A story about being nice to birds and having safe gay sex.

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i love these moments when people prove themselves right
February 9th, 2017
I love the jellyfish shirt!
February 9th, 2017
the bird is excellent....and a thief?
"You know him?"
"You know her?"
"I dont know anybody..."
Fuckin hilarious hahaha
January 19th, 2017
love it!!!
hi! i really like your story! i wish it was longer! thanks i had a great fun
I am Jewish too!!!
Ru (Guest)
November 11th, 2016
Did he just fold the napkin in to a . . .
Ru (Guest)
November 11th, 2016
Confessions in the museum.
Ru (Guest)
November 11th, 2016
Poor old gramps. It'd be sad if he was thinking of the late missus.
Ru (Guest)
November 11th, 2016
@Miss.Moonlily7: *damn gay
Ru (Guest)
November 11th, 2016
I feel bad for all the straight guys in yaoi -everyone is rooting for them to turn gay anyway XD
Ru (Guest)
November 11th, 2016
And the goose chase in ONNN! Oh, wait sorry, wrong bird; PARROT chase. And anyway, how did pompadour know that birdy was green?
Ru (Guest)
November 11th, 2016
Creepy bird.
<p align="center">Chapter Three is finally up in the shop!

<img src="" alt="" />A third cat for a third book.</p>

Bonus content includes 3 pages of mini-comics and 4 pages of 18+ content.

Charms will still be included with each mail order until they're gone. Buying the print books would help me more but I totally understand if you'd prefer PDF! If you have any trouble at all drop me an email and I'll sort you out.

Disclaimer: Each chapter is different in paper weight, cover weight, finish and even dimensions slightly so only order if you're okay with this. I'll spare you the drama it took to make these print runs even happen but I don't want anyone to be disappointed. The latest book is the highest quality so at least we're ending on a good note.

Once again thank you for all of the support you've shown over the years. I hope everyone stays safe and well.
@dinolover12: Heheh, thanks!
I really loved this comic. It was funny and sexy and weird. Well writen and fun to read.
I have to say my favorite line was the one about grindr.
@JunnGerl: Haha maybe. Thanks.

@YersiniaP: Thank you! I'm working hard on it.
Like a few others have said, that end came just a little suddenly for me.
But honestly, it is a good ending, from a storytelling pov.
Thanks so much for the journey, I'll be eagerly awaiting the release of book 3!
Aww this was a cute story... maybe the love bug finally bit him!