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Celestial Mirror

The Goddess gives a girl magical powers to perform miracles and rekindle Her people's faith. Meanwhile, an organization of spellcasters has different plans...

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Adan's just casually confirming that he's behind the Rebirth, but apparently Sentia has more pressing questions.
@Seven Rain: *extremely conspicuous nervous whistling*
@sentiashinou: Oh god now I'm gonna spend the rest of the comic bracing for something tragic to happen to Lan.
Confirming that Sentia considers Lan her "best friend". 8>

Also, I edited out some swearing from the first version of this page, hahaha.
This page becomes about 1000x funnier if you imagine that Adan told Kashir, "If Sentia ever wants to talk to me, just do your best impression of me. She won't know the difference."
@sarall: Hahaha I gotta keep you on your toes!
@Seven Rain: Cool, that's what I was going for :D
*Looks at sketch* Haha, that's a cute joke.

*Looks at page* BUT WAIT IT'S EVEN MORE WILD THAN THAT WTF??? Ahaha, this was definitely not what I expected. My mind-reading powers are ruined!!
It almost looks mildly painful for him.
If you're imagining Kashir's eye charging up like a projector, you might be a little disappointed.

Also I almost forgot to post this page 8D;;
@sarall: Ahh thank you!! Yep, his eye is all white. I should really draw him in color sometime. xD;;
I really like how you did the bird-to-human transition here! The feathers and magicky effects are really neat. :D

So is Kashir's other eye completely colorless, like just plain white, pupils and all? The difference does look striking even in black and white! :3
Last time we saw Kashir in Pretty Boy Form was all the way back in chapter 1. But I managed to show his two different eyes even back then. So that's kind of fun.
@sarall: I wish Sentia was this adorable.
Step 1: Use badass magic to teleport into tree.
Step 2: Construct tree fort.
Step 3: Place "NO WIMPS ALLOWED" sign, effectively barring everyone from the tree fort since everyone is a wimp in comparison to Sentia.
Step 4: ...Pout.
@MayelV: Par for the course for Sentia, I guess.
I sure wish birdy Kashir got more screen time. Maybe someday!
Oh, someone is in a bad mood.
@sarall: lol thank you! And yeah she's gonna get back at all the readers by killing off all their favorite characters.

... It's not spoilers if you can't tell if I'm serious! ;)
This cover is just so great. <33 It also just occurred to me that the title makes it seem like Sentia found out that we the audience "intruded" on her backstory and now she's PISSED. We're gonna get WRECKED.