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Serpents of Old

Beware, Beware the Great Black Wall,
Within the forest, standing tall.
Within its borders, all must dread...
the clever beasts, disguised as men.

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You know in a weird way..Kalverick kinda unwittingly saved Merek's life here LOL...cuuuz if he had gotten to Demas I don't think Merek would be alive to talk about it X3.

Story's not over yet tho!


It's still Sunday! Haha guess my update day these days is Sunday night :'D..Ugh.
@CarlitoChico3: Lol!!! Judging by that look in the last panel I think he really wants to! X"D
He killed them all!!! Jokes, lol. But what if he did tho.......... Can't wait to find out anyways :D
Wonder what Merek did X"D....


Still Sunday! I made it >_> :P

Thanks for reading!
What? You mean Hizruk and Merek might actually sit down and communicate? Who would've imagined X"D.

You know what I should've named this chapter "Flashback" :P. OH WELL! I'm looking forward to this segment and what it will bring!
And now perhaps we'll get down to the real reason Hizruk is so resentful towards his Uncle. But maybe this is a much needed conversation they need to have :3


Sorry about the skipped week guys. I don't want to get in to the list of reasons I couldn't get it in last week buuut I did have my reasons. Thanks for your patience guys!!!
Merek sets out to find a monster...aand instead finds an unconscious Hizruk :o.

I've been looking forward to this scene for a while :3
LOL and if you're wondering why Merek is underdressed compared to how he was a few pages ago..prooolly somethin to do with that raging underground river and not wanting to be bogged down by armor :P.
Awww Higo is such a nice...Oohh nevermind x"D

"Wake up" are two words that have been used to trigger Hizruk's other "personality" a few times in the story already if you remember!

Also this hints at something interesting perhaps? That Hizruk maybe isn't so ignorant of that other side to himself as he seems to imply >_>


WELL now I do apologize for the unexpected week off! I was doing everything but relaxing, I can assure you X"D...and would've much rather been doing the page!

ANYwho! Hay if any of you guys have a Facebook and are curious about what I'm up to I post all my commissions on my Facebook Art page! I also post all my art in general to my I'll drop a couple links if you feel like checking them out!

HeHu Art and Design Facebook
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@Auldr: THank you so much I appreciate that!
Take care of yourself. This is a fun story, but it has to be fun for you as well.
Fun Fact...waaay back in 2005 when I first conceptualized all this stuff.... Higo was Hellgiah's original name! (of course I spelled it differently back then)
His life and development has probably changed the MOST since those first beginnings x"D


Anyway! Here's the thing guys.... I need to figure out what I'm gonna do with my life. I need to make more money to pay off my student debt and finally get ahead. So production on page might slow down here and there because as much as I love takes a LOT of time and is uh..well.. not lucrative. In fact sometimes it probably COSTS me money :P. Aand all I mean by "slow down" is the update window might vary from Friday-Sunday. You'll still get SOMEthing every week, don't worry!
You guys didn't really think we'd answer ALL the questions in one sitting did ya?

Oohhh where is Hellgiah going? What is he up to? :O
Another wordy page :P
Anyone have any guesses about where this secret tunnel might lead? ANybody? *eyebrow wiggle*


Next page won't be until next Friday because I need 7 days and no less to make a page aaaaaand Fridays I guess X"D
Talk about a wordy page--- that Merek talks too much X__X (lol :P)
No but really.. looks like Merek wants to take a closer look around this particular scene a little closer. Before...he was looking for Hizruk. NOW he's looking for someone else >__>;;


WOW....sorry for the late page again guys. Seems these past couple weeks have been crazy. Gonna start the next page ASAP so I can get back on schedule. THanks for your patience and thank you for reading!!
Gwynn seems to be on the right track (I hope you can tell that's the same ledge but if not..Sorry X"D. Been a crazy week, y'all). we have Keymen and Gwynn closing in on Hizruk....and now we're back with Merek on the hunt for Hellgiah. How long before they all run in to each other x"D

Sorry for the late page guys. To any fathers that might read SoO...hope you had a Happy Father's Day! It's been a very busy week. Next week I have some stuff to share but I don't want to squeeze that in tonight with this late page haha. So I hope to see you back in a few days!
I'm happy because now that they've had this conversation we can see the more lighthearted side of their relationhip <3.

Thanks everyone who participated in my little challenge last week! Hehe all very good and thoughtful answers :3. I'll do more of these in the future ^_^

Next week we'll be finishing up this scene AND starting the next one-- I'm excited!

Thanks for reading!
OKAY lots to digest here....

But it's been hinted at before that Keymen has been through something awful at the hands of the Council. Related pages:


On that note...I have a fun challenge for you guys!

If anyone can guess which seemingly unrelated subplot has everything to do with what Keymen went through... YOU CAN GET A FREE ART REQUEST!.

Lolol I'm just really eager to see if any of you can guess :3. I will respond to all entries with "Good guess!"..but if you're right I'll let you know privately :D :D (so if you don't have a SJ account maybe just make one real quick or somethin :P)


Thanks for reading!
Oh maybe we're gonna finally get some backstory to some of these flashbacks >___>
You might remember Keymen and Gwynn planned to have a lil' sunset date....toooo have a long awaited talk X"D. This "talk" is prooobably the reason for those expressions in that last panel >__> :'D


Thanks for your patience!
Just as a's when:

Hellgiah killed the baliath
Hellgiah cleared the path and
Hellgiah led Hizruk out of the dungeon

Finally he starts to address that "other form" a little. A form of pure instinct..hmmm. Kinda fits in with some of Keymen's observations earlier.'s time to pause this scene for a little bit and catch up with some other characters!


Sorry for the late page guys---I had some drama happen with my program and files. Alas. BUT you're not here for my excuses!

Haha thanks for sticking with me! See you next week!