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Slades sprite showcase

by SladeKurogami21
a place where i put all my sprites
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5 Years Ago
a place where i put all my sprites

Recent Comments

Yes its been a long time everyone, I may or may not be coming just yet(not that alot of you would care anyway xD)
But yeah i thought i would show off a small sprite sheet ive been working on.
tell me what you all think
January 28th, 2013
meh, i see no change XD
kidding, nice improvement!
heres how much slade has changed over the last year and a half
improved huh? lol
@nyancat6650: oh hush you xD
Let's put a yoshi head on a sonic body!
While we're at it, let's make every fan character possible.
i looked at the old sprites...and decided she needed a new look
two famous fan characters turned sprites lol
November 2nd, 2012
heres one im sure alot of you know lol
November 2nd, 2012
here is a character ive had for awhile. he to is a hunter like slade
a brand new character ive been working on
heres another recent creation, a demonized sonic that will be used for my upcoming christmas comic
heres another custom sheet im working on
been working on these as long as the cosmo ones. tell me what you think
heres a sheet ive been working hard on,
its taken me a month or so to do these
@StarMan45: haha yep, not to much, just working on some new stuff
Hey, your back! Whats up?
its still a big WIP
@Luxbot: yeah its still a work in progress
November 1st, 2012
The head is really awkardly put on there. It's like his neck is going to break under that head.
here's a brand new character ive never done before.
i had seen a couple people do yoshis so i thought i would try it myself