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Just Another Life
This is a comic on my daily life in highschool, and other stuff as well.

WARNING: May be uploaded slowly because I am extremely lazy. (Or I don't have anything interesting to draw.)

There is also some minor cursing, just saying.


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Comment on NOTHING
Such and Such, 17 Sep 2014 04:08 am
(Crappy drawing is crappy read hover text.) So over a course of time, I've learned that sometimes we seniors have a lot of time on our hands, and I have absolutely nothing to do. Any work that I COULD get done is on the computer. Darn.
Comment on Basics of Makeup
Such and Such, 14 Sep 2014 02:46 am
Alright, you got me, I'm actually a secret part-time model now you know.
Comment on THE BEAST
Such and Such, 12 Sep 2014 04:56 am
Our table reminisced over old drawings that we drew in the past, and so I decided to add to the collection. Oh, the good old days.
Comment on 2004 Reunion
Such and Such, 09 Sep 2014 11:46 pm
@prettychillatm: Bottoms up.
Comment on 2004 Reunion
prettychillatm, 09 Sep 2014 08:24 pm
10/10 would do again they really know how to party ahahahaha
Comment on 2004 Reunion
Such and Such, 09 Sep 2014 12:19 am
At some point the party just got crazy, and apparently there was even an AFTER party. It was great, I don't know how adults do it.
Comment on 101% Accurate
Such and Such, 05 Sep 2014 04:37 am
We're a bunch of nerds.
Comment on Don't Jinx the Weather
Such and Such, 03 Sep 2014 03:03 am
Rain is nice as long as I'm not soaking wet. Happy September everyone!
Comment on Asexual
Such and Such, 02 Sep 2014 02:27 am
Asexuality is a bit confusing so let me explain.
From what I've read and understood, being asexual means that you don't want to be involved in anything sexually intimate (basically having sex.) BUT it DOESN'T mean you don't want a romantic relationship, on the contrary you can still have one but you just don't want anything sexual out of it. I don't want to have sex, but I still want to be romantically involved. This isn't the first time I've thought about this.
Comment on What a great way to start the year...
Sushirolled, 28 Aug 2014 02:14 am
@Such and Such: Ah, it's alright. xD
No problem! ^^ b


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