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Celestial Mirror

Celestial Mirror

by sentiashinou
The Goddess gives a girl magical powers to perform miracles and rekindle Her people's faith. Meanwhile, an organization of spellcasters has different plans...
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Celestial Mirror

The Goddess gives a girl magical powers to perform miracles and rekindle Her people's faith. Meanwhile, an organization of spellcasters has different plans...

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Oh man, I apologize for the last panel. I spent so much time fiddling with it and it still didn't come out how I wanted. @__@

If you don't remember anybody's name in this scene, don't worry, you're probably not alone... I'll be name-dropping people before too long, I promise.
Waaa Lan don't say "when Zenli comes back" with such a happy face...
@D: I like how pretty much the same question got posted twice almost a decade apart :) It's been long enough that I don't really remember drawing this page, but I think you can read it however you want! Is it literally a talking book? Is Lindina just hearing narration in her head when she reads to herself? Or something else altogether?
D (Guest)
November 10th, 2017
So that an ... audiobook book?
Welp, I guess that's canon now.

When I sketched this page, I made a pretty major mistake. Thankfully I caught it before inking. Can you guess what it was?
I missed drawing Lan. <333
@sarall: Ahahaha dang, I thought it might be easy to misread as Ashtray. "Part Thirteen: the chapter so traumatic that Lan and/or Sunny take up smoking."
Whoa, I love this! Beautiful coloring on those fingers and fingernails! <3

The title makes me worry for what's to come for these two! :< Although hilariously, I misread the title as "ashtray" at first. XD;;;
@Seven Rain: It seems that my love of hands outweighs my dislike of coloring, haha.
Ooooh, lookin' good! Your love of hands is really shining through here!
Part Thirteen: Go!
I guess this isn't too bad for my first thing I ever colored in Manga Studio, huh? Photoshop decided to be uncooperative so I had to improvise. 8I

In some ways I'm looking forward to this chapter, and in other ways I'm really really not. And I think I'll leave it at that... ;)
Part Twelve: End.
Toji's a little scared to say stuff without Sentia's permission. 8]

The amount of time I spent fiddling with this page was... too much. This is what happens when I sketch something at the last minute and don't have time to figure out what I don't like about it before it's time to post it. I did manage to finish the sketches for chapter 13 and I mostly like them so maybe I won't have this problem for a while! One can hope!!
@sarall: Waa I'm happy you like it! I changed the ending of this chapter at the last minute so I was worried this page and the next one would look rushed.
Toji: "....Lindina, did you somehow miss the part where she was MURDERING CHILDREN???"

I really love this page. I also realized Lindina is giving this passionate, dramatic speech to a tiny mouse, and it amused me more than I care to admit. >w>;;
@Seven Rain: Sometimes it's useful to have a clueless protagonist. C:
Asking questions readers have as well.
Since her last attempt resulted in getting punched in the face, Lindina rephrases her question. Not that it would make much difference, since it seems she's exhausted her supply of people willing to hit her.
That's not fair, Sentia... Getting Toji to stand up for you. Who could say no to him??
@Seven Rain: It is a blessing! I think I like drawing hands more than almost anything else :x

@sarall: It's a good thing Toji isn't included in the Row of Domino Boys because he would definitely get squished.
September 26th, 2017
Only Sentia's archenemy can break the anger-trance?! I really like Myaka in that first panel. I think maybe it's the neat shading for his mouth?

Lindina is telling Sentia not to push the boys, 'cause they're both gonna fall over like dominoes in the next page, huh. You don't have to tell me. I know I'm right. ;)