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Nick Polar Bear

Nick Polar Bear is an issue comic series about a boy and his friends who have amazing powers and use them to keep their small city safe.

Issues are updated page by page daily upon their completion.

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March 15th, 2018
*Hears "The Time is Now" in the background*
Are you freaking kidding me.

Of course it couldn't be this easy.

@witswithme: Did he listen?
@IamBlair: Don't think about it.

@witswithme: It's almost like you know Lola.
March 14th, 2018
I told him he'd regret it.
March 13th, 2018
*Chuckles evilly*
You're gonna regret that, bub. >:D
@IamBlair: NICK: Am I the only one who thought we were friends!? :,(

@witswithme: It was more fun than I thought it would be!
@IamBlair: And how!(?)
March 12th, 2018
@Squirreltastic-Blue: I love that game, and I like how you drew the climb.
@IamBlair: Try it. See what happens.

@Pokemon Fun and Craziness: I admire the creativity and interest, but unfortunately you got them all wrong.
They're all listed in Rye's Database and their names are (left to right) Samantha, Sabina, Maisy, and Jessica.
@IamBlair: That boy ain't right.
@IamBlair: I might know a kitty who likes doughnuts.
Let's see... I'd name them (from left to right) Kiria, Lavender, Haley, and Tiana
@IamBlair: I found with age, I have stiffness and tired is my default energy level.
@IamBlair: You probably shouldn't cuddle stray cats for health and safety reasons.
@IamBlair: Convenient for both parties!
Or... IT'S A TRAP!
@IamBlair: Any super can change their colour, but it takes a little extra concentration. Nothing huge. Just a little extra.
Of course, Double A here is normally red.
@IamBlair: And the sky is always gray-er.
@IamBlair: They're not penguins!
@IamBlair: Possible. It's uncommon for cartoonists, including me, to play around with a characters wardrobe.
@IamBlair: Picking up what he's putting down?