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A web comic about love, life, and trying to comes to terms with being transgender. Sometimes dark, sometimes light, and always an attempt at a honest look at transexual life.
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Comment on Fallout
Anon (Guest), 03 Aug 2015 02:09 am
I strongly dislike people who act the way Valerie did just now. Yes, Annie did something wrong and Valerie is justified in being pissed off, but she is not justified in saying all those things. Is it too much to ask to have people stay on topic when angrily berating other people?
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Anon (Guest), 02 Aug 2015 11:41 pm
@GreenKrog: Oh. I got confused. I kind of forgot what Cindi looks like and used the previous comic as reference. While her skin is indeed darker in said comic, it looked to me like it was only because of the lighting.

I still stand by my theory that P thought Wendy meant that one girl who was obviously staring at boobs.
Comment on Roster
GreenKrog, 02 Aug 2015 04:21 pm
@Anon: Cindi isn't in frame? If you mean frame 4, that is Zora and the two unnamed cheerleader leads. Cindi is black (or whatever you can figure out from her skin colour, I just picked randomly), the chick on the right in frame 4 is white. And Cindi has wavy hair. Sorry for being a terrible artist.
Comment on Roster
Anon (Guest), 02 Aug 2015 01:41 pm
Of course Cindi would be in the frame when Wendy points at Zora. That might be confusing to P. When she said a girl was "probably gay", I'm gonna assume she meant the one who is staring straight at boobs.
Comment on Zora
TallMist, 01 Aug 2015 02:18 pm
@GreenKrog: I hope one day I'll wind up being able to be, as you say it, pretty on the other side. Right now, though, your comic is the comfort that I need. :)
Comment on Zora
GreenKrog, 01 Aug 2015 02:16 pm
@TallMist: I chose to write it in a way that embodies fear. Like watching a horror movie - you are scared, but you know that in the end it was just a movie. You can feel that fear but be safe and work through it. It isn't pleasant, for sure, but it isn't intended to. It is intended to be scary and allow us to be scared. And then to stop being scared.

Unlike Annie, I lived in the dark for years while transitioning. I came out pretty on the other side, but I missed way too much time due to my fear. If I can show other people how beautiful it can be to just be themselves even when they are scared, I have done my job.
Comment on Zora
TallMist, 01 Aug 2015 02:12 pm
@GreenKrog: Yeah, I found that. Currently reading Between the Lines and I'm very much enjoying it so far. Not quite as much as I love Wildflowers, though.
Comment on Zora
GreenKrog, 01 Aug 2015 01:42 pm
@TallMist: Like I tell everyone who catches up - check out the 'other stuff I read' section along the top. Should keep you entertained for a while, at least!
Comment on Zora
TallMist (Guest), 01 Aug 2015 01:42 pm
I just want to say how much your comic has hit so close to home with me. I never go out, because I'm anti-social, however if I were to go out as I was, how I felt, well... This comic embodies every fear that I have. But also every hope. Thing is, though? I'd trade my life for Annie's any day. I'd rather be out there getting kicked around and going through all the shit she goes through as long as it meant getting to go around as being me and having people there that care about me that I can hang out with and just wear a dress around without them giving a flying fuck. :) Greenkrog, you have written a fantastic comic so far, IMO.
Comment on Social Engineering
GreenKrog, 01 Aug 2015 01:42 pm
@Yellow: The people who have done her shopping so far have done a good job. Keep in mind almost none of her wardrobe was picked by her. Curious, that.

I didn't think I looked good in yellow either, and then one year I bought a hoodie from Old Navy and I loved it to death. Apparently I look decent when I wear cheery colours! I wonder, is it only your impression that yellow doesn't work, or does it truly not work?


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