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Magic and Mayhem, Treasure and Triumph! In the dungeon-riddled land of Aria, adventure is always around every corner! Spellcross is a webcomic inspired by fantasy games and RPGs of old and running strong for over 3 years. 400 Pages and counting!


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Comment on Ch17 07
Guest, 21 Jul 2016 04:57 pm
that's what they all say.
Comment on Ch17 06
Cloud (Guest), 18 Jul 2016 03:03 am
But what is Ejiro's Arcana Rank hmm???
Comment on Ch17 06
Guest, 14 Jul 2016 08:56 pm
@Midnight_Cat: just looks like him
Comment on Ch17 06
Midnight_Cat, 12 Jul 2016 03:30 pm
Uhh, is that Bram? (or does he just look like Bram)
Comment on Ch17 06
Kinmotsu_no_Yoryuu, 11 Jul 2016 03:11 pm
@Nell_is_MY_waifu: I'm doing fine, just talking to these guys, how about you?
Comment on Ch17 06
Nell_is_MY_waifu (Guest), 11 Jul 2016 05:25 am
sup caldwell

its just me

the guy who tried to murder you and your friends

how you doin'
Comment on Ch1 18
alternativeName99, 03 Jul 2016 08:20 pm
Woah, sweet art.
Comment on Ch17 05
Guest, 23 Jun 2016 03:31 am
Oh, so 'dungeon killers' are actually adventures from a different world/dimensions?
Comment on Ch17 05
dracone, 22 Jun 2016 05:59 am
Poor kid, they're bombarding him with questions before he can even give them any semblance of an answer.
Comment on Ch17 05
Kinmotsu_no_Yoryuu, 21 Jun 2016 08:33 pm
Oh dear...
This isn't good for our young Protagonist; I can really sense that this is going to go wrong.

Also, is it an unspoken rule or something that council members need to have 'us' at the end of their names?


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