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Just some random kirby comics. Updates on Mondays.

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September 22nd, 2013
I laughed WAAAY harder than I probably should have.
Poor Meta-Knight.
he must have been saving those sword points for that move...
@HanaRei Mai-chan: I said invincible, not invisible. Invincible means immune to all attacks.
Lulz, Meta Knight threw Dedede out. Poor Meta. XD
Dedede's just hilarious here.
"I'm here to ruin your day!"
Oh dear, I hope Bandana Dee survives all that.
One thing I don't understand...
If Kirby was invisible to the three, then what were they running away from?
Other than that, I loved Waddle Dee's reaction. XD
A return, or maybe not.
Hi! I'm finally back after a while. I've been a bit lazy on creating new comics, and I might continue being lazy, or I'll ACTUALLY try to keep this back up. But anyways, hope you enjoyed this comic.
Lol, Meta.
It'd be more of a challenge if he could actually do that in boss fights... but, it's a good thing he can't.
Can I ride on you, Yoshi?
Hmm... I don't get the joke here, so I don't know why you think it's bad.

But I think Kirby's dumbness is funny. XD
Lol, I laughed at the 'PREPARE TO DIE!!!' part. XD

Poor Dee...
@ServantofCygnus: i didnt know. but thanks for telling me.
@Knightkirby: there are KRTD bandanna waddle dee sprites on spriters resource with all his spear attacks from KRTD, but in KSSU style
Wow. I haven't following my schedule at all the last 2 weeks. But anyway, Happy St. Patrick Day.
February 25th, 2013
3rd panel: Invincibility wearing off
4th panel: Invincibility gone

I considered Dee attacking too... but he wasn't that threatening and there were no attacking sprites. But this makes it funny.
Why are you reading this comment
I got nothing here. Go read the comic. NOW.
Well that was rude of Kirby.
February 1st, 2013
I'm surprised nobody ever came up with this.