This is just where I put all my random crap. There's not anything really interesting here. Except for the rps me and Kurona have in the comments. But don't read those.

Sly Cooper Quote of the Week
"Yes, I know. A master ninja. Sheesh, now I know where Sly gets it from." -Bentley, to Rioichi Cooper, Sly 4

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@Kurona: Worst timing, right?
... happy new year?
I've decided to stop making comics or any work on this website. It's just gotten too tedious to do, and I'm getting little to no support from anyone except Kurona. I've put in a lot of hard work on making comics, but I can't seem to get people's attention. My comics are indeed not very good when compared to some others. I did work hard and I gave it my best, but the journey just wasn't fruitful. I did make a few friends, but some relationships have just faded away. The time I spent here on the Jeeves has been absolutely fantastic, but sort of just crumbled recently. I have zero motivation to continue. I'll still be on the site, just not making comics. So, to summarize; It's over. I'm done. That's it. The end of my run with webcomics. I'm putting my free time into my YouTube channel. Check me out there.

@Kitsu (too lazy to log in): I just realized that these games are great for rp scenarios.
I discovered these last week and said to myself, why the hell not? I'll make one.

And I did.

Here it is.



Edit2: That's better :)
October 14th, 2013
Mine are all around level 44, aside from the level 25 Skrelp I just caught

Viridi the Chesnaught, Male
Kitty the Meowstic, Female
Icarax the Pangoro, Male
Grimlock the Tyrantrum, Male
Puff the Sylveon, Female (Named after the magic dragon because irony)
Envy the Skrelp, Female
October 14th, 2013
@Kurona: My team consists of a lv. 49 Chesnaught named Señor Quill, a lv. 48 Blastoise w/ mega stone named Agent Shells, a lv. 49 Lucario w/ mega stone named Luke, a lv. 48 Furfrou named Chibi, a lv. 49 Talonflame and a lv. 49 Butterfree.
October 14th, 2013
Same. Just got the last member of my team, Envy the Skrelp~
October 14th, 2013
@Kurona: Obsession.

And I'll pm you my friend code.
October 14th, 2013


I also chose Chespin and Squirtle, I'm playing Y version, and would very much like your friend code.
October 14th, 2013
Anyone else have the game yet? If so, I wanna know what starters you chose~

I chose Chespin and Squirtle and named them Señor Quill and Agent Shells respectively.

Also I've beaten 6 gym leaders by the time this is posted.

And finally, new videos:
Metroid Prime episode 4:
Shadow of the colussuss w/ Omega Soldier:
Minecraft House Builds, a continuation of Dan's series:
Alright, so:
My friend is now on Smackjeeves. He doesn't have any comics yet, but he might put up some drawings on my showcase. Here's his profile:

I uploaded some new videos on Youtube:
Minecraft Hide and Seek:
Shuma Shorts 1:
Shuma Do The Flop:

And, I've started an ask comic.
Here's the link:
August 9th, 2013
It didn't turn out too well, I'm sorry to say...
@Kurona: It's supposed to be as if he's swinging his hand downwards to launch it.
August 8th, 2013
That power pose... looks REALLY weird in the hand, not gonna lie.
Did a few more.
Crit Edition~