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Small childs go in, madness comes out

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The Headmaster
December 4th, 2007
Take 100 lines Mr Pope
Repeat 100 times
"I must put the ;i; in merciless in the correct place."
To be handed in by Friday.
would that Pope be me? By god's mercliess nature it had better be.

At last we have emerged from the viod of the summer holidays.
Into the hell of schooling...
ah so thats why my parents tell me to wear rubber wellies in the lightning storms when im going out on
slightly misleading events
some events have come to my attention and i am now back working as a spy well not working see i have no one to work for yet (i aint bothered if i die) message me if u are currently looking for a spy or a ninja of some sort
getting better
Yum Yum
Cedric and Fred are drooling, the news comes just in time to put off the events depicted above, we hope !!!!!!
They request offerings of the new intake are left easily accessible for them, perhaps pickled in Sodium and Chlorine with a bottle of Shoggy and Virus Snowflake on the side.
And yet there is hope
I have confirmed the exact identity of the headmaster, and will now take steps to ensure his reliabilty.
We also have good news! very soon there will be a fresh crop of small children to devour! For it will soon be P7 induction week, pass me that wok, we eat tonight!
Well Cedric is dumb
I told them both it was G.E.M, but there you are, when I catch them they will be sorry, I have no idea what they are up to now are there any reports of snotty year 7's going missing or sheep for that matter (they eat anything)?.
Grandparents are good things easy to get ones own way with. The Doctor is very quiet, maybe Cedric has already found his way to his first meal. A warning, Cedric and Fred seem to prefer brains that are bloated with knowledge (and biscuits). Are not G.E.M. and EMUNK one and the same, maybe I should help Cedric and Fred find this person to protect myself rather than try to catch them ?
The Headmaster
oh my, a good attempt, practice more.
Lunch is
Just a couple of Inverness first years, they won't be missed,Cedric is partial to to snacking, that is why I am worried he and Fred are missing, the rest are nicely caged up.
Yeah okay i don't get it can someone explain? :-/
How very similar
This was spawned from observations of how similar the behavior of first years is to that of meercats
ive seen a game like this somewhere on the net type in whack a chav its well the best
oh goody
Can i please become an author
oh stop being pedantic!
i agree with Dr Formaldehyde
not GEM
MCR at x2 speed
actually that would more or less make it dance music which is extremely frowned upon!