05:39 pm
I want to be in the read the pages early club too! But my parents won't let me pay for stuff on the internet, so I'm not able to use patreon X'(

Btw, I really like the first and last panel. Those drawings are so beautiful! >w<
Comment on Chapter 11 Page 7
m_celeri, 24 Aug 2016 01:14 pm
@Visitor: THAT! She can just say that it has nothing to do with their son, because he's not his son. Ba-du-tssss
Comment on Chapter 11 Page 7
VelvetRainbow, 24 Aug 2016 10:11 am
Comment on Chapter 11 Page 7
natuko_hom, 23 Aug 2016 09:43 pm
@NekoPuppyStar: patreon supporters can read ahead. It's why some comments are from the 9th.
Comment on Chapter 11 Page 7
NekoPuppyStar, 23 Aug 2016 09:00 pm
She should've said "Shut up and let me love you"
...Whats the read pages early club?
Comment on Chapter 11 Page 7
Visitor (Guest), 23 Aug 2016 05:38 pm
For starters, he's not your son.
Comment on Chapter 11 Page 2
maaari (Guest), 21 Aug 2016 06:24 pm
It's the fair she used to "play" with, isn't it? And maybe, just maybe, does he have the same character looks as Atticus? ^^
Comment on Chapter 11 Page 1
maaari (Guest), 21 Aug 2016 06:19 pm
@The_mad_one: Awww, look at that! Dragonthing is burning things again. How cute! x3
Comment on Chapter 10 Page 58
maaari (Guest), 21 Aug 2016 06:14 pm
From now on it's all probably gonna be like: "Ohhh! Aaaah! Off course! I get it now! It all makes sense! WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS BEFORE?!!"
Comment on Chapter 10 Page 57
maaari (Guest), 21 Aug 2016 06:12 pm
Sorry that I triggered those guys to say that joke before you H0ly >.<


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