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A story about being nice to birds and having safe gay sex.

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Read this a while ago, when it was still being released, and greatly enjoyed the professional level of drawing and storytelling put into it. You had a story to share and it was adorable and fun. It's the kind of work that sticks with one and as a result I'd absolutely /adore/ reading anything further about either of the characters (any of the three, if you count the parrotlet!). Wanted to give this a favourite for old times' sake. Thank-you for sharing x
I'm a Parrot Parent, I love this
I love the plot of this and artwork, well done author. Most people aren't aware of how wonderful parrots are; making this story so unique and extra sweet. I read this while snuggling my own parrot, Lenny. <3 Mach's gut!
Just read all your comic in about one sitting and feel much better now. Wouldn't mind seeing a sequel to it. The parrot you put in it was cute.
December 31st, 2017
I was just gonna binge and save my comments for the end, but I gotta say, I'm with Silvain, I would be livid if that happened to me. Not the bird or ring or sex with hot cottonball, but the non-consensual shotgun and acid spiked beer. I'm NOT okay with any of that, and it would seem he isn't either. Also it keeps popping into my head that he's... somehow important, like... maybe a pro athlete or on his way to being one, something like that. Hello, blood test, my old friend! That would not be good. Sorry, rant over. I do love this comic though, artstyle is amazing and it's freaking hilarious.
October 3rd, 2017
Bruh mace just kills me
Sorry but I can't, Malek is just so HØT
July 16th, 2017
Omfg, I love this comic... The humor is so incredibly dry and my speed. I WANT to live this lol
I gotta say, the dialogue in this comic is fucking gold! I cannot stop laughing.
I have a feeling a good theme song for Mace would be "Don't threaten me with a Good Time"
Does Mace have a dick piercing
are we gonna pretend like that wasn't the dopest shit?? lol he's an animal whisperer. lol what "waste of time"??
*gasp* hehehehehe "bitch i'm the cutest" can't say i've never yelled that drunkenly at other drunk friends lol
haha look to the youngest with curiousty. "we all await your future discoveries, we're here for you" lol his fam is dope like mine :} #bisexual and out
I stumbled upon this comic after a long time and the weirdest thing is I went to that cemetery for the first time this past weekend.
i love these moments when people prove themselves right
February 9th, 2017
I love the jellyfish shirt!
February 9th, 2017
the bird is excellent....and a thief?
"You know him?"
"You know her?"
"I dont know anybody..."
Fuckin hilarious hahaha
January 19th, 2017
love it!!!
hi! i really like your story! i wish it was longer! thanks i had a great fun