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Yonkoma Nuzlocke: Fire Red
Gary Oak is fed up with his wimpy friend Doug constantly clinging to him. With the help of his grandpa, professor Oak, he sends the self-esteemless boy into the dangerous world where giant rock-bodied snakes and bugs with poisonous venom will be the least of his problems. Hilarity ensues when Doug gathers a team of Pokémon completely unfitting for a coward like him. Then again, it's never just fun and games and this is the one thing Doug might actually know better than anybody else...
Adaptation of a finished Pokémon Fire Red Nuzlocke run. Consists mostly but not exclusively of four-panel (yonkoma) comedic strips.
Gets better... (=‿=)


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Comment on #061 - Missed
(Guest) (Guest), 19 Jan 2016 03:02 pm
You know, Mokepon has one nurse joy enforce "no smoking" rules by crushing a lit cigarette in her hand. I wonder if this is the same one...
Comment on Kyuuenei #005
(Guest) (Guest), 19 Jan 2016 01:58 am
Keldeo? Well, he's got the hair for it.
Comment on Gijinka Time: Steen
(Guest) (Guest), 19 Jan 2016 01:13 am
Well, it would explain why Steen doesn't talk...
Comment on #034 - What's your name?
(Guest) (Guest), 19 Jan 2016 01:11 am
@mapsal313 Ultimately, five.
Comment on #218 - Lineage
ShadowEevee111 (Guest), 06 Jan 2016 06:23 am
@eworm: (I think I did it right this time! :D...) CONGRATS! And... Um... That's... Um it... Anyway hi I'm back! And... Um... I still don't have a file... Um...
EDIT: That was awkward sorry...
Comment on #218 - Lineage
PossumFlavored, 04 Jan 2016 05:27 pm
hey, someone needs to love the rattatas. thanks for the updates.
Comment on #214 - Hurt
PossumFlavored, 04 Jan 2016 05:23 pm
dude has some minor power control issues. doesnt mess with him little green dude.
Comment on #207 - Eagle
eworm, 04 Jan 2016 10:08 am
@Shawn: Wow, how did I miss that? Fixed, thanks for the alert.
Comment on #207 - Eagle
Shawn (Guest), 03 Jan 2016 06:53 pm
Misspelling in the second-to-last panel: it's "terrifying," not "terryfying."
Comment on #218 - Lineage
eworm, 31 Dec 2015 06:23 am
YES, THEY ARE IMPORTANT, THEY WERE IMPORTANT ALL ALONG. Almost 200 strips later, Vang's parents make an unexpected return! What happened years ago that shaped the lives of Vang and Lott? Find out next time!

Kuroba Clan comes from 黒 ("kuro") and 歯 ("ha", sometimes becoming "ba") - literally Black Tooth Clan. The names of Vang's parents should be easy to figure out, especially after I give you the names of Lott's parents soon.

This concludes the fourth annual YN New Year's Eve Update. Thank You for sticking with me in 2015 and I hope to see You back in the year 2016 - have a wonderful one!


Oh yeah, also:
<img src="http://orig11.deviantart.net/94ac/f/2015/365/2/2/_2015bronze_by_eworm-d9m 5s9e.png" alt="Bronze Medal!">
Third Most Improved Nuzlocke Comic 2015!
Thank You so much for Your nominations, votes, comments and overall support!


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