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This Comic follows the completely random and nonsensical adventures of Bob, a clinically insane stick person. Prepare to "WTF" all over the place.

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you are really good....i like you storyline...
that was just great!
December 13th, 2008
Don't diss the spinach
You know the rules, and SO! DO! I!
The birthday girl:
March 7th, 2008
Oh yeah and i need all the fans i can get so add me if you dont mind
March 7th, 2008
Hey dude
Dude your comics are awesome. I hope mine can get this good. I bow in your presence.
I dont want to seem ignorant but who was he? and please add me to favorites again.

you can't search me up. You have to go strait to the site.
It is so unfortunate...

This man was a legend...
hey blackkingdom I had to delete my site but I have a new one up now so be a fan of me again plz.
March 4th, 2008
this is funny
March 2nd, 2008
...Oh hell no.
February 16th, 2008
im such a nerd/homo when i am online. lol. just kidding. I don't act like that at all.
I know it says I am a guest but I just didn't feel like signing in. Dude I LOVE your comics. They are funny. Check out my Those are mine. U inspired me
Go To This
February 8th, 2008
Holy crap
My stick figures are in their first animated music video:

They are all grown up! ='D
To put it quite frankly, I am just really good with MsPaint. =0
February 8th, 2008
lol, I've read all these in like 15 minutes, can you please tell me how you did the style and the shadowing, enviornments and all that stuff for the stick people? *Favorites*