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Serpents of Old

Beware, Beware the Great Black Wall,
Within the forest, standing tall.
Within its borders, all must dread...
the clever beasts, disguised as men.

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A bold move! Will it work? :O

So much banter in this page. Can't you three get along when your facing a raging underground waterfall?


My old way of paging is a little hard to adjust to in a new program. Still need much practice! X"D
Good thing this is a long comic
Well! After multiple people suggested Clip Studio Paint, I decided to go with that program instead of photoshop. It's pretty coool! A lot of similarities to Sai, yet...there's a lot of things I'm still figuring out that I couldn't in time for the page.

Soooo I needed an extra week. Haha I have been doing this pages a VERY specific way for 5 years and its gonna take a little bit to to reteach myself some things. So I will work to have the new page out to ya next friday!

Thanks for all the suggestions! And Patience!
Human form just can't climb up stone walls quite like the Serpent form can xDD. So nice to see these boys getting along! ....Sorta


SO.....this is the week I'm gonna delete photoshop OFF my dam computer, guys, and find something else.. I can't take the constant crashes anymore. Coulda had this page to you YESTERDAY -__-

Thank you for your continued patience!
What do you know....Sid's ambitious (and idiotic XD) plan paid off!

Wonder what kinda story Bleke will have to tell...


Thank you for your patience, guys. I appreciate you so much!
Sid's the type to go all in to win.....will it work?


I missed you guys <3. There's lots going on in the family--I really appreciate your understanding and patience!

See you next week!
He's on to you guys, Barron X"D

The race is on..


Sorry about the late page again guys-- I was sick all week last week and couldn't bring myself to art on anything X__X. All better now!

Thanks for reading!
Ohhh dear... well I think we all saw this coming X)

Who gonna win?? :P


Thanks for reading, everybody! <33
In the spirit of the Olympics, Serafine takes the gold for SoO's most Oblivious Character! Hizruk comes behind with the silver. The bronze is still in the air! XDD

Keymen and Gwynn used to be such good "friends" X3

But let's get back to that plot now, shall we? XDD


So far honoring the Monday update day! So far so good!
Awww... so all this time Hizruk's lil friend was thinking he was ignoring her letters, he just never got them.

Aw man, she's WHO'S niece? That shouldn't cause any problems x"D


I'm thinking... MOndays. Mondays suck right....why not make them better with a page? Haha I basically did the page in it's entirety Friday through Sunday..... it's impossible to finish it during the week and still do all my weekly obligations.

How's that sound? Update day changes to Monday. I don't need to see the light of day X"D.

Thanks for sticking with me folks!
@V-C: LOL! Ohhh knowing him probably a Myriad of reasons hahaha! He's had all sorts of whacky experiences in the human lands X"D
So *why* was Keymen run out of town??? Repeatedly, by the sound of it.
OHh you mean humans aren't over there thinking "DEATH TO ALL SERPENTS"?? That goes against council propaganda!

Lol also it would seem Keymen's spent some time in the human lands X3--we'll learn more about this


You this point... I'm too ashamed to even keep saying all the stuff in my life that's preventing me from being on time. It's probably sounding like I'm making it up at this point.

I just really appreciate your patience, thank you for sticking with me! T__T
There you have it XDD.... probably the worst thing you could do to Hizruk without throwing him back in the dungeon.

At least now he can't make things worse!

Sorry the page is late you guys--- I had a really big scare with my grandma last Wednesday. She's okay now thank goodness but for a while there I was worried she was having a stroke. Turns out severely low blood pressure can have the same symptoms X_X
Merek might love the kid, but that doesn't mean he won't yell at him.... oooor punish him--stay tuned to see what punishment Merek has in mind. X'D


OH MAN how I missed you guys and missed updating!

On record...that was the longest I've ever gone without updating a page in over 5 years X"D. But....I feel refreshed and don't think that will happen again for maybe another 5 years haha we'll see!
December 27th, 2017
I hope you guys had a Merry Christmas! I know updates have been sparse this last month but 2018 will change that! I'll go back to updating on a regular basis <3

Thanks or sticking with me!

I'll see ya next week!
Hizruuuuk you in so much troooubleeeeeeee

FUN FACT: That little thing that's been stuck in Hizruk's hair is called a "Prickly"....which is a fruit that is kinda a cross between a Kiwi and an apple that grows in serpent nation. That's why this friendly old man says "MY PRICKLIES" lolol


Ugh during the holidays pages are just going to have to get done when they get done. GUESS WHAT MY NEW YEARS GOAL IS?? Can't wait to get 2017 behind me X"D
Happy belated Thanksgiving! I shall celebrate with a belated page X'D. Anyone else have a crazy holiday week last week? I know I did X)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving let me just say how much I am thankful for all of you <3

THanks for sticking with me you guys!
Finally we get to learn about "The Great Serpent Virus".... which HAS already been mentioned or eluded to a couple times before. So it matters!

Ha, Kilion....why would someone incarcerated for 10 years know about a thing that happened 6 years ago? X).

FUN FACT: Things like stethoscopes and guitars are practically non-existent to the average serpent. Keymen has brought both those things home from his time spent in human kingdoms--that is why people are so fascinated ;D.


As usual..sorry for late page. Always apologizing..always failing...Always a reason why X"D.

Thank you for sticking with me!
And back to Hizruk! Walking Tia to work like a nice, chivalrous boy who was told to do it by his mother and he dare not disobey after all he's put her through X"D...

The glaring public must just be part of the punishment :P


Grr I'm sorry the page is so late. I had a technical mishap over the weekend that REALLY put me back T__T. Starting that next page right now! like right now!

Haha thanks for reading everybody! Hope you had a good weekend!
Aaand end scene!

Barron n' Ryder for Team Merek vs. Sid for Team Kal in the race to find Bleke..... both sides deem it significant to be the first to find him. WHO WILL WIN? We will find out in a couple scenes or so ;D


ITS STILL SUNDAY IN CA! I'm sorry to update with a WIP..all I have left is backgrounds and I'd rather not rush them.

I am going outta state, folks! Whiiich means I will not be able to update next week. Eeeeven possibly the week after. I just want to give you a heads up! But I shall not disappear completely--- I'll still be doing some art just not PAGE art. Too strenuous you know? I will be finishing THIS one however!

Thank you for your patience! And thank you so much for reading!