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Gigi's Art Dump

Gigi's Art Dump

by Pokemontrainergigi
A place where I post random comics and art. A lot of Pokemon, some original character designs, but honestly who knows what's gonna happen?
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Gigi's Art Dump

A place where I post random comics and art. A lot of Pokemon, some original character designs, but honestly who knows what's gonna happen?

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@Zelkova: I 100 percent agree with you there. (That moment when someone eeplies with a multi paragraph answer and you have noting to say...)
@Rocatex: Yes! Though Inkoy might have fallen onto the cute scale if it didn't look like it was up to something...
@Aura9301: I've learned to stop judging the weird fusions this project gives me. I thought Malamar and Claydol wouldn't work at first, but yet again I'm proved wrong!
@Aura9301: The floofiest of floofs!
@Zelkova: Well thank you! I'm happy to see your posts as well. It does get me worried when regulars don't comment for a long time
@Enderstar: Thank you very much!

I understand it a bit since I'm posting art on a comic website. I got a lot more comments when I posted comics
those two are honestly fitting as fusion
the stuff of nightmares
@Enderstar: I sometimes post just to give encouragement but when it comes to something good you can't really say much beyond "good job, keep it up!" where if there was some flaw or error it is much easier to give criticism. Good criticism is hard to come by when everything is good. =P I sometimes find myself posting just to be that one guy encouraging good artists to keep on being good artists. Such as here lol.

I am mostly a lurker but mostly just because I have nothing I can really add that I will find to be useful to the listener. Generally all of my posts will give a fun fact at the very least. I do force myself to post time from time to remind Gigi that I am still alive. I do like how each Pokemon form stage have a different color.
It's a shame encouraging comments are rare here. Such a talented artist should have more people supporting them. :/
September 5th, 2018
Inkoy [Psychic/Ground] -> Dollamar [Psychic/Dark]

Inkoy live to be over ten thousands years old, but hibernate underground for most of their life. If someone digs them up, they will hypnotize the digger to rebury them until they are ready to evolve. If a wild Inkoy evolves into Dollamar, it will go on a destructive rampage until it is neutralized. Thankfully Inkoy rarely evolve in the wild, and those socialized by generations of trainers will not go on a rampage.

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info:
Generation: 1
Parents: Baltoy/Inkay

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Eleep [Electric] -> Flaatric [Electric] -> Megamphic [Electric/Dragon]

Eleep and their evolutions are so wonderfully fluffy and act so friendly that they are able to easily integrate themselves into herds of peaceful Pokemon. This is just a charade though, as they are actually quite violent and have a powerful shock. But even stranger, they are so deep into pretending to be friendly that they only reveal their violent nature to defend their "friends". Some argue their friendly nature can't be a charade if they are also fooling themselves.


Fun side fact, my math decided Electrike + Mareep should be a 3 stage line, with the final stage being a fusion of Mega Ampharos and Mega Manectric--but a Mega is a form, not a stage onto itself. So I included "Mega" in Megamphic's name to nod towards that.

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info:
Generation: 1
Parents: Electrike/Mareep

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August 25th, 2018
Dat Purple BOI!!
Sorry friends! Meant to post this sooner (like...weeks ago DX).

Was experimenting with some lighting/expression practice but then ART BLOCK WHY. I'll probably finish it at some point, but I enjoy what I got done of it (and sadly started with the most far back Spyro so I can't edit out the unfinished ones D: ).
She looks great. Now to decide if I want Romulus, the Caninus king, next or something else.
Hskjdgdkdksj the color are veey nice
*sees black mewtwo with orange on it*
Holy fluffing pumpkins
*traumatic flashbacks*