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Squirreltastic-Blue's Early Works

by Squirreltastic-Blue
Comics that are so old, so short and made so long ago that I felt they didn't deserve separate websites. Edited for readability! Enjoy!

The Squeaky Files (2001)
Redhood: Another Tale of Waffles (2001)
Stone Raptors CV (2001-2002)
Reincarnations (2001-2002)
Irradiates (2003)
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2 Years Ago
Comics that are so old, so short and made so long ago that I felt they didn't deserve separate websites. Edited for readability! Enjoy!

The Squeaky Files (2001)
Redhood: Another Tale of Waffles (2001)
Stone Raptors CV (2001-2002)
Reincarnations (2001-2002)
Irradiates (2003)

Recent Comments

This one is labeled sample 4, but it has Squeaky in it. I'm not sure if I was going to bring Squeaky back from the "dead" or if this was meant to take place before Mugz had left. Looking at the robot, I'd imagine they're trying to infiltrate Redhood's fortress... assuming I kept that plot.

It's also worth mentioning that I intended to do two side-by-side comics about these guys and their rivals.
Following the heroes was the Red Version.
Following the baddies was the Green Version.

Next, I'll be uploading an entirely different series.
Stone Raptors CV.
This is the third hero, Mugz. He's some kind of reptile. Anyway, he's back! During his absence, Squeaky has passed away, and Waffles is severely depressed. Mugz brings Waffles back to his A-game.
Verlu is supposed to be a bit derogatory of a name as it refers to his species, one I made up, and not his actual name which is Strudel.
Much like in the older series, the characters can use special items to transform into stronger versions of them selves.
Also true to the original, Squeaky dies at some point. I don't recall if he was done in by the cat on a bike again or not.
Also, Waffles has less important friends this time including the really well named Shelly the Turtle, and Phix the Fox.
In this version, there was three main characters including Waffles, Squeaky, and Mugz.
This is sort of a tribute to the first page of The Squeaky Files where Waffles and Squeaky leave the hospital, except this time it's them leaving an airport after saying goodbye to Mugz for a brief time.
Poppy, a previously unnamed gindo, is now Waffles ex girlfriend.
Also, Evil the Cat has been renamed and redesigned to distance it from Earthworm Jim's character.
Oh, I think I get it now.
2 meaning this is the second book in the series, and A meaning it was the original and not a, at the time planned, reboot.

Next, I'll be uploading some conceptual pages for the third attempt at rebooting the series.
1994 is a conceptual credit, and 2002 was the final product.
This is the ending of the felt comics for Waffles. I worked on a third comic briefly, but I dropped it for more interesting projects, one of them being a reboot of this very series.
Waffles was supposed to have survived the blast, but was injured.
In the third comic, Waffles was old, and no longer the main character, but instead his two new children were.
A pink and navy blue gindo named Sunshine and Midnight respectively.
Their names were later changed to Dusk and Dawn, but the charatcers never saw any form of publication.
I already explained the "Rease Rand Ry" joke in the last comic, so let's talk about Redhood's design.
I was playing a lot of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and fascinated by how you could basically change Link's clothing colour. The red hat particularly struck me, and so I made a few forgotten OC's wearing it. I thought it would help Redhood be identifiable and that's really about it. No idea on the long nose, or red hair.
The name? It's what I called that kind of hat back in the day. A red hood.
In retrospect, I don't know why I made Wiffles leave. Perhaps it was the media around me at the time telling me that women are incapable of accomplishing anything that may involve some danger. Of course, I don't write this way anymore.
Waafles appeared because I said he would at the end of the last comic.
Dint is the best sound effect.
While editing this, I realized how it might be difficult to know who the heck is talking when the camera is locked on Golden Waffles. I colour coded the boxes to make it more clear.
Let me just invite this known criminal into my home.
I guess it's unclear, but Waffles is some kind of officer/detective so I suppose he could have some kind of apprehensive plan.
I used the wrong pen to draw Wiffles, and instead of correcting it or starting the page over, I made it a joke so others would think I did it on purpose.
Rainbow Waffles abilities were never fully thought out, but I do recall a while after this comic was made, it would be some kind of double effect with both positive and negative features such as double strength, speed, intelligence, age, and hunger.
I recall being proud of any panel that required me to colour it some way.
No idea how to present a shadowy figure in a comic yet.
Wiffles is supposed to be holding a newspaper, but the modern me thought it might be some kind of smart phone.
My favorite part title is Run Run Run.
Which one is yours?
New transformation chart!
So, I still thought this was funny.