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@CuteDress&TwinPonytails: She sure is! And Annie is wearing the same blue top shes had since the start too. Sometimes the beginning is as important as the end.

Why a one piece? Because Lexi is a little top heavy and being streamlined is sort of relevant!
Compare today's comic with No. 44,
" Enter: Lexi ". Is Lexi still wearing her favourite girls red one-piece tank swimsuit ?
@Lex-Kat: The girl with the blue hair was the hairdresser. These guys are just jackasses hanging out beside the mall bathrooms for whatever reason.

The hairdresser on the previous page asked for sir or ma'am because of the conversation taking place by Deb, not because she was talking bad about Annie.
@Opus the Poet: Funny thing that...

I once had a cat we named Jag. He was a tramp cat, but we fed him enough that he'd come in during the winter months.

Anyway, I used to hold him under my arm, not upside down, and lift his tail up... then give his tummy a little squeeze and he'd fart something awful. I used him as a weapon against my brother a couple times. :p
Guess I'm lucky, in that I've never had a similar experience. And with the way I look, I find it very hard to imagine there is any doubt in anyone's mind that I am a trans woman. I've never had trouble with hairdressers. I've never had trouble with my manicurist. If they say anything, it's behind my back.
Penis guitar.
dew (Guest)
January 17th, 2017
heh. Transit home.
I love trans puns.

Good catch on annies part.
January 16th, 2017
@Lex-Kat: fixed.
Lex-Kat (Guest)
January 16th, 2017
Both balloon tails in the 2nd panel are pointing to Annie.

Just so you know.
Lex-Kat (Guest)
January 16th, 2017
I guess I am confused. Because nothing Bree said sounds like it could be reinterpreted as nice.

And then to flip it around and put the blame on Annie for overhearing it... I'm going back to not trusting Bree.
Old joke about simulating bagpipes: Hold a cat upside down under your arm and put the tail in your mouth and chew. You will both sound and look like a piper.
Killing cats :D

I used the term "sawing cats in half" when my mostly tone-deaf sister was trying to learn to play the violin.
January 12th, 2017
Yes. Lexi beat Annie's best time.

You all probably forgot that she is a lifeguard and one of the better swimmers in their league? Because Vic and Annie were carrying the team? Don't forget it. Lexi is amazing. When she has had enough food that she isn't passing out.
January 12th, 2017
Forest Lawn, for those of you not in Calgary, is the worst school in the worst community of the city. Like.. actual hookers and drug dealers hanging out by schools.
Not relevant, just saying.
January 12th, 2017
I'm not going to lie. That last joke is funny and if you don't agree... that is entirely your call and I respect you for it and will not judge it. Because we are all individuals and there is no reason for us to be hurtful towards each other.

January 8th, 2017
@Anya: I began tucking before anything else, because I hated it so much even before I was in girl format (or knew girl format was an option) that I needed to to go away. When I finally got to go girl mode, I stuck pretty much entirely to skirts for a while because, even though I conceptually knew it was smooth, I was still worried that one slip would make things go poorly.
Example: I used to bike a huge distance every day (its almost as if Annie got a little of my life thrown in). When you commit that much to a physical activity, sooooometimes you walk away with a little.. erm.. extra blood flow. When you wear bike shorts, cuz ya can't bike in a skirt, it is a little bit a problem.
Funny, my ex never tucked, and she never looked bulgy in pants either. Or shorts. I think people have to be looking pretty intently to be trying to find these things. We are just paranoid because it is a huge deal to us!
Anya (Guest)
January 8th, 2017
Mileage may vary
Gender dysphoria and specific sizes vary greatly between person to person. In my case I learned to tuck very early in my transition, even going so far as to making my own gaff out of a sock and a pair of nylons (there are youtube videos for this). The homemade gaff worked pretty well but could be very restricting (be careful to not cut off blood flow for too long! as painful as it is to have that thing at all, if it dies it can take you with it!!).

Taking away the bulge (real or imagined) can really help with confidence. I know that if I'm not tucked even now (after a year on hormones) I have a hard time not seeing it affect the shape of my bottoms, and that leads me to assuming everyone else can see it.

protip: if you aggressively maintain eye contact, people will not dare look at your crotch unless they are entirely tactless! (I have a hard time even looking at people's faces ^.^;;; )
@Anya: I CAN resist, but I choose not to. Nor would anyone else in the same situation. Would you? Lets face it. Even a lesbian would go with that line. A vegan lesbian.
Anya (Guest)
January 7th, 2017
uh oh...
Well they are yellow roses...