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Demon Eater

Demon Eater

by JillyFoo
On a cannibalistic planet where the inhabitants only food is each other, Saturno was on a losing streak in the survival of the fittest until he discovers the world of humans and creatures who want to become them.
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Demon Eater

On a cannibalistic planet where the inhabitants only food is each other, Saturno was on a losing streak in the survival of the fittest until he discovers the world of humans and creatures who want to become them.


Recent Comments

Ambitious boy indeed
My gosh finally made it to the end of the chapter and end of book 5 (or was it six?)

Next week Friday there will be a new chapter cover update. Look forward to it.
Update a go! This could have easily been three pages. Lots of panels. Because I had that page where it shows Alpha surviving the land's fire put out, I did not think it was necessary to embellish the emotion on the page. Saturno is surprised. Moving on. One more page til end of chapter and… it's pre-updated for FRIDAY!
oh, I DEFINITELY Like sci fi. this comic was recommended to me by a friend who makes their own sci fi web comic, too. Word of mouth! However, I am all caught up and the friend didn't have time to read it all. orz also works really hard.
September 23rd, 2018
That was fast XD They're right though
September 23rd, 2018
This took a long time to draw. I've been working on it every day last week. I never really timed how long it takes to make a page.

I've been listening to Otakudaikun's play through of Fate/Stay Night Visual novel and each session is about 4 hours. I went through 7 parts so... I need to take off some time this week to hit the gym and take YB pictures of events at the place I am working at.
September 16th, 2018
@Guest: DE is on Taptastic but it gets buried fast. Also the way the site reads webcomics makes it really hard to upload the huge archive DE has. Handling SJ, TheDuck, and CF is enough for now. Who knows with the new ownership SJ might be in the up and up.
September 16th, 2018
I think this is an amazing comic, I don't post much but boy, do I enjoy it. Have you thought of uploading or branching out on Tapastic or other places? SJ is kind of dying so you may reach others more.
September 16th, 2018
Honestly im always a little surprised this comic doesnt get more people. Perhaps its the unique art style? because it has a great setting, interesting characters, and enough pages that you really get invested. <3
September 15th, 2018
It's been a while since I updated last. My job right now is ..challenging. I've just been very frustrated in my lack of work on webcomics/my own art and how much I regret all my video game playing(damn you Fate GO) during the summer instead of building a buffer. (Also got two kittens over the summer. Do not regret that.)

There are some jobs where fitting in drawing time works fine and then there are jobs where you are working after hours at home and have no time to work on drawing.

Anyway Let's change the subject! I worked so hard on making Saturno look authenticly happy and not arrogant sleazebag happy. It's important to the plot. He cares now! That's important!

In other news: NHN! Wha Wha What!? I don't know what to think yet! I hope DE doesn't get kicked out for Alpha showing her boobies every page she appears.

Lastly 639 fans! I can't believe it! DE has been here for a few years and I'm glad to see this comic getting noticed. I always kinda put DE in the category of cult hit like only a few certain people would like this kind of story. Maybe moving DE into the sci-fi genre has helped reach people that like this type of sci-fi. Thank you for being patient with me updating DE!
see, constructive criticism can be a good thing!
@ninjaman144: EVERYTHING can come in frills if you look hard enough
Awww hugs <3
I see that Ariel
It's the very hungry caterpillar
slim stories
August 20th, 2018
Daw I gotta make some fan art now
August 19th, 2018
Venus is really cute now! I like her this way but feel sorry that she can't be in the form that she finds most comfortable and appealing.. :'(
August 18th, 2018
@Guest: I think it's because she can't constantly shift and change facial features of she wants to pass for human.

Though, in my opinion, she looks better as she is now.
August 17th, 2018
When you’re clay faced you can be anything.
August 17th, 2018
so she thinks she is less beautiful because she looks more human? i don't quite understand her train of thought.