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Serpents of Old

Beware, Beware the Great Black Wall,
Within the forest, standing tall.
Within its borders, all must dread...
the clever beasts, disguised as men.

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You might remember Keymen and Gwynn planned to have a lil' sunset date....toooo have a long awaited talk X"D. This "talk" is prooobably the reason for those expressions in that last panel >__> :'D


Thanks for your patience!
Just as a's when:

Hellgiah killed the baliath
Hellgiah cleared the path and
Hellgiah led Hizruk out of the dungeon

Finally he starts to address that "other form" a little. A form of pure instinct..hmmm. Kinda fits in with some of Keymen's observations earlier.'s time to pause this scene for a little bit and catch up with some other characters!


Sorry for the late page guys---I had some drama happen with my program and files. Alas. BUT you're not here for my excuses!

Haha thanks for sticking with me! See you next week!
Yer buggin' him, Hizruk :'D

Something tells me they're not really talking about the bird anymore in those bottom panels..


Sorry the page is late! Guys until after June 8th just expect an update Friday..OR Saturday lol. Always shooting for Friday... but sometimes I just can't make it :P

See you next week!

We're gonna pause in this scene soon and catch up with some other characters! ^_^
Aww shucks and here I thought Hellgiah was just helping Hizruk just because he cares about him X'D... >___>


I made it before midnight! Updates by be a little choppy like this until my class is over. About a month left of that!

See you next week! <33
RIP Alaya. You were a strong warrior, a good mother, and you fought even til the very end.

At least her final words really motivated a certain individual with the power to make a difference >_>
Mkaay so this guy was on one of the previous pages... tho you didn't get a very good look at him.

There's also a VERY interesting little bit of information about this traitor that may somehow tie in to our current characters' present situation. I will give you a hint! And the hint is his name...which is Baeten. Haha major points to anyone who remembers when that name has come up before....

Also, uh.. I know a lot of you really like Alaya........
That's it, that's all I got..


Sorry to post so late in the day! Yikes there was just a lot of paneels and I had things going on this week and.. yea.

To make up for it, a couple pages ago I made one of those little speedpaint vids thing for Chapter 7, Page 9! *shrugs* to watch when you're winding down for the night or something XDD.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>


AND lastly... always feel free to check out my Commission listings
Compassion as a weakness---- does this remind us of anyone else in particular? Lol must run in the family :P


WOO it's good to be back everyone! I was runnin around all over California last week there was no way I could do page X"D.... but I'm back now!

I have opened commissions! Pretty inexpensive in my opinion! So hay.. *shrugs*.. feel free to check out my listings!

----> YOU CAN CHECK EM' OUT HERE!!! <----

(Don't worry about the support stuff as I have not yet had time to add to the supporter exclusive content lol I wanna have something ready with that before I ask X"D)

Anyway thank uu! See you next week!
@Brian: That's what I love hearing! :D
Now, this is what I call interesting
Couple things to chew on. "Creator"? "Special Breed"? HMMMM ;3

And of course, just a refresher... yet another abandoned defected child.... you might remember Kilion's issue. THATS what he talkin about!


I'm going to the mountains today aaand then my other grandma's house.

So sadly... I don't think I'll be able to update next week. I do apologize! I mean I'll try but I want to give a heads up!

Thanks for reading!
Hmmm the paint on the faces of the rebellion looks an AWFUL LOT like a couple certain characters' matching scars, huh?
And... maybe it's a stretch but in panel 3, Alaya's and that other man's outfit looks at least a liiittle similar to the Civil Umbra uniform? Maybe just a little.

HMMmm ;)


Haha see you guys next week! :D
Some of you maaay or may not remember THIS story (old art alert! X__X)!

I am SUPER excited for this backstory comin' up-- I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Thanks for reading! See you next week! :D
Sorry the page is a day late! Had business to take care of yesterday...

I decided to just post finished page today instead of a WIP yesterday. Thanks for your patience!
@Auldr: EXcellent thinking! Demas is probably super focused on his own disdain X"D...wanting to take power away from someone who's getting too mouthy X"DD

Heh you know what they say about Pride! That it comes before the fall X"D
I’m not sure that Demas realises that firing Merek could trigger open warfare. The council is perhaps more confident of their position than they should be.
Aaand the stakes have been raised X"D. Something tells me Demas doesn't like Merek very much deep down X"D.....


Sorry for the lack of update last week! I was so swamped with stuff. This month is killing me. But we're back on track!
Bleke saw this comin'... any bets on what Merek is gonna do?

Thanks for reading!
@BRAF:LOL! I'll come back I promise! With answers even! X"D
Oh, not the dreaded scene change! You are such a horrible tease!
Hizruk I'm SURE your mother must have said something about walking in to dark forests with....well....I guess he's not REALLY a stranger but there's got to be a rule X"D. Hellgiah doesn't like the rain it would seem..

But the good news is...the questions Hizzy has about himself are probably the same ones WE have about him ;D. FINALLY some answers! a bit. Time for a little scene change first. :P


Woo I love makin my deadlines again! I woulda had this page done sooner if it wasn't for that pesky last background. THanks for reading, everybody!!!