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Celestial Mirror

The Goddess gives a girl magical powers to perform miracles and rekindle Her people's faith. Meanwhile, an organization of spellcasters has different plans...

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@Desala: :P I guess emotional whiplash is one of my specialties.
this is definitely one of the things i love about celestial mirror. goes from serious to freaking adorable, then right back to serious. yay for nobody crying!!! sooo cute!!!! (still better as a turtle though...)
@sarall: If you're fangirling over Adan then I've done my job right 8D
Aw, man. Adorable in one panel and delivering a badass line in the next?? What more could you ask for in a character, really? >w<
@Desala: I wasn't planning to bring back the turtle ever, but now you're making me want to reconsider...
@Desala: Lolol thank you! I might have made this too creepy if you think it's "definitely creepy" but I'm glad you like it 8D
aww man! i was hoping the dude would be the turtle's friend! (don't get me wrong, i like the way he looks...he's just not a turtle...)
so... i'm probably focusing on the wrong things here (it's sufficiently creepy, that's not the issue) but i feel like the best parts are the dudes hands and Sentia's dress. they're both so pretty! if i put my hand over his face this is actually beautiful!
@desala: ;w; I'm sorry! Lan welcomes hugs from everybody.
oh no... lan!!! i almost cried a little, i think the fact that it's set at night makes it worse. i wish i was the one giving him a hug!!!
@sentiashinou: But of course, that's probably the one field in which your gods and the EthereaVerse gods are alike, haha.
@Seven Rain: That's an interesting point! Not to spoil anything, but I tend to think of gods in the CM universe as causing problems rather than solving them. Sure, they're powerful, but that doesn't stop them from being incompetent, or malicious, or just not caring about mortals.
It's an interesting challenge trying to write literal gods in a fantasy story.
You want to make them seem powerful and omniscient, yet you don't want the reader to feel like the heroes' conflict could be solved with ease should those gods step in.
"Mirror World" is about the closest thing we're gonna get to a title drop.

Also, I accidentally made Adan look like a FFT character in that middle panel, which is kind of weird since I really haven't played that game enough for it to be influencing my style?? Is a similar style used in other games I'm just not thinking of right now?
Oh, is that all?

Fun fact: I sketch these pages far enough in advance that occasionally, by the time I'm inking, I'll rework a panel that looks kind of wonky in the original version. On this page I redrew EVERY PANEL hahaha. The whole time I was like "wtf past me how did you ever move on to the next page with this one in such a state???"

Also, first I describe Adan as "probably shouldn't be cute" and then I draw the abomination in the second to last panel. 8D;;

Also also, a quarter of a thousand pages? Neat!
Wall of Text.
That name drop may not ring any bells, as it's only been mentioned once before.

This is also not the first time we've heard a god talk about freedom.

Phew, I think linking to such old pages has shortened my lifespan, lolol.
"I should like to stop wasting your time"
... it's like he's talking directly to the readers. xD;;

Now that we know he's a god, you might find it interesting to compare this to Part One. But on the other hand maybe don't go back and look at Part One because it's so old, lolol. Actually I'm going to be posting links to quite old pages throughout this chapter, so that's kind of scary. @__@

It's a good thing I'm getting ahead on these pages, because I went to post page 7 and realized I hadn't even uploaded page 6 yet. Wops!
@Seven Rain: Nice word choice ;D