Celestial Mirror

The Goddess gives a girl magical powers to perform miracles and rekindle Her people's faith. Meanwhile, an organization of spellcasters has different plans...

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@Seven Rain: Ahh thank you!! I'm happy you described it as "cryptic" and not "confusing". I hope I can keep the story interesting!
Heeey, I finally caught up! Cool comic, lots of cryptic/mystery stuff happening, it's a good way to get people hooked on a story.

(Commenting here instead of the latest page because this page looks really rad!)
What's she gonna do??

Also, spoilers: that's the last full sentence that'll be spoken until like.. mid-May.
Pacing page!
Fun fact: This page and the next page were originally a single page. But it felt too squashed so I split it up. By coincidence, this ended up being my favorite page this chapter. (In concept, anyway. I haven't actually drawn the rest of the chapter yet.)
wtf zenli
You can't just drop the bomb that you're a serial killer and then be all "what's wrong?"

Since I'm a genius and put a page break mid-sentence, you may want to read the previous page again. lolol sorry.

PSA: You may want to ration your "UH OH"s this chapter. You're likely to run out of them. 8C
Zenli is so happy to see Sentia! Sentia doesn't seem to feel the same way, though.

In that first panel it becomes abundantly clear that Zenli is related to Lan. :<
Reunited at last!!
Well, sort of.

Say hi to Toji!
Pretty much this whole chapter is looking completely different than I was first imagining it several years ago, thanks to my switch to all-digital. For example, if I was still doing the ink traditionally, I probably wouldn't have bothered with making some of the lines white. So far I'm happy with how it's going, but hopefully I won't get tired of this before the scene is over. 83

@sarall: Thanks! I hope it lives up to the hype!! >8D
The coloring is very pretty on this page! And the title of the chapter is super cool and intriguing! I am majorly hyped!! *w*
Part Eleven: Go!
I realized when I started working on this cover that I haven't colored anything in a while. @_@ I did a bunch of experimenting (and a lot of Ctrl+Z'ing) with this, so I hope it came out okay.

The longer this comic gets, the more opportunities I have to regret writing out the chapter numbers in words. I'm not too mad about it yet, but we'll see how I feel when I get to Part Thirteen. Or Part Seventeen. Or Part Twenty-Three. I'm reasonably sure that the story will end before like, CHAPTER A HUNDRED, but I don't think I thought this through when I started, hahaha.

I thought this about the last chapter, but this time I'm (more) sure: there might be some violence before the chapter is over. I hope no one is too sensitive about that kind of stuff. :C
An entire chapter without missing an update! Is this the first time this has EVER happened? I suppose the next sensible milestone to aim for is making it to the end of the book without missing an update, but that'll probably take another year or more. W-we'll see...?!

This page marks the first of many with just TONS of black. I apologize in advance to the printing company. And yes I'm definitely planning to release book two in print someday! >8C
Lookit these two, getting along. Dawww.

@sarall: Hahaha I know right?? This page's "badass factor" benefited from Toji not being on her shoulder though, I guess.
January 16th, 2017
Look, I know Sentia is being badass and I am very excited to see what she does next, but at the same time LOOK AT TOJI OMG SO CUTE! <3 She shouldn't let him ride on her head when she's doing something cool. XD
That Sentia face.
The one that says she is tired of babysitting.

Someday, I'll figure out how to write comics with an appropriate amount of text in them. Right now I'm in the "no words at all forever" mode. :B

@sarall: Too late, he's gone forever. JUST KIDDING D8
January 14th, 2017
No, Kei, don't go! You're my favorite! :<

I guess it is time he made his es-KEI-pe. Get it, escape?? ...I'll uh, see myself out. >_>;;
Kei what are you doing?!
He's had enough of these kids. He's bailing.

I gotta give it a rest with the "two panels on top, one big panel on bottom" layouts. @_@

@sarall: Thank you!! I wasn't sure what to do about that sound effect, so I'm glad it doesn't look too out of place. 8D
January 3rd, 2017
That first panel is so adorable. Kei's determined face... >w< I'm also weirdly fascinated by how fluid-looking you made the "ZOOM" sound effect. :D
I am having entirely too much fun with this sequence.

Happy New Years!
Reminder that Kei knows exactly how heavy Myaka is, so his plan isn't THAT crazy. Okay maybe it still is.

How about that new Smackjeeves site layout, huh? I'm pretty fond of it myself, and it seems to be getting pretty positive reactions. Maybe it'll inspire me to get to work on some site layout updates of my own... one of these days.

Happy holidays everybody!

@sarall: ...bet you weren't expecting your prediction to be RIGHT. As usual. 8D;;
December 19th, 2016
I can only assume from that last panel that Kei is about to hurl Myaka after Sentia in the next page. Th-the power of teamwork??