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One-shots, short comics, and 24HCD-comics done by Muura all in one place.


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October 28th, 2014
@luuru: Thank you! I enjoy the lack of dialogue and the water-colour style as well.. need to do both more

I wanted to draw a comic about masturbation and thought this was a cute setting! (ALSO it's kind of ?? personal as well but I prefer to be vague about the details, lol)
October 28th, 2014
@nicoletton: Thanks <3
October 27th, 2014
dang the overall style of this comic is so great, the colours and the lack of text and aaaaa sets a cute atmosphere ;v;
did you draw this for a project or just for fun btw? 0-:
Awww, that was very sweet.
@kokkoroo: Voi kiitos! Kutkuttaa kieltämättä piirtää jatkoa
@Dr.Kenki: Oh maaaan thank youuuu!
@Dr.Kenki: especially when it slays this hard
Tää oli kauniss, miksi 24:t aina loppuu parhaimmillaan! Ihana mustavalkotyyli, ja ommg avaruus ja kaikki blingi, kaikki näytti niin cooleilta!
I really love your art style! You put a lot of work on it! it's impressive for a 24HC!! You rock!
You can't escape such wonderful facial hair!!
@luuru: Aw man thanks! THANK YOU! THANKKK
@luuru: <3<3<3
AAAHHH what a great comic the designs kept me in a constant awe too :'-0 <3 but WOA YEA what a detailed 24HC!! i lov ur comics so much aaaa
OHHH <333
@muura: I stumbled over it in a local library in gothenburg. so cool~ B-)
@muura: <3 <3 <3 <3 !!!!
@jonasfx: ahhh yes this world seems way fun to play with, I guess I have to continue some day....

@Raakel: I HAVE LOST MY TRADEMARK!!! I wasn't so doozy this time around, probably because of that... maybe next year I'll mess things up again lmao

Thank youuuu <3
@piimapakk: I'm astonished too?! I even started later and finished earlier than others...! Working under pressure seems effective.. THANK YOU THO