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by GreenKrog
A web comic about love, life, and trying to comes to terms with being transgender. Sometimes dark, sometimes light, and always an attempt at a honest look at transexual life.
Updating weekdays, because my drunk depressed ass can no longer do weekends.
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A web comic about love, life, and trying to comes to terms with being transgender. Sometimes dark, sometimes light, and always an attempt at a honest look at transexual life.
Updating weekdays, because my drunk depressed ass can no longer do weekends.


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Nothing wrong with writing "it is" over "it's. Untill it gets obsessive. The key is balance...and knowing "it's," and "its" are not the same words.
February 16th, 2018
...won't many any difference...
(Second frame)
February 16th, 2018
lel someone really likes green onion pancakes. I'll give it a shot sometime xDD *writes on bucket list*

and I'm glad you got no debt (thats like heavenly words)
February 15th, 2018
@FireBrimstoneGravel: Its actually not that amazing. AP_Angus used to go to Safeway to buy bread for himself for lunch, and he would either get me a big french baguette, or a cheese bagel. Sometimes if Angus wasn't there, I would go up there on my own and get a bagel. So lunchtime for all of our staff for the past 5 years has been 'go for a bagel' instead of lunch.
The reason that any of this was relevant is that I do not take breaks. I am incapable of taking breaks. I go to the death, and then I die, and then I reset the cronjob. So when I actually walk away from my computer, it is a *really big deal*. Which is why bagelling as a lunchtime practice mattered. I try to get the rest of my employees to NOT BE ME. They never fucking listen. I am trying to get them to adhere to the Canada labour board so we dont get in trouble. It is frustrating, I need them to bagel. Then they work unpaid OT and I am like YOU CANT DO THAT. And they do it anyways because they are so damn dedicated to making me happy, even though they know it makes me angry that they are trying to be me. Nobody can ever be me, I am a monster. And not a little monster like you and my other readers. I mean, the nightmarish overlord of corporate hell. The RMitch actually has nightmares about me being a corporate overlord and executing people.

I dont know where I am going with this and I drank a tonne tonight so I am going to go play Heroes of the Storm as Lucio and please dont judge me because I used to main LiLi as my healer but I found Lucio to be more my style.
February 14th, 2018
I’m curious now. Why do bagels matter to you? (Sorry I’m a bit late on this)
UnwelcomeGuest, we're all here.

We all know what depression and dysphoria can do to people. Most of us have been there. If you're still around, and need someone to talk to, I'm here - just HMU. I know that doesn't help a lot, and god damn, could I have used an awful lot more than strangers to chat to on the internet when things went south, but it can help.

Sometimes the darkest and most difficult days are no more than a blip in the pattern. Sometimes the real struggle is waking up knowing that today will be no better than yesterday, or better than the day before, or the months before that. It's tough to stick it out through that, and it's especially rough when it seems like nobody values you or worse, that people hate you enough to attack you. If nothing else, you should know that we're all here to support each other through that, and when an end to our dark ages comes, we will be better for having been able to endure that.

I'm young, so maybe my experience isn't the most helpful to you. Maybe I'm too naive to give a strong viewpoint. But the struggles we've all fought through are real, and for most of us they're what made us strong enough to carry on.

We all love you. Stay, if you can. If not, and there is something after it all? We'll meet you there when we're ready.
February 8th, 2018
@bexm80: I wish I spoke british, but this was still right funny.
February 8th, 2018
@GreenKrog: You are correct with "than".
February 8th, 2018
Very impressive missus clevercloggs. FYI If you've never seen it google 'the two ronnies crossed lines'


February 5th, 2018
Part of the Process
I would so agree with this. As a late transitioner, it is one of things that exposed problems in my marriage. I was always and up to a point willing to make it about her, then all of a sudden I am not happy (from her POV--I was unhappy for a while before that) and so focused on myself that I would not talk to her. Then again, I began to recognize her gaslighting me. I know from other transfriends that transitioned this is quite common and why divorces are so high. The marriage had to be perfect, and the wives willing to be with a same sex partner.
It is a Tom Petty song, possibility his most famous.
February 1st, 2018
How do I not know the must not be rock.
January 31st, 2018
Right on, man.
January 31st, 2018
@Bandana_girl: Because bill C16 is a compelled speech law. Trans and gender identity was already *extremely* well protected in Canada. It has been for 20 years. Bill C16 was passed for the only reason of making sure that those putting out unreasonable demands MUST be cowed to. You know how people make fun of trans folks that maybe we will start identifying as attack helicopters? Bill C16 says that if you tell someone your preferred pronouns are Gurblagdeblag, they *absolutely have to use that* if they work in the government or place of employment. You do not need any sort of documentation, you just get to make any spurious declaration and they have to do it.

I would like to think that I've made my opinions of the rights of trans people pretty clear. Perhaps less clear is that I side strongly with "be a normal fucking person" in addition. The vast, vast, VAST majority of trans people I have ever met or talked to are.. get this..
Trans: short for transitive, meaning "to cross".
Sex: biologically dimorphic primary and secondary sexual characteristics.
As in, to go from one, to the other. Not some 31 other things. They go from one sex to another and then want to be left the fuck alone. Instead, Bill C16 has taken trans people in Canada and made them in to a joke, because people who don't understand trans people assume that trans people want to be Glabarverblorks instead of just normal fucking people.

I get it. I might be on the wrong side of history on this one. Maybe in 50 years everyone will be making up their own gender and we will have to ask everyone their pronouns. Maybe I look like an ignorant bigot right now. Then again, can you imagine if some other sub-sub-subset of another marginalized group decided to represent ALL people of the much larger group? Like, I dunno, the far wings of Black Lives matter who call for the death of all white people, and say they represent all black people? Or for that matter, the KKK saying they represent all white people? And then DEMANDING THE GOVERNMENT DO SOMETHING? We HAVE seen how that went in the past. Political regressivism with bill C16 will promote MORE hate rather than a good discussion. If all people of Spanish decent suddenly decided they must be recognized and called "your lordship" because that is their preferred title, they would be laughed out of whatever court they are in. But here we are, with "agender blendersexual demicorn" being A RECOGNIZED GENDER. One that if you walk in to a doctors office and say they have to use it, and if they don't, YOU CAN GET THEM FIRED?!

Look. It was a well meaning bill. But look at what happened to Lindsay Shepherd. The bill passed, and that immediately happened. This world needs to actually talk to each other instead of making people lose their jobs over compelled speech. Especially when trans rights in Canada were already one of the greatest examples of protection for the world.

I don't like being made in to a joke.

(Quick edit: Gender EXPRESSION and gender are not the same thing. P is a very masculine lesbian, but she is a girl. My ex was very butch in expression, but she was a girl. I express myself in a neutral-fem manner, but I am a girl. I know people who do drag, but they are still a male. Expression has now become codified gender. That is my problem.)
January 31st, 2018
What's wrong with Bill C-16? I wish that we had one of those.
January 30th, 2018
@Bandana_girl: First off, yes, Alberta can sometimes go pretty country. It is in that bible line that runs north south. Its like the south, but, more Canadian.
Second, and you can construe whatever you want from this, and be confused - actually, it is Irish.
Is the second panel supposed to be "... without me..." or something else? It just seems like she suddenly got very West Country.
that's probably the coolest description of being a writer that i've ever heard. least it's pretty metal.
January 26th, 2018
@bexm80: That's the kind of donation we really need.
January 26th, 2018
About 3 miles and 1000 feet.