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Yonkoma Nuzlocke: Fire Red
Gary Oak is fed up with his wimpy friend Doug constantly clinging to him. With the help of his grandpa, professor Oak, he sends the self-esteemless boy into the dangerous world where giant rock-bodied snakes and bugs with poisonous venom will be the least of his problems. Hilarity ensues when Doug gathers a team of Pokémon completely unfitting for a coward like him. Then again, it's never just fun and games and this is the one thing Doug might actually know better than anybody else...
Adaptation of a finished Pokémon Fire Red Nuzlocke run. Consists mostly but not exclusively of four-panel (yonkoma) comedic strips.
Gets better... (=‿=)


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Comment on #249 - Solrock [Big]
Guest, 24 Sep 2016 02:15 pm
Do I spy an Alolan Exeggutor in the background of Erika's room?
Comment on #249 - Solrock [Big]
Meta-Akira, 24 Sep 2016 12:21 am
*squints at that Persona cameo*

I am rather suspicious of what looks to be Vileplume and Exeggcutor everywhere. An ambush in the future?

Also it appears that Sabrina is fond of Added Alliterative Appeal~
Comment on #249 - Solrock [Big]
flareon71, 23 Sep 2016 10:30 pm
Oh dear, Gary.

Barring weaknesses, looks like the only possible Pokemon capable of beating two Dark types is Comfy...

And oh the suspense!
Comment on #249 - Solrock [Big]
eworm, 23 Sep 2016 03:35 pm
Behold, Gary is a Rock/Psychic type. Shame such a combo is weak to Grass... Let's dance!

Oh yeah, random cameo of The Best Girl courtesy of a certain fantastic game which I've recently finished.

♪~Comment if You care, follow if You fancy~♫
Comment on #248 - Safe
LumpySpacePrince, 10 Sep 2016 07:41 am
ahh we're still here! it's so weird i dreamed about you drawing the alolan rattata and raticate and posting it here and i couldn't say if the dream was true or not rn so i checked here haha
Comment on #248 - Safe
Guest, 09 Sep 2016 02:07 am
Both? Stupidly cool?
Comment on #243 - Rescue
Shawn (Guest), 04 Sep 2016 07:39 pm
How is Wigglytuff supposed to keep up with a Pidgeot?

BTW: in the first panel, that comma before "he'll protect you" should be a semicolon.
Comment on #248 - Safe
Poké fan 1 (Guest), 31 Aug 2016 06:47 am
I say Gary is cool, but having Zack watch Sabrina and Daisy isn't the best move. Flying type moves would help in the gym. Though having the natu might help. Plus Strangy would help if he has poison moves might help against tangla.
Comment on #248 - Safe
Meta-Akira, 30 Aug 2016 10:20 am
Agreed with Gothimo.
This Gary is probably one of the coolest Garys in Nuzlocke comics, thus most of his plans are cool by default.
That said, hope Riza's not planning to battle much, Natu aren't exactly sturdy.
Comment on #248 - Safe
Gothimo, 29 Aug 2016 07:57 pm
Any other Gary it would be stupid, but this Gary makes it cool.


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