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You Ask, We Reply

You Ask, We Reply

by Gigi19972010
(This comic is over. Now, if you want to ask questions to my characters, go to this blog instead: )

A Q&A comic of my two fan comics, 20 Times Kirby! and Kirby and the Magic Mirror.
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3 Years Ago

You Ask, We Reply

(This comic is over. Now, if you want to ask questions to my characters, go to this blog instead: )

A Q&A comic of my two fan comics, 20 Times Kirby! and Kirby and the Magic Mirror.

Recent Comments

I think there's a bit of a battle going on between Larry and the viewers. :P
Lol, I love question 8. Though nowadays Kirby is just pink with a hat.
...but you just did, Grace..
Larry's pretty mean in how he answers his questions.
If Kixty's comment didn't break the fourth wall, Kirby's shout probably did.

You don't need a Tumblr account to to submit questions there. As for cheking for updates, I've actually started to follow 20TK's update schedule for that, so if the comic updates, the blog has updated too.
But... I don't use Tumblr...
@Gigi19972010: for you to just end this comic.
@Gigi19972010: said you were going to upload that what I was expecting LOL
ALRIGHT here's the whole deal.

tl:dr: This comic is ending because I couldn't bring myself to make every page, I made an ask blog instead, send questions there, read the guidelines first, thanks, here it is:

Every once in a while I would remember about this Q&A comic and tell myself: "Yeah, maybe one day I should update it", but as you have noticed, I never really updated it since more than two years ago. But then I started asking myself, what is stopping me from updating? There's always a reason why a comic stops updating, sometimes multiple. Well, in this comic's case, I realized that I was always too lazy to make the pages, for a simple reason.

You know, making these pages is boring because they always follow the exactly same pattern. Gigi in the left, character who's answering (if the question is not for her) on the right. Gigi reads the questions, character answers it. Repeat 9 more times. Eh. Boring to make. Not to mention the characters always had to be limited to answering the questions in one panel because of that, so there was hardly any variety. Sure, I did make some exceptions, but very few, and usually at the end of the page. The thing is, I love answering these questions. Not only they are fun to answer, they are also a great help with building my characters; I need to know how a certain character will answer to a certain question that they would probably never face in the comic, it's great practice!

But yeah... If I'm too lazy to make pages, this will never work. So, the solution: not make pages! ...Or, better, text only, or text mostly. This is where the ask blog came.

I took inspiration from an ask blog I follow on Tumblr, Ask Ace Attorney, which is pretty popular and active, and its format works pretty well from what I see. So I figured out, why not try something similar instead of leaving YAWR dead? In fact, why not completely close the comic and focus on that blog only? And such, I started working on it, and now it's ready to take in questions or, as I've been calling them, letters. If you want to ask something, go here , read the submission guidelines and then click on the "Submit Here!" link to submit your letter. Though I still have some other things to mention, so keep reading here!

If you asked a question that was never answered here, feel free to submit it again on the blog. You can even resubmit old questions if you wish, if you think I'll answer them differently from the last time I did so.

One of the major differences from the blog to the comic is that, in the blog, there's no limit to how many questions you can send in, just send them! You can also ask a question like you were another character, so be creative! You can even ask questions to characters on a specific time period, so the possibilities are endless! And there's really no way to ask questions on the wrong place this time around as well... I think...

And lastly, I'm not really sure how popular that blog will be, though I imagine I'll get at least some few questions every month. I mean, this comic, even when it was not updating, still got questions posted, so I'm pretty sure there are people still interested on this stuff.

Anyway, that's it! Go to that blog and send me some questions... :)

(I'll mark this comic as completed soon. I mean, it isn't exactly completed, but a comic that isn't really a comic, you know, with a plot, won't ever be truly completed... Eh, you get the idea.)
When will this comic update? No, this is not a question for the comic itself, that would be weird.
References again
Gigi do you like waffles Kirby? Kirby yes I like waffles! GIgi and now for our next question do you like pancakes and French toast?
@44Cinder44:It took me until now to realise the reference.
So, Do you like French toast?
Yeah, I like French toast
@Ginchiyo: I agree. Drake's hammer is O.P.
Since you said you were Twilight Sparkle, would I be able to throw a cinderblock at you and you could use your levitation powers to luft the block be4 it could crack u in da face? Or would it do just dat?
@Trevor the Hedgehog: If you want to do that, your'e goona have to find a way to get to the moon. It's all they wanna do these days.
Please update this more often. Every 2 weeks perhaps.