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a simple gag comic based on the unusual (and sometimes a supernatural) antics of Bentley the Unlucky Fox


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Another great bit of fan art from babyrainbou
She decided to give her another outfit. here's a little comment I left on the deviantart page explaining why decided to have her in a lounge dress despite her shy nature.
"I love it! I hope you don't mind but I'll think I'll make this a regular outfit of hers. The reason I have her in a lounge dress in that picture because one of her dreams is to try to over come her shyness by singing for people, so sooner or later she'll be try to sing on stage. Can't say she'll succeed first time around!"
So yeah, at one point I'll be a comic where she'll try singing on stage, but will most likely fail the first time. If you guys haven't check out babyrainbou's deviantart page when I posted the fan art of Bentley the check it out now!
enjoy guys! until next time!
Is there a thing such as a filler strip on a gag comic
Well this isn't exactly the second comic but I didn't want to leave you guys with nothing again this week. I wanted to give you a little view into the thoughts of Bentley's tail. I've also tried something a bit different in coloring this time around. For those who don't know who Foxy is dex=33&feature=plpp_video

To be frank the monitor to my computer went kapoot (ironically right when I first tried to work on the first strip of this comic) and I can't get the software I use to make it on to my mac so I've been working on the comic whenever I've had the time inbetween my college classes. I'd like to that you guys for being So patient with me on this. I'll try to get the next comic done real soon.
Sorry about the lack of a comic I hope this makes for a good substitute.
Hey there guys I wanted to show you another new character for Discord Comedies. She's going to be the Minnie Mouse to bentley's Mickey. I actually went through heck trying to figure out what exactly she would be. I went from an Orthrus to a bat, but I decided to go with a kitsune, something different from bentley species but not too different. Personality wise, she loves singing but is a bit shy do to the ridicule she received as a kid. She usually kept away from others until Bentley met her. The dress she's wearing is a bit of an alternate from what she usually wears. I hope you enjoy!
Sorry about the lack of an update today
It's taken a bit longer to work on the new comic then I thought so here's something for you guys to enjoy. This was made by babyrainbou ( ) After I made a sprite of one of her rubber hose characters. Be sure to visit her page, she has some great art on there! I'll probably get that comic done sometime this week, so until next time!
November 12th, 2012
Well this took awhile
Say hello to the first of what I hope to be of many pages of Discord Comedies! I took about 2 hours and 45 minutes to get this comic, done. Worse of all I was being rushed the whole time for nothing. At least the first comic is done. I hope you guys enjoy it!
I fixed up the text a bit. noticed I forgot to put the m on "him" on the list line.