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Celestial Mirror

The Goddess gives a girl magical powers to perform miracles and rekindle Her people's faith. Meanwhile, an organization of spellcasters has different plans...

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@sarall: All I can say is this: >:3
Aaaa, I really like those first two panels and the symbolism!! DELICIOUS ANGST--I mean, uh, poor Lindina. >w>;
The comments on this chapter are making me exercise my sad-emoticon repertoire.

This comic's title has the word "mirror" in it, so I have to use mirror imagery every once in a while.
@sentiashinou: I know that feeling all-too-well.
@Seven Rain: Everything's happening all at once :C

(Although, of all the stuff that's been happening lately, these last couple pages are the ones that I've been planning the longest. And they turned out unusually close to what I was imagining. So it has felt sort of drawn out for me. @__@)
Well that was scarily abrupt.
Well, at least she didn't suffer long? I actually think it's kind of badass that Zenli has the presence of mind to be angry at Lindina, all things considered.

I was worried that all white backgrounds would look lazy, but I don't hate them. Ain't nobody paying attention to their surroundings right now. 8C
@sarall: "WTF IS HAPPENING" was pretty much my reaction the entire time I was working on this page.
First reaction: Oh wow, those crystals look really awesome! I guess that makes sense for the crystal sword and all. Oooh, look at that neat glow! Poor Lindina, though.

Second reaction: Wait. Did... did Lindina just cut Zenli's arm off??? WTF IS HAPPENING D:
This might officially be the worst thing I've ever drawn happening. :[ B-but don't worry, this is as graphic as the violence gets for a very long while. So, yay...?

Remember a few chapters ago when they were talking about how the Crystal Sword got its name? Maybe this is why.
@sarall: Thank you for conveniently mentioning the sword's name, it becomes important... ;D
Aw man, that's a cool first panel! And I am intrigued as to why the crystal sword's blade is flashing??? :O
Oh no.

Also lol @ Resso. He's been having a mini meltdown this whole time. 8C Felangell aren't used to not being able to see, okay.
@sarall: Unfortunately, we're not done escalating yet. :C
WELL THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY omg I did not see that coming! D: Lindina abruptly stopped screwing around... :C
Oh no.
@sarall: yayyy I'm glad! I'm never quite sure what I'm doing with the effects so I stare at them too long until I don't even know if they look good anymore. xD;
AW SNAP it's going down now!! Also, I really like all the magic effects in the last couple pages, especially that first panel on this page. So hazy and neat. :D
@Seven Rain: Ahh thank you!! I'm happy you described it as "cryptic" and not "confusing". I hope I can keep the story interesting!
Heeey, I finally caught up! Cool comic, lots of cryptic/mystery stuff happening, it's a good way to get people hooked on a story.

(Commenting here instead of the latest page because this page looks really rad!)