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MineBlock The Original
It's like Minecraft, but it's two dimensional and the sprites are blocky!
A story of hero go on their own adventure!
Team work, boss battle, Pvp round and much more...

NEW: Bridge Battle have open!
challenge your friend and try to slay others on the bridge!

Original creator/owner: BlueZero12/ EpicGames20 (I found him!)
Co-Owner: Stone_Merten

Accepting Applications

Here at mineblock just "put me in" is no longer enough. When making an application be sure to include these items.

1) A spritesheet for your character
2) An intro comic
3) Atleast one sample comic

This is to see if you can update in the comic. We've had a few cases where applying authors did not have access to the technology to make the comics.
Apply as a Co-Author

Latest Comments

Comment on Portal Weighted Cubes Mod
LuisBarretoHD (Guest), 13 Jan 2015 07:40 am
I will add Orespawn mod, The King and more...
Comment on Portal Weighted Cubes Mod
plasma_knight303, 01 Jan 2015 01:14 pm
@LuisBarretoHD: What? I never mentioned Orespawn ANYWHERE in this.
Comment on HEROBRINE
Herobrine (Guest), 30 Dec 2014 05:55 am
wheres your god now?
im real im griefing alls i Lovéing your cosmics and im real!!!!! İm not a mob im a player!
Comment on Jenix house
Cuitey cake (Guest), 26 Dec 2014 09:30 am
can make me me too home plz :3
Comment on X's House
Guest, 26 Dec 2014 09:29 am
Like noob
Comment on MaXtream
Kicker09 (Guest), 26 Dec 2014 09:27 am
flying kick!
Comment on EpicGames20
Nooby (Guest), 26 Dec 2014 09:25 am
Comment on Steve 1.3
(Steve 1.3) (Guest), 26 Dec 2014 09:24 am
Umm nice
Comment on Boss Rush Comic Maker
yay cake (Guest), 26 Dec 2014 09:23 am
Yay i can make now herobrine Boss rush!
Comment on Comic Maker
Diamondbrine (Guest), 26 Dec 2014 09:22 am
Thx i use for making comin


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