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Due Parti

Due Parti (Two Parts)

Sometimes the one you believe is your destined one, turns out to be wrong.
Sometimes the right one, ends up being something you'd never expect.
Simple story of loving the person you know is meant for you, no matter who they are.

Sketch comic,a comic that will be updated whenever the inspiration for it hits (so watch it with patience, i could post many pages in one day, or one every few weeks)
- includes "boys love", cross dressing, transgender)



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@lunarosehitachiin: aw she's lucky to have you as a friend! I hope this comic was a positive thing <3
Ok so just gonna put this out there, I re-read this after one of my high school classmates came out as trans and wanted to see how I could help her. It isn't much, but still...
Love this. Love has no gender for it is Love.
Why is there no love button!
Why is there no love button!?This is beautiful great job almost cried a couple of times....Now i need to go and find the 'I love this comic' button.
October 21st, 2014
why i didn't read this comic before? It's so beautifull! T.T Like all your work! And lol, I love how you put some of Seppen characters in here x3
@Sheilkuroi: tHIS WAS A BEAUTIFUL STORY!!!!!
Thankyou for sharing :D
@Sheilkuroi: I hope you get a chance to do some shorts soon! Also, the best wedding kiss I've seen to date!!
February 15th, 2014
I LOVE THIS!!! Simply awesome!!!!
February 8th, 2014
Love the outfit in the blue panel!
January 25th, 2014
i can't find the favorite button!!!!!
November 21st, 2013
Is that Halo? Yes!!!
Awww thi was soooo cute
September 14th, 2013
@Sheilkuroi: I absolutely loved this comic!
August 10th, 2013
You know, when I first read this, I honestly thought this was gonna be a twincest comic, but I love it all the same. It's awesome. ^_^
This comic is SOOOOOOOOO sweet!!!! I think you did an excellent job with how you portrayed Gen. She's so pretty!! ^_^
very beautiful story *saving*
I wish I could stop staring at the screen and grinning like an idiot long enough to post something intelligent. I Really do. This story has been so beautiful . . . It deserves so much more than this boring comment from me . . .

. . . *throws heart-shaped sprinkles on the newlyweds* (Because rice would kill the birds that ate it, and heart-shaped sprinkles are cuter.) Congratulations, guys!
July 19th, 2013
Shopping Face
He became three times more handsome in the last panel. Holy Frag
This page is gorgeous!!! This story was so sweet and the art very lovely. Thank you.