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Spar Elric's extras
Just a bunch of random shit that I wanna put up. :P

Such as sprite-sheets, W.I.P.s, drawings and more! :D

BTW, if you have a problem with that, just click the BACK button and leave. I do NOT tolerate trolls/assholes. Thank you! <33

Also, you're welcome to join in on the fun if you so choose! Just PM me!

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Comment on Brian. ~Spar Elric.
Spar Elric, 23 Oct 2014 08:26 am
@aqua the hedgie: idk what he is yet. I was just goofing off with designs.

I moved the quills a tad closer so it hopefully doesn't look as bad now.

@Draven22: Ben? Why Ben?
Comment on Brian. ~Spar Elric.
Draven22, 22 Oct 2014 01:31 am
@aqua the hedgie: i ment the front of the head, the bangs...also pm me we need to discuss flutter..
Comment on Brian. ~Spar Elric.
aqua the hedgie, 22 Oct 2014 12:58 am
@Draven22: I...don't recall antennae going behind the head like that.
Comment on Brian. ~Spar Elric.
Draven22, 22 Oct 2014 12:47 am
What about ben? the world needs more bens... anyway hes part insect and those are the antennea ^w^
Comment on Brian. ~Spar Elric.
aqua the hedgie, 21 Oct 2014 11:09 pm
Is this character a hedgehog or echidna?

If he's a hedgehog, the bases of the bottom two quills are way too high.

If he's an echidna, his dreads stick out unusually far from his head, making it look deformed.

As it is, I can't tell.
Comment on cute cassie
Spar Elric, 21 Oct 2014 09:33 am
@Cassiethehedgehog: I know you can do it! :D
Comment on Brian. ~Spar Elric.
Spar Elric, 21 Oct 2014 09:32 am
Might end up changing his name. Not 100% sure I like "Brian". :/

Suggestions welcome. As is C + C. :)
Comment on Peach Clover. ~Spar Elric
MarioMustang, 21 Oct 2014 01:46 am
@Fusion Kirby: Calm your tits. It's a joke.
Comment on cute cassie
MarioMustang, 21 Oct 2014 01:45 am
@Blackhunter1000: Thanks.
Comment on cute cassie
Cassiethehedgehog, 21 Oct 2014 01:31 am
@Spar Elric: i know spar. ill work on it!


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