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Celestial Mirror

The Goddess gives a girl magical powers to perform miracles and rekindle Her people's faith. Meanwhile, an organization of spellcasters has different plans...

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"That's... not the part I was expecting you to correct me about."
@sarall: Unfortunately, she takes your advice and then remembers that they're up in a tree.
November 27th, 2018
Yeah, you tell her! Now punch her in her smug face and RUN!!
Is she allowed to say that??
@Seven Rain: Sentia definitely takes it as an insult that she's too good a person to do her job.
Ooh, the low blow.
Ohhh she went there!!
She smiles so sweetly when Sentia's like "OH NO"
TL;DR: "Look what you made me do."
Lady Time sees Sentia making that face and... decides to antagonize her further??
@Seven Rain: Well I do love me some cliffhangers. :P
@sentiashinou: Ah but the wait will add so much tension to it all!
This is one of those chapters I wish I could post all at once.
@Seven Rain: Oh man, "menacing" is such a strong word. Not that I disagree. :>
Can't believe I let this update slip by me. I love this menacing vibe coming from Lady Time.
@TigerChickTigriss: Pourquoi est-ce que vouz n'etes pas manger du gateau?
Warning: your opinion of Lady Time may fluctuate as the chapter progresses. Or maybe it won't!
@Seven Rain: Upon reflection, I kind of like that prediction. You'll see how it's relevant before the chapter is done, but I won't reveal how it'll affect the ending. (Is that vague enough? :P)