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In the City of Aria, the last great capital of the world, life revolves around mysterious dungeons and the monsters that crawl from them. Adventurers gather from the world over to battle in these dangerous labyrinths, seeking the fame and fortune that comes from exploring them. Follow Caldwell the Alchemist as he strives to raise himself up the ranks of adventurers, to gather a party of friends, and to overcome his fears. Updates three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!


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Comment on Ch14 08
8ewfh1SDFR4, 22 Jan 2015 04:58 pm
If I had to guess, it would be in 2 ways.

Scan type, where for example, he 'scans' for essence, and it feedbacks locations in the area where they are located. Similar to how echolocation works using sound reflection on solid objects.

Or Search type, where he projects himself with or without mana-sight (if he has it), and searches the area. If his projection is attacked/he sees a hostile, then they gear up for battle.

Thinking about it now, the first one is the most likely.
Comment on Ch14 08
edgeblade, 22 Jan 2015 06:45 am
@8ewfh1SDFR4: so when scrying are the things you see and find at the level of as if you looked manually or do you see specific things like elemental weaknesses and such
Comment on Ch14 08
willky7, 21 Jan 2015 09:37 pm
@edgeblade: Depends on the spellcasters skill I geuss
Comment on Ch14 08
8ewfh1SDFR4, 21 Jan 2015 07:48 pm
*takes out notes*
For scanning spell, I believe it to belong to the scrying category.
Galaxyspark: "A scrying spell goes like this: the Scryer channels essence into a viewing source, typically a clear crystal ball, but also sometimes a mirror. From there, the scryer's senses are able to extend outward, focused on an incorporeal "body" that they move with their willpower. The distance that one can send their senses differs from person to person, based on essence pool and magical talents."

As such, it could be attached to his glasses, but Caldwell himself would not be in control of what he looks at since his friend is casting it. And due to the nature of the spell, you would need to manually scan areas rather than it automatically doing it for you.

Tis what my understanding is of it anyway.
Comment on Ch14 08
edgeblade, 21 Jan 2015 05:10 pm
hey i have a question about this particular spell
a: how detailed is it are we talking something as simple as detect life or like final fantas detailed

b: can it be attached to something like caldwells glasses to get something like a auto-scan going on???
Comment on Ch14 08
NaginiFay, 21 Jan 2015 05:06 pm
Don't go in the tall grass!
Comment on Ch14 08
Guest, 21 Jan 2015 03:31 pm
Comment on Ch14 07
dracone, 19 Jan 2015 07:06 pm
@randomkid: working on that
Comment on Ch14 07
randomkid, 19 Jan 2015 05:38 pm
@dracone: then push it up to your top 3
Comment on Ch14 07
dracone, 18 Jan 2015 05:37 pm
@Hekset: I see what you're saying, but patience isn't my greatest virtue.


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