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Bringing the funny every monday, wednesday, and friday


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You got a new fan :)
What are you still doing here? The comci has moved!

Check it out here
I HATE YOU >>>>>>><<<<<<<.........:)
If you vote you'll see why this comic is so big with jocks.

Not much to say about this comic. Enjoy
Matt u are so dead in school tom lol
And now for an inside joke:

Heh he's on a ladder.
Now they'll have to sweep those Xbox parts up with a broom.
heh heh

remember to vote!
Its ME!
heh. Woo! That was an awesome conversation.
nice stuff
quite entertaining :)
Putting the comic up a little early because I missed monday's update.

Click the WCL vote button to see some deleted scenes

A friend of mine noticed something interesting about todays comic:

Seally1223 (8:08:46 PM): awesome comic
TheJerseyBoi (8:08:50 PM): ty
Seally1223 (8:09:11 PM): but how does him falling break both legs
TheJerseyBoi (8:09:25 PM): because its a cartoon
TheJerseyBoi (8:09:35 PM): see the way cartoons work
TheJerseyBoi (8:09:49 PM): yknow how stuff like looney tunes how when they get hurt it seems not to affect them?
TheJerseyBoi (8:10:04 PM): well see all that damage is stored within the fabric of cartoon time and space
Seally1223 (8:10:14 PM): ah
TheJerseyBoi (8:10:14 PM): but if its too much it becomes unstable
TheJerseyBoi (8:10:38 PM): and any slight tear can unleash years and years of falling off cliffs and defective ACME products
No comic because I'm sick. Comic on wednesday, I promise
Wow. You are stupid, Johnson. xD
A word from the Bat
I dont get it, are you sure they weren't koala bears, they are cuddly as well as hamsters.... Long Live Mitch Hedberg!!!
hhhmmm I wonder how many hamsters it would take to make a fur coat....and if we did get food from them..would they call it ham?..but then what would they call food from a pig? and speaking of about Guinea pigs? They're like bigger hamsters..wouldn't they work better?? hhhhmmmm
go animation class!
This was actually a homework assignment for animation class. I have to submit it to the school newspaper
yea i voted touch my body
he looks like Mr. Jorgenson
New comic and vote incentive

January 23rd, 2006
Paint nades suck >.>
i just shoot the persons hand, they drop it and ....BOOM >:)
paintballs hurt
i dont care what people tell you, paintball's hurt, his neck is going to look like a swollen....nvm...