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Yet another HEARTGOLD Nuzlocke run.


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August 1st, 2017
@sina0266: I sadly lost the savefile to this... but looking at it every now and then I want to go back to it tbh...
@sina0266: thank you!
sina0266 (Guest)
July 31st, 2017
I Love your comic. The twist.

I can see, that there wasn't an update for a long time, but I hope you will someday continue this awesome nuzlocke
I Love your comic. I Love how you turn the perspektiv araound and it gives some new view on some oh the ingame dialoge. Pretty cool
April 16th, 2016
AFTER 2 YEARS, we're going to continue our journey with Silver.
It will stay a sketchy one. But I'm sure we'll sitll enjoy it!

unregular update scedule for this. Whenever I finish a page I guess.

Time to find some Farfetch'd.
@Teal Talonflame: it kiiinda is. I just don't know WHEN I'm gonna work on it.
Wait so is this still going? Because it seems really interesting.
August 20th, 2014
"don't touch me you casual"
@Sixal: oh, okay. I do like how Silver is the protag, it's an interesting twist.
FR? Oh. I thought so, but... ^^"
@Nighttyger: probably not, I wanted to stop this one, but I really like the idea of it being a run with Silver and I got enough feedback to want to continue it, but I said I will make this as sketchlock. the color is a bonus actually, I did think of doing backgrounds but eeeh to troublesome.

I already update this rare enough.
and the other one is a Fire Red run haha
@Sixal: haha, Silver. So tsundere.
Will the quality for this one improve? It'd be nice to see it on the level of FR/LG (cuz I forgot which one it is. //shot).
>Silver and that baw

Yup, that is adorable tsundere shit right the--*shot*
And after some month, finally a new page on this run as well!!!

I'll stop doing backgrounds, they are to troublesome, sorry. I hope this'll still be cool for you guys :D IF there are still some of you reading this around haha.

Sorry for the long wait!

The Story behind Silver understanding Pkmn might come up again at somepoint. I do have a reason for it. and with that, we know other people don't understand Pkmn. AND THE TOGEPI HATCHED!
what sliver got is actually my choice grass types rock!
March 22nd, 2014
And after a month of waiting I managed to do yet another page! Haha, I'll try to keep them coming so there won't be a too long gap anymore promise!

This time we have less of the story (aside from the Battle with the Rival which we obviously won) and more of a lil explainy situation. I wanted to cut it shorter but it didn't really work aaaaah.

Next page we'll already be in the forest! George kept Gold back and they went to heal his Team at the center, afterall Gold is still a good kid even if he's not one of the clever types.

Well, with that said we know that in this Nuzlocke human don't understand Pokémon. Just like in the anime. However there is an explanation behind Silver understanding Pkmn! He's not just your typical nuzlocke kid who undestands them. So look forward to finding out why he understands them!
February 22nd, 2014
February 22nd, 2014
@Kurona: oh god it does! I didn't even realise that when I drew it! Quilava was supposed to like, shove her Dx
Kurona you have a dirty mind!
February 22nd, 2014
Awww yeah Rick Gastly's back in the hood! Too bad it can't learn ROLLout >D *shot*

Also, Silver, how about you call Leila back instead of Noah out? Just sayin' :v
February 22nd, 2014
February 22nd, 2014

Yes, in fact we finally have a new Heart Gold Silver run page! you're welcome!
I'm really back into it now for some reason. the "fight" with Gold will continue on for a while now before we actually enter the forest. We'll have a lot of talking on the next pages, so I guess I'll do that with actual text tools than handwritten. sorry about that, but I figured there isn't that much text and COME ON MY HANDWRITING IS TOTALLY READABLE!

"what is going on? why does this kid keep following me and what is that Quilava doign with Leila?!"