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Interesting Topics of Conversation

Human lump Ritchie has a date.

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@TheLynch: That's probably true, since the guy is so self-involved and insecure. That lizard is still kind of an ass, though.
She's better off.
Aw, that was really sad!
Self-inflicted wounds are a great topic of conversation.
Aneurysm Time!
Good. I'm glad he's bleeding. ha
This character is getting worse with each letter.
I already hate this guy. Yeesh!
Background jerk
I love the look of annoyance or total disdain for Ritchie's existence at the party. For that brief moment, Ritchie is ruining the party for that guy! ha Love it. So far, my favorite character is the gecko. He seems rational and nice.
Welcome to Interesting Topics of Conversation, the first comics collaboration between (the lovely and hilarious) writer Marg Craig and myself, Ben Steeves. This seven-page comic was my Christmas gift for Marg last year, adapted from her short story of the same name, and it launches today which just so happens to be her birthday! So Happy Birthday, Marg! And Merry (last) Christmas!