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3 Years Ago
We're back, not sure who cares about it or wants it but whatever.

Screw the whole trying to be the largest author comic on SJ, let's just go crazy.

I'd suggest reading from the revival chapter, the original comics are a bit...dated.

1.Keep it pg-13, odd swear here and there is fine.
2.Respect people and try not to undermine them.
3.No spamming updates.
4.No rapping.

Author cap: 15/18
Kurona and Scar are excluded.

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I keep listening to the news update lecture about receiving boundless online grant applications so I have been looking around for the top site to get one. Could you advise me please, where could i acquire some? bbegcgecffad
@aqua the hedgie: Sadly I lack the perms to do so. So I'm doing all I can.
@Syogren: Just turn off the application option.
Also guys, please stop applying to this comic. It's only purpose is to showcase all the old comics. We're not even gonna allow anyone to post new ones, sooooo....
The stuff that's happened is more-or-less canon, though we MAY or may not be retconning some of the stupid things.
We are leaving this crazy place behind.
well, at least Lucas won't get caught in the blast, since he's still searching for other ships on the planet.
None of them ever prepared for a Crashy Landing.
This part one in a two part comic. The second of which I will make and post tomorrow. Please nobody post until then.
Yay I finally made an Intro
Spaaaaaaaaaaaace Pirates.

EDIT: The comic image derped for some reason. Iunno why, it was saved as PNG. :T
But I fixed it.
Apparently the Pelican drop ship is a tardis since it's interior seems to bigger than it's exterior.
@Kxng: I mean like there no top... they just suddenly become red.
Quick comic is quick.
And I "improvised" a background for the exploration ship's inside, couldn't find one for it.
@The_Project: If you're talking about the forest: and if you somehow mean where the room originated from:
can I have the link to the backgrounds please?
@DarkScarz: Well, I have been having a hard time finding a proper forest background, so yeah.
EDIT: Updated to have 2 earlier panels where the ship lands.
Oh gosh he looks like Sora in that first panel- *Shot many times*
>Marley landed on planet
>Marley hasn't been shown landing on planet

I have just tried using the face enhancement thing most of the other authors use, It was a little difficult at some points, but I got it done.