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Yaaaaay Update
uhhh, yeah just random crap that comes to mind like always
@HeavyArms_Spriter: left one
Oh hey an update
Just my thoughts when i first saw this sheet.
Releasing a new comic
Like the title says, I'm Starting a new comic entitled A Zaku's Tale. Something thats gonna be Truly Original,Well the topic of it anyway...
Next Featured Guest
Is Alienoid! He seems like one of the big spriters or friendliest users around so i thought id Feature him here.

This was also my first reaction when seeing Tappa. He may of known what a Zaku is or not but once again, my first reaction.

So anyway, Enjoy!
February 28th, 2013
And so the construction of the project begins.

Maybe Bulk Man should've taken care of him with HIS Ultimate technique if he had one.
After being gone for that last week due to so many Junk files slowing my internet, I am able to update today! (Late but its better then never).

Anywho, everyone's favorite long haired solider is up to no good again, Stealing the next project to lockman's abilities, What will the secret be?

Stay Tuned to find out.
@supersonic1009: It is the Ultimate Technique so I think it would affect anyone
Wait how would Bulk Man feel that? He's a robot. .w. But anyhow, poor Bulk Man.
And this concludes the mystery of Bulkman.
Raikov (Guest)
February 13th, 2013
*Jumps over attack*
Awwww yeah.
@supersonic1009: He didnt in the game so we'll see how this turns out
Ah snap he's screwed, unless of coarse, he has another weapon.
Now he's gonna go rampaging
Were you left wondering?!
Mega-Bit Madness Returns
After some time Story boarding and ideas to come up with (Much thanks to Supersonic1009) Mega-Bit returns!

So this question came to mind after noticing the title Ultra instead of Mega, And this is what ya get.