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Serpents of Old

Serpents of Old

Beware, Beware the Great Black Wall,
Within the forest, standing tall.
Within its borders, all must dread...
the clever beasts, disguised as men.

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Serpents of Old

Beware, Beware the Great Black Wall,
Within the forest, standing tall.
Within its borders, all must dread...
the clever beasts, disguised as men.

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I think Hizruk can't stop thinking about the one angry person he released out of the dungeon coming back to destroy, well....EVERYthing X"D.
@Guest: I think you're right! ;D
Now all Kal has to do is drag himself home with this new weapon to present to his bosses. Hopefully (for Kal) it will be enough to make up for NOT capturing the girl he was sent to capture. That's if he doesn't die on the way.... X"D.
Thoughts? Predictions?

Wonder what Grandpa's thinking he's gonna get to do before he succumbs to that venom >___>. Maaaybe Kalverick should've killed him. Slap that on his list of mistakes lately X"D.


Wow guys.. I don't know what to say. I'm sorry I took an extra week. On the bright side I had a wonderful time in the mountains. On the negative side.... I just wasn't feeling great the week after. But I'm back! And I'll see you next week! <3

Btw....I decided to hand draw the wood on the walls of the house this time as oppose to textures. I think it looks better? Maybe? But what do YOU think? <3

Thanks for reading, everybody!
I think he poisoned the old man.
Weeeeell now we KNOW at least one of them is gonna die.... >__>

Another kill for Kal :/ (you know..come to think of it everyone who's died in this comic so far me thinks was killed by Kalverick...).


Thanks for reading, guys! Just to let you know, next week I'm going to the mountains with my folks and I probably won't be able to finish the page in time before I go. I'm gonna try! But expect a week off just in case!
Kal really had it there for a second....


Meant to get this page out this morning but there was some family stuff that really needed some attention. All is well tho..thanks for reading!!

See you next week! <3
@V-C:Ohhhh that is a very good guess! :3

The next couple pages will tell all!
Just as ruthless
I'd say grandpa is just as ruthless as Kal. My odds are on both killing each other, or Kal killing grandpa but being seriously injured in the process.
And so it begins. Don't think Kal has ever had to deal with a gun before X3

So who do you think is gonna win? Kal is younger, more agile, and ruthless....and grandpa is bigger and has a gun X"D. It's a toss up >__>


So I don't count it as being the next day until I go to bed so in my head it's still Friday >__>;;

Haha thanks for reading everybody! <3
@Guest: Haha a fair assessment!
The snake people are screwed.
Of course Kalverick would go for the kill X_X

But WE have a pretty good clue that the gal he's looking for isn't there >__>
Wonder what is in store for Kal X"D


Have a good week everyone! Thanks for reading!
This page wraps up this scene! But we WILL be checking back on these guys don't worry. I think the scene coming up is gonna be one ya don't wanna miss! <3
WELLL so much for getting there first, Merek X"D


It's Sunday! It counts!

Thanks for reading everyone!
Sid. Don't you mean "thank you" X'D. *Shakes head* ungrateful...


SORRY guys! I went to the mountains last weekend with my family! Just couldn't do it--tried but I couldn't. You know what tho? I needed that. For the first time in a long time I enjoyed working on the page details and for the first time in a long time... I don't hate the end result x"D. I don't know if that means it looks any better than usual but it might be indicating I'm FINALLY getting my flame back! Such a long art funk! X__X

Thanks for your patience everyone!
A bold move! Will it work? :O

So much banter in this page. Can't you three get along when your facing a raging underground waterfall?


My old way of paging is a little hard to adjust to in a new program. Still need much practice! X"D
Good thing this is a long comic
Human form just can't climb up stone walls quite like the Serpent form can xDD. So nice to see these boys getting along! ....Sorta


SO.....this is the week I'm gonna delete photoshop OFF my dam computer, guys, and find something else.. I can't take the constant crashes anymore. Coulda had this page to you YESTERDAY -__-

Thank you for your continued patience!
What do you know....Sid's ambitious (and idiotic XD) plan paid off!

Wonder what kinda story Bleke will have to tell...


Thank you for your patience, guys. I appreciate you so much!
Sid's the type to go all in to win.....will it work?


I missed you guys <3. There's lots going on in the family--I really appreciate your understanding and patience!

See you next week!
He's on to you guys, Barron X"D

The race is on..


Sorry about the late page again guys-- I was sick all week last week and couldn't bring myself to art on anything X__X. All better now!

Thanks for reading!