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by redleaveshavefallen
Putting the names of the main characters as the title, oh man I am so original.

HanaLi is a happy-go-lucky romp through a tale of two confused girls and their attraction for each other. Enjoy cute teenage love, silly misadventures, and the overall joy of youth.

This is a GL comic, meaning Girl's Love, or a girl/girl romance. If you enjoy reading about these sorts of things, please enjoy! (There is also nothing at all explicit, so do not be afraid.)
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4 Months Ago
Putting the names of the main characters as the title, oh man I am so original.

HanaLi is a happy-go-lucky romp through a tale of two confused girls and their attraction for each other. Enjoy cute teenage love, silly misadventures, and the overall joy of youth.

This is a GL comic, meaning Girl's Love, or a girl/girl romance. If you enjoy reading about these sorts of things, please enjoy! (There is also nothing at all explicit, so do not be afraid.)

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July 31st, 2019
patch notes for version 8.28.10:

-color added
Long time no see!
The comic's not coming back (I'm an adult now comicking ended up not being the direction my life went), but I thought it would be fun to redraw the first page of HanaLi! I still love this story and wish I could have the time and energy to share it with everyone.

Make the wholesome wlw content you want to see in the world! Since I can't, I'll recommend someone who is: two dear friends are creating the comic Rainbow, the script of which I helped beta. It used to be on Smackjeeves, but is now on Webtoons and Tapastic, and is made by Sunny and Kit Gloom. Here's the Tapas link

I hope the years have treated you well!
May 18th, 2015
I was checking back over my archive today and noticed a post from you about finally starting your own comic (this one!!) It's been so long now that I'd even forgotten I looked at it and not really enough pages to make it memorable enough yet but it was a brave start and you sound so enthusiastic in these early pages that it's a shame you didn't come back to it. Making comics is hard work though and my early attempts went much the same way as yours but I've always felt that as each year passes it leaves one with more experience in both art and writing and a better general attitude to what's involved and how to pace oneself.
It would be nice to see you continue this or start another story some day.
Hiatus notice
As it turns out, there won't be new pages for a while; sorry for taking so long to say so.

When I started HanaLi, I thought I would make maybe 20 pages or so before uploading anything, so that there would never be risk of running out when I am short on time. I ended up jumping the gun since I was so excited, and now... exactly what i thought would happen, happened. I am really busy all the time, so finding free comic time is difficult, even when it doesn't take forever.

So I'm going to do what I should have done in the first place, and make some back-up pages before uplaoding anymore. Hopefully the wait will produce a more consistent and stable future, maybe and improvement in my art, and hopefully other benefits. Luckily we aren't too far in the story, and the prolouge is up (by the way, it is indeed meant to be curt, blunt, and sort of lacking magic--it's meant to show you the down to earth nature of the characters, and how this isn't a series that will throw any punches. You know pretty much exactly what the plot is about, no secrets, and any knowledge gaps will be quickly filled with the next few pages).

I just wanted to tell you,. this next lapse of time is purposeful and not me being dead! This story will continue, and hopefully get better, so i hope any of you currently curious will stick around while I prepare. Thank you! ;u;
December 31st, 2012
she is oh so cold
Prologue is almost over. I was going to make a lot more pages during break, but I ended up playing Pokemon instead. Because I am dumb. Hopefully I have time during finals next week to make some pages since I won't have homework, but then again, it's finals.... We'll see.
December 22nd, 2012
Haha, that was fast. XD
I like Courtney's outfit, by the way. <3
Hana, You were almost romantic. Almost. Not really.
First page.
(Tell me if you have any recommendations for having it be less yucky.)
@skyangel: Thank you very much for all the nice comments. ;u; I actually freaked out a bit when I saw you commented, I feel really honored. Your quality of story writing is sort of my aspiration-- i hope I can make you proud.
We're Here!
;u; Finally. I finished the character pages, so we can get this party started. Hopefully, with a page every week.

Thank you so much for those of you starting with me! I've got the first book (seven chapters plus extras) already drafted out, so I really hope to go far with this. Your support is going to get me past that first chapter.

I hope this can be an enjoyable experience for you all. There really aren't enough good GL comics. Thank you all so much for reading!

(Since this is my first serious comic, if I do anything wrong or there's something I can improve on, please tell me! I would appreciate it.)
Cole's Info
Title: Best Friend/Token male

Name: Cole

Age, Grade: 12 years old, 7th grade

Eyes: very light blue

Hair: White

Height: Currently taller than Hana, shorter than Courtney. (second tallest in the group). Average.

Weight: Average.

Grades: B average

Interests: Psychology, genetics, anime, manga, tumblr, gaming

Clothing Style: Dark colors, hoodies and sweatshirts, baggy clothing, sometimes T shirts. NEVER white.

Classes (in no particular order):
Honors Language Arts
Social Studies
Health (2nd quarter with hana, Courtney, Li)
Elective Block (1st quarter Tech with Li, 2nd quarter Art with Court)
Lunch (with Hana and Courtney)

Other Info:
>Is an albino, and a bit self conscious about it.
>Skin is sensitive to sun rays, and even light from the snow. Also, wears contacts.
>May not be tallest now, but he hasn't started growing yet. His parents are both tall; by high school, he will be a behemoth.
>Parents divorced recently. He thinks it's his fault.
>Natural pessimist: often calls out when they look like idiots.
>One of those guys who only has girls for friends (if you are lucky, you know exactly what I'm talking about).
>Has been friends with Courtney since elementary school.
>Is completely heterosexual.
>Easily the most tragic character in the series, but his background will probably never be a big part of the story. ;-;

(While I don't pick favorites, I am particularly fond of this boy.)
Love her taste in clothing and hair. She reminds me very much of my Leo and sounds like a girl who would be pretty outgoing and daring.
December 6th, 2012
Once again, really nice attention to character detail in both the visual and written portrait. She sounds like fun :)
December 6th, 2012
She looks really cute! I love the amount of attention you have put into her character details too, that's always a very good start for generating story ideas in the future.
I finally got around to checking your own work out! I was never known for my speed! lol Really love the art on this page, the poses are really natural and so nicely drawn.
Court's Info
Title: Best friend

Name: Courtney Jacket

Age, Grade: 13 years old, 7th Grade

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dark brown, dyed green (often changes the color)

Height: Tallest one in group. Above average (for her age).

Weight: Skinny.

Grades: C average

Interests: Punk/goth clothes, pestering, concerts, fashion, a little bit of manga Cole showed her, cars.

Clothing Style: Wears clothes of mostly a punk or gothic variety, sometimes reminiscent of a Japanese school uniform. She thinks the style is cool; your average gothic-wannabe. Denim jackets are in, colored skinny jeans, chains, ties are all in her repertoire. Dyes hair often, wears lipstick, eye shadow, and eye liner/mascara whatever. Pierced ears, paints nails black. Wears converse, or shoes which she commonly sticks pins into.

Class(no particular order):
Language Arts
Social Studies
Health (2nd quarter with Hana, Cole, and Li)
Elective Block (1st quarter Home Ec, 2nd quarter Art with Cole)
Lunch (with Hana and Cole)

Other Info:
>Has a twin brother, Christopher, and an older brother who's a junior in high school, Chuck (or as she calls him, Chump).
>Has been friends with Cole since elementary school.
>Only Hana calls her Court. No one else buys into that.
>Would love to play guitar (but can't)
>Doesn't currently know her sexuality, but she's still young. Currently is defaulted to heterosexual.
Li's Info
Title: Love Interest

Name: Li

Age, Grade: 12 years old, 7th grade

Eyes: Very very very dark brown/black

Hair: Very very very dark brown

Height: The shortest one of the group. Short.

Weight: Slightly above average, but not 'fat'.

Grades: A average (maybe a B or two)

Interests: Questioning things that pique her curiosity, sexuality, romance, crafts, feminine things, fashion. Possible has an interest in the medical field.

Clothing Style: Wants to be feminine. Wears cute clothes, pastels usually, cute tops that flow off.

Classes (in no particular order):
Honors Language Arts
Social Studies
Honors Math
Science (2nd quarter with Hana)
Health (2nd quarter with Hana, Courtney, and Cole)
Elective block (1st Quarter Tech with Cole, 2nd semester Art)

Other Info:
>Is the kind of person who is innately curious about things, and likes to learn and ask questions.
>Dislikes school though (since when was punching numbers into an equation count as learning something?)
>A bit self conscious about weight and body type, and wants to be feminine.
>Has known she was a lesbian for a while.
>Her father smokes, which she hates. This is the only reason she is interested in the medical field.
Character Information
Role: Main Character

Name: Hana (rhymes with 'sauna' and 'fauna')

Age, grade: 12 years old, 7th grade

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Brown

Height: Taller than Li, shorter than Cole (2nd shortest in group); Average

Weight: Skinny

Grades: All As. She's book smart.

Interests: Not wearing her jacket correctly, understanding herself, explaining herself to others. Passion for cutting hair and hair styling, although so far she isn't that great at it. Li. Not many other interests...
Clothing Style: Wears long tops with very low necklines due not only to her sense of fashion, but also her sensitive neck. Otherwise, likes close-fitting clothes, jackets that are never quite off or on, dark and natural colors, grey and red. Any shoes that are comfortable.

Classes (Not in any Particular Order):
Honors language Arts (with Cole)
Honors Social Studies
Honors Math
Science (2nd quarter: with Li)
Health (2nd quarter: with Cole, Court, and Li)
Elective Block: (1st quarter Art, 2nd quarter Tech)
Lunch (with Court and Cole)

Other Info:
>Great at school, but doesn't find it enjoyable.
>Sexuality currently unknown, but likes girls.
>Has a thing for Asians.
>Always explains herself in an extremely frank way, possibly due to the fact that she wishes other people would just explain what they want instead of giving hints.
Meet the Cast!
;A; I'm sorry, I never use colored pencils, ever, but something possessed me to try. I promise to never do it again.

But this is the cast! The two in the middle are the main characters; the one to the left in the pink is Li, also known as the Love Interest. The one on the right in the brown is our lovely main character, Hana (rhymes with fauna and sauna. Her parents named her weird). Then the two on the ends are the handsome supporting cast members: far left with dyed hair is Courtney "Court" Jacket, and the token boy on the far right is Cole.

I hope you enjoy their story. Welcome to HanaLi.