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Celestial Mirror

The Goddess gives a girl magical powers to perform miracles and rekindle Her people's faith. Meanwhile, an organization of spellcasters has different plans...

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If you're getting deja vu, I did my job right.
@sarall: I take it as a compliment that Shio is too cute to be noodles.
Aw, Shio makes me think of ramen, but this baby is too cute to be ramen. You missed a valuable opportunity for the kitty to make that adorable little "prrrup?" trill noise in the third panel there. I have mentally inserted it for you. XD
@Seven Rain: Thank you! :,D I am proud of both of those things.
I love your naming process. (I also love the expressions in this page, haha.)
Fun fact: "shio" is Japanese for "salt". I kind of have a thing for food names for pets (see also: Lemon and Gazpacho), and when I was coming up with this cat's name I was like "what is the tiniest food I can think of?"
Part Seventeen: Go!
Mr. Shal, how can you look so down when that cute kitty is trying to get your attention?
Part Sixteen: End.
That face reveal doesn't help at all, does it?

In some ways this chapter was harder than I thought it would be, but I think it turned out okay. I think it's a good opening for book 3, anyway. C:

I'm kind of super curious to see people color this dude... If you're so inclined, here is a giant version of just the ink for your convenience.
Who the heck is this???
@Seven Rain: Hahaha definitely.
I like to imagine that even when completely asleep she's still calling people stupid in her dreams and/or sleeptalking it.
Even in a state of semi-consciousness, Sentia still calls people stupid.
@Seven Rain: You tell him!!

Happy new year~
Uh-oh, no time for headaches, Kashir!

(And Happy New Year from me, too!)
@sarall: Classic Toji, always getting squished (?)

Happy new year :D
December 31st, 2018
And then Toji swoops in to save the day, forgets to change out of his mouse form, and is squished beneath Sentia, helping no one and in fact actually making things worse. XD

Happy new year!!
See, I told you Kashir was maybe okay. (Just in time to have someone new to worry about?)
Ummm... it's not as bad as it looks.
@Seven Rain: I guess Lindina and Sentia see the goddess differently ;)
I love how creepy those first two panels look. The transition she's made from the sweet and calm goddess at the beginning of the story to this eerie villainous character is pretty rad.