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Accepting Author Applications

Anyone who wants to post and keep track of who they are shipped with can join.
If you post anything M rated, you will be kicked off.
Apply as a Co-Author
This is a comic about shipping your characters.
You can do as you please with your shippings, but please try to keep them to a T rating and below.

Shipping: To support a relationship between two characters, be it canon or not.

You will get a chapter here. All shipping of your design are to be posted in your own chapter. The point is to post pictures of shippings. (Sprites, Drawn, pixel art, etc.) These can be in the form of comics, author comments, etc.

Your shippings can be gay, straight, lesbian and bi. So homophobes beware.

You may post shipping of other authors.

If you have any questions, contact 'aqua the hedgie' for more information.

Don't ship real people. At least poke holes in the box.

Recent Comments

I can't believe how much she's grown
You missed a perfectly good opportunity to have one of them dab.
Dang, Ayaka (not pictured), you might be assembling a harem there. Anyways, shipping in different timelines is ALWAYS fun.

Red: Jun
Orange: Marina
Dark red: Roxi
Pink: 13*
Blue: Lance*
Grey: Kaiya*

*part of the holy ot4
September 24th, 2016
Down with censors!
September 21st, 2016
the legend of choura
Made this awhile ago. I think there's a ship somewhere here.

"The perfect unison of Choris and Aura. Their love child, Choura."
@x-Friskybuisness-x: Okay, but I'm still telling the truth regardless.
@aqua the hedgie: I don't trust you anymore! >:^O PERVERT! -bonk-
@aqua the hedgie: Oh, okay! Good to know! :^3
@x-Friskybuisness-x: I can promise you that we are not "violent loving types". Rather quite the opposite.
@Zachery James: Alright..
I'm sure they're just playing around, they can't be serious!
@x-Friskybuisness-x: I don't know what kind of people you've been hanging out with. but nice is not something I'd describe these violent loving types. Anyway, I'm not your parent or guardian so do whatever you want. I figured you at least deserve a warning.
@Zachery James: Why not? they sound nice enough..
@x-Friskybuisness-x: listen, i know you're young. but seriously, do not get involved with these crazy people.
@ForestFire: Well if you don't like it here, we can always PM!
@x-Friskybuisness-x: I actually will be seeing a doctor soon, but at the moment I'm pretty good.

(Are we really having this conversation in a public comments section lmao)
@ForestFire: Sounds like a personal problem, do you have any mental anomalies? you might need to see a doctor..
@x-Friskybuisness-x: Well, not REALLY, I don't think, more like... Well... It's a long story. But it left me emotionally numb and self-loathing after a while. Thanks to the help of @collaborational, I've gotten better and actually respect myself now.
@ForestFire: Were you actually abused or are you making this up >:^T I hate it when people lie!
@x-Friskybuisness-x: Nah, I've mostly recovered long ago. But these two are evil incarnate. Cheryl and Roses though are very cute and unevil and deserve more attention than these two lumps of death.