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Gigi's Art Dump

Gigi's Art Dump

by Pokemontrainergigi
A place where I post random comics and art. A lot of Pokemon, some original character designs, but honestly who knows what's gonna happen?
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Gigi's Art Dump

A place where I post random comics and art. A lot of Pokemon, some original character designs, but honestly who knows what's gonna happen?

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I'm guessing being able to control the void is the power to control "the lack of" something. There is an interesting anime call Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront) where a character can phase through walls and become undetectable in any possible way (literally make themselves not exist within the world in any form) but if they push themselves too far they can cease to exist. It is an extreme side character though where they really only show it off in a single episode. The episode works as a standalone if you just want to see how they did it but I believe it was episode 4 of the 2nd season. The two different seasons go by different names but it shouldn't be too far to find. If you do decide to watch the whole anime there is no harm in watching that episode in advance, for the most part the anime is a slice of life in a weird world full of weird superpowered/supernatural people so it is kinda all over the place with few episodes even effecting each other.
Ante's Guardian power is to control the "void", and one of his main uses of it is to cloak himself. The cloaking isn't invisibility but making himself "unperceived", so he can walk undetected. This only works while he remains subtle, if he does anything too unnatural the illusion will break.

Originally wasn't going to make this animated, but it just kinda happened. Very happy with it!
@Pokemontrainergigi: Alrighty. Well, here is where I have all of my universe's information. I'm... not good at wiki editing or anything, so it's really blank...

In particular, the races and their rules can be found here. Just click on the name of the race and it'll take you to the rules for them:
@EmilyAnnCoons: Glad to be of service!

Go ahead! There are definitely some! (my friends and I play [well I haven't played in ages, but I just potentially found a DM today so that might change soon /o/])
The best part about this is that not only do I have a reference for Konaku, but also for the entire Skarn race. I can show this off and be like "This is what a skarn looks like" and I can have even more drawn. So it's really nice having an image of a... relatively unique race (considering they are based off Gorons from Zelda but aren't).

On a side note, I actually have a set of D&D 5th edition rules for this race, but I don't want to post links here without permission. I'm not sure anyone who reads this art dump is into D&D anyway XD
Monthly Patreon request by SureenInk for her character Konaku, the Skarn Leader!
@Zelkova: I thought that at first, but now I'm addicted to the current style. It makes it nice to share seeds and help other players find certain Pokemon.

Thanks! Been awhile since I sprited, so it's fun to do~
Fun idle game but I wish the user have more input beside for the starter selection. Kinda more of a Zero Player Game than an idle game like Progress Quest. Something as simple as telling the game "hey I want to focus more on bug Pokemon if possible" instead of having the lured pokemon completely set in stone would make a huge difference. As for your sprites I do like your shadow Mewtwos, they look cool. I normally don't care for dark/shadow/light/whatever alt forms of Pokemon that most games try to do beyond shiny but for the breeding sim it works quite well as it doesn't really make a difference. It just something nice to look at once in a while. I also check the credit page of the site and saw you already had a few sprites made it in already so gratz on that.
@Enderstar: Thank you very much! :D
Wow! That's incredible! Even better then celery!
@TheMewgon40: Thanks!

Actually, both Mega forms are combined into this one. Mega Y is easier to notice because of the head-tail, but Burst Necromew's shoulder pads, arm ridges, leg ridges, and butt-tail are the most noticeable parts of Mega X. It's also hard to see, but Burst Necromew's eyes are half red and half blue (the blue blends in with the lines a bit).

(also, it's a weird day when I have to specify a tail is on someone's butt XD)
These look amazingly cool.
Here are some sprites I made for PokeBox! A really fun Pokemon breeding simulator/idle game I've been playing~

Not all sprites are in the game at the time of posting (when/if Ageman20XX adds them, don't assume they're going to be added next update just because I'm posting them, haha). Also a few were edited by Ageman before being added, these are my versions but you can play the game to see the final versions ;D

From top to bottom, left to right:
Beta: Hoppip, Skiploom, and Jumpluff
Beta Pre-Evos: Goldeen, Tangela, and Doduo (one head)
Beta Pre-Evos: Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix*; Cloakless Burmy
Shadow forms: Mewtwo, Mega Mewtwo X and Y*
Shadow Lugia (XD001), Primal forms: Dialga and Palkia*

*Custom forms made to match existing ones
@Pokemontrainergigi: Holy mama that Necromew Burst looks AMAZING *O*
I'd love to see mega versions of both of these! I can see Burst already has Mega Mewtwo Y in it, so i assume it can't mega evolve, but normal Necromew would look great in its mega forms! :D
Mewtwo looks nice with wings.
Necromew [Psychic] || Burst Necromew [Psychic/Dragon]

Necromew is a Mewtwo that has been corrupted a by a Necrozma. The resulting Pokemon is incredibly vicious, using its psychic ability to locate and destroy any Pokemon exuding a powerful aura. Once it has absorbed enough energy from slain foes, it will turn into its Burst form. While it is more docile in this form, its aura unfortunately damages anything around it, forcing Necromew into isolation. As it loses energy, it will revert back to its base form and begin the cycle again.

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info:
Generation: 1
Parents: Mewtwo/Necrozma

See more!
Vote for the next fusion!
Rest of the main cast done! Once again, randomized the outfits from this generator.

Saewin managed to snag the perfect outfit (minus the original outfit having underwear (bloomers), he just...misplaced it). But yes, the randomized outfit was simply and open jacket, underwear, and thigh-high socks.

Kat and Ante on the other hand... Mini-skirt girl gets the anime ninja outfit while the assassin gets the mini-skirt! >:D
Adorable. No other words. This is what happens when great Pokemon combine.