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Celestial Mirror

The Goddess gives a girl magical powers to perform miracles and rekindle Her people's faith. Meanwhile, an organization of spellcasters has different plans...

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@sarall: RE: SD... I know, right?? Our tendency to read each other's minds strikes again.

Also I forgot about this author comment, hahaha. My vacation was good! I miss the food already. xP
This is so cool! I wanna know more about Neiran and why she did what she did. :O And hey, now that we've learned more about Sentia's past, it's wild how her situation and that of silvereyes from SD are pretty much variations on a theme. How did we do that completely independently from one another??

I kinda already know but I can't resist a direct request like this, so... how did your vacation go? :D
Part Fourteen: End.
I think Sentia already forgot that Adan told her to take her time to decide...
@sarall: Ahaha, mission accomplished, then! For both things ;D
I read the entire page and started tearing up at this beautiful moment, moved by Toji's loyalty and companionship and the start of this excellent friendship between two of my favorite characters...

And then I read the author comment and burst out laughing. XDD
@Seven Rain: Dopey characters are the best characters.
Toji's tongue sticking out... He's dopey even as a sabertooth(?)lion(?)thing.
@sarall: This would take the story in a much different (better??) direction.
In that last panel, Sentia realized what her wish would be: to get a sweet animal form like everybody else. XDD
Here, have another page where I had to redraw every single panel. You may be thinking, "but Sentia, nothing looks that great! Surely it wasn't worth going to that extra effort?" And to that I say, you should have seen what it looked like before, hahaha.
I guess it's Sentia's turn to have a big wall-of-text monologue?

Also, I'm back! Ask me how my vacation went! ;D
Sentia: Okay, past/present/future, got it. Gods sure do like their trinities, huh.

Adan: *desperately trying to mask the fact that Toji is too dumb to be useful without supervision* .... yes. That.
As usual, right-click to view the image in full size if you're so inclined.

You guys this page took me FOREVER and I don't really know why. It's a good thing I've been putting in more drawing hours per week because this one would not have gotten done in a single week otherwise, hahaha.

This is the first ("real") time these guys have shown up in-comic in these forms, but I did make this wallpaper with Toji on it a couple years ago.
@sarall: Yay! Neiran was mentioned for the first time earlier in the chapter ( ), but she hasn't appeared at all.

Also good call, I have no idea how I forgot about Bravely Default, that's definitely it.
Man, I'm getting really into all this neat lore and stuff. So excited to hear more about Sentia's deal at long last! :3 Have we heard the name Neiran before?

Also, maybe the similar game style you're thinking of is Bravely Default? Not sure if you played that one.
This page is particularly amusing to me if I compare to Lindina's conversation with Lady Time.

Adan's three rewards:
1. Magic
2. Three servants
3. A wish

Time's three rewards:
1. Magic
2. One servant (slash mentor?)
3. a sword lol

Also, my internet access is going to be unpredictable for a few weeks. Apologies in advance for being slow at replying to comments.
@Desala: :P I guess emotional whiplash is one of my specialties.
this is definitely one of the things i love about celestial mirror. goes from serious to freaking adorable, then right back to serious. yay for nobody crying!!! sooo cute!!!! (still better as a turtle though...)
@sarall: If you're fangirling over Adan then I've done my job right 8D
Aw, man. Adorable in one panel and delivering a badass line in the next?? What more could you ask for in a character, really? >w<