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8 Steps for you to Fly

by JoJa
The idea of love, to be together forever, to never let go of eachother... But yet again, these vow is broken so many times.

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7 Years Ago
The idea of love, to be together forever, to never let go of eachother... But yet again, these vow is broken so many times.


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The end I guess...
Hahaha XD
This page... I totally forgot about this comic due to all school stuff and other things I been doing <.<'
So sorry for that!

Anyway, I really feel like this comic didn't turn out quite as I wanted it to. It is a shame since I really liked the idea =w=

I wanted it to say that being left by someone is never the end of the world since there will allways be other opportunities (new friends to meet, adventures to experience, wonderful people to fall for). I also wanted to turn the victim role around a bit and letting the girl left behind, leave the guy for good. I don't know, sometimes it seems that people still sees their ex's as "their" after they break up. By leaving town (with whoever the guy is... I now wish I had made him a girl by some reason) I wanted to make it clear that their bonds and ties were cut since he obviously didn't care for thier relationship anyway. Though I think I missed my targets =A='

I might redo this some time later (make it longer too). I think I have come a bit further than when I made this. But it was fun to do and a good experience (oh, holy deadline... You truly are merciless XD ).

But till next time, have only the best =)
This sure seems more fun than crying your heart out, doesn't it XD

I will explain more of my idea with next page... But I hope atleast somebody gets what I am trying to say.
November 19th, 2012
I thought about not putting this up today... Then I changed my mind and started translating the page anyway (lucky me it's not that much XD).

Anyway! New page of "The Color of Roses" are coming up tomortow (wednesday) =3

Please check it out <3
November 17th, 2012
Run baby, run!
If this happened to you, what would you do?
Where would you run?

"Go on! What were you supposed to say?"
Ah, no... I think that was all. =)
Have only the best folks <3
November 14th, 2012
And of he goes.

He´s of... At least he is honest XD
I know that it is kind of lame and little unoriginal...
And it is going way too fast...

I hope you at least get the idea.
That bastard
Yup... He do not really waste any time, does he XD
(know it is sudden but in fact, he really dosen´t care)

And if there actually are anyone who reads this;

Have been so busy whit school lately. No time for breaks at all...

But good news too.
We are done with The Color of Roses <3
The first page will be uploaded during this upcoming weekend. YAY!!!!!

Please look forward to it <3
This I think... the part where I try to say something important that nobody gives a shit about XD

The thing I would be the most sad about in a whole "I am cheated on"-prosess is probably the time I would not know about it.

I mean, in a relationship I would trust that person whom I love... And then if that person cheated on me, I would probably not know for a while, when I could have focused on getting over the whole thing and move on to a new one (wich is not a thing that is done quickly for me).

So to me cheating is one thing. But if the person isn´t telling the truth and keeps on doing it, with me unknowing I would not only be sad, but angry (hate being angry).

Cheating is not only wrong by hurting and breaking a promise to the one who loves you, it is also stealing. Stealing time from that person.

Oh, how dramatic XD
Page 1 (the first step)
This is the first page for this little short story comic I made for school last month.

I always smile when I see it because I hate doing backgrounds... There are squares, god damn it X<
So instead I did as much cirkls as I could. Resulting in me getting twice as much job XD My logic sucks...

Hope you like this little thing <w<