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Arkaenalan follows the story of a misanthropic guardian angel and their pursuit of freedom.


Recent Comments

Most beautiful hug ever <3
Wow, this is breathtaking, wish you had continued this comic. I would buy this to hang on my wall ^^
oh much drama, so much emotion, in one page without a SINGLE WORD. This is quality stuff man, I am digging this...<3
I want a sheep/ramhug too QAQ
This is some ridiculous talent right here and not just the art. Your entire concept and environment is really cool.

Very excited to see more!
aww cmon!! T^T please continue the story :D you draw so well and color so well and the story's really getting interesting so please dont stop just yet TT^TT
uh-oh that's really ominous there O.O
I wonder if we'll get to see more animal drawn by you because they're absolutely amazing!
Can't wait to see more of it! (:
That sheep is the cutest thing ever.
Please tell me I will be able to understand the story later on... XD

I really like this comic, the art is beautiful, and that goat (is that a goat?) is adorable... :D

I hope you will upload soon! :)
White Wight (pg 06)
Someone's been having a really bad week.
Take your time! I'm just glad it's not over!

I hope things become less hectic for you. You have a lot of potential. I look forward to keeping an eye on you work!
I'm so glad to see this continue. I'm dying to see how this story plays out. Your style and your art, concepts, coloring, compositions, EVERYTHING is always so amazing, and I love that you're doing a full on comic now.
And hugs are sometimes all you need.
February 8th, 2013
Thats cool bro, if you gotta hug it out we can do that. Don't go morphing into my body or anything weird like that tho - ok!?
@JC: I'm very sorry for the lack of updates for an entire month, but I've been very busy with college and life in general! But I just posted a new page today and I hope to keep up with the updates again!

Thank you very much for compliments and for reading ARK, I'm doing my best to keep up the work!
It Survived
Shut up and take my hugs.
I'm deeply saddened that this hasn't updated in almost a month! It had such amazing potential, wonderful art and the beginnings of a story that could be truly incredible. I hope, maybe beyond hoping, that this isn't the end of what could have been.
Took Just About Everything
... my trusty, noble sheep!
Letting It Worsen
A wild sheep appears!