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by Haru Bells
The story of a 14 year old girl who suddenly wakes up with the duty to create a region on a barren world known as Origen, alongside six other "Cosmos" that are alien in appearance.
Join her as she faces the hardships of unrequited love, friendship, jealousy, and the inevitable...
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The story of a 14 year old girl who suddenly wakes up with the duty to create a region on a barren world known as Origen, alongside six other "Cosmos" that are alien in appearance.
Join her as she faces the hardships of unrequited love, friendship, jealousy, and the inevitable...


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Fun fact: This is a completely new page that didn't exist in the original roughs of the comic. This was originally an omake theater at the beginning of chapter 14. But since I've cut most of the omake theaters for this online release of Shameless, it made more sense to have it as an actual page, otherwise you would all be confused because it went from Nana at the end of chapter thirteen to a passed-out Seven at the beginning of this chapter. So you're welcome.
Sorry I didn't upload this page yesterday; I woke up late, and I was really busy pretty much all day. So I didn't get a chance to upload this one or scan the cover page for Chapter 14. Which means that, unfortunately, there isn't going to be a double update to make up for yesterday. Chapter 14 will start tomorrow (Friday), that way I have the weekend to work on the chapter itself, because I have, unfortunately, been slacking off a bit. But not because I don't want to draw it; I just don't want my carpal tunnel to act up too much. I lost my wrist brace, so until I can find it or get a new one, I want to try and keep it resting. Especially since I {i}am{/i} at school, and taking a LOT of notes.
Nana's hair is so freaking hard to draw but I'm always so freaking happy with how it looks because it looks so cool, especially when it's all long like this. I freaking love drawing Nana. You have no idea.
Please don't ask what the bg text in panels three, four, five, six, nine, and ten says ;u; I couldn't remember what it said originally, so I just kinda wrote down a bunch of arguing that I thought it probably said, and I don't remember once again what a lot of it says.
Poor Seven, though. Being so overwhelmed.
I actually cut out a whole panel of arguing, because originally, the order was Death, Memory, Justice, Envy, and Revenge, but I thought it was out of character for Memo to be arguing as well. So, instead, he's worried about a clearly distraught Seven.
I changed the picture soooo many times for this chapter. And I changed a lot of the dialogue, too. So that's new. It all still has the same premise as it did originally, but it's still a pretty different chapter. So that's cool, I guess. And then there are two chapters coming up that actually have an extra page, because they had 4-koma omake theaters, but I've cut them out of this version. But those 4-koma were important to the chapter, so I had to turn them into actual pages of the chapters. Phew!
Here's a basic breakdown of the different region creatures:
-Rock Golems are generally peaceful. If they hurt anything, it's generally by accident or in self defense. They are also shockingly fragile, as you can see here, because they are easy to...well, take apart. Removing the head kills them. They live at the base of the mountain and volcano. They don't do well against the water or plant creatures.
-Water...things...are vicious, and will not hesitate to attack things that they see as weak, or that they have an elemental advantage over. The design of their mouths are actually inspired by Stitch and Toothless. HAHAHAHAHA. They live in the river, lake, and ocean. They don't do well against plant or electric creatures, but they will team up with other creatures against shared strengths, as sen on this page.
-Air Griffins are incredibly peaceful creatures. They live closest to the City of the Clouds, as they are often at the top of the mountain. If something attacks them, they will attempt to flee rather than fight back. Their only weapons are their beaks and some retractable claws in their hind legs. They don't do well against electric creatures or rock golems, but the golems aren't a problem, as they actually live in relative harmony.
-Fire...things...also vicious, but they won't attack unless provoked. They live in the volcano. Their original designs featured wings, but I removed them because that wouldn't make much sense, as they are not air creatures. They don't do well against water creatures or rock golems, although they are mainly at odds with the water creatures. Like the Air griffins, they actually live in relative peace with the golems.
-Plant bear things with the honeycombs on their backs are NORMALLY peaceful, but once the war started, they didn't hesitate to attack other regions. They live in the forest between the mountain and volcano, and at the border of the water region. They don't do well against the fire things or the air griffins, but since the griffins are peaceful, they aren't a problem.
-Electric bunny things are fairly vicious, although they won't generally attack unless provoked. They aren't very strong, so they mainly attacked the griffins in the war, since the water creatures would be able to take them out based on size and ferocity alone. They prefer to attack from a distance, so the griffins' tendency to flee wasn't a problem at all. They don't do well against anything because of their size, but their real weaknesses are the rock golems and the plant bear things.
-And, of course, the Angels. They don't have any specific weaknesses. Perhaps their greatest weakness is their apparent intelligence, and their lack of any way to fight.
This page kind of bums me out because I really like the Air Region creatures. They're freaking Griffins. But with only four limbs (wings and hind legs) as opposed to six limbs (wings, hind legs, forelegs)

I don't know. They're just my favourite design for the Surfaceland creatures. Besides the water things. They freak me the hell out if I think about them for too long.

But the Air region creatures, I just want to cuddle them to death. Like, I wish they were real so that I could have one as a pet. It's a goddamn flying cat-bird for crying out loud! :D
I mean, I know it's not like, a super creative or original design or anything. But I like it. I freaking love cats, and I love little birds like sparrows and stuff, and I freaking love hawks and falcons. So, yeah.
I actually changed the last panel. Originally it had the Water thing digging its hand into the Fire thing's slashed open neck, but I changed that because I didn't think it would turn out good. So I had it eating flesh instead. Nom nom nom.
Okay, I'm getting sick now hahahaha.
Oh, look, I'm not dead.
Finally finished inking this page, and I've nearly finished the rest of this chapter as well (I'm working on building up a nice buffer so that this hiatus from dA doesn't happen so often. I don't really like to come on here if I have nothing to upload!
This page is fairly tame, so it doesn't get the mature content flag, but future pages MIGHT. I haven't decided yet.

If you're wondering why this page looks so weird, it's because I used the wrong pen for the boxes encasing the text.
And yes, this chapter is going to go to several different regions.
But it's a short chapter.
So I'm off to find an eraser so that I can actually finish the rest of these pages, and then I'm going to move on to the next chapter.

I may or may not post the next page tomorrow; it really depends on whether or not I can find an eraser.
I most likely will, though.
Oh, this is going to be a fun chapter.
Many people find this page quite shocking. I wonder why
Sorry there wasn't update yesterday; I had a lot of homework that I had to get done and didn't have a chance to update.
I love this page, though. It's one of my favorites in the entire story.
Stealing is bad, Seven. Stealing is bad.
I'll leave it up to your own imaginations on whether or not she actually stole all of that stuff.
Yes, Illusion, she IS that stupid.
Oh, Seven, you lack common sense entirely.
I love this chapter so much. It's so freaking funny. Trust me, it gets even better!


In other news, I actually was able to ink TWO pages yesterday, so I was able to update today without problems, and I'll be able to update tomorrow! I hope to have at least two more pages inked today, as well, and hopefully finish off the chapter tomorrow, so that I can start sketching the next chapter by Friday. Hooray~!
I was able to finish inking and scan this page this morning before I had to leave for school, and luckily today is one of my long days, so I am able to post it during my break between Intro to Business and Beginning Drawing. I should hopefully be able to finish inking the next page and scan it tonight to post tomorrow. Ain't doin' none of that multiple pages a day biz. I'd run out of pages.
I actually have a bit to say about this page, believe it or not.

First off, it killed me to draw a dead Memo. Or, at that time.....Haku.


So, as revealed on this page, the Taiyou brothers died in a train accident. Memory's name in that life was Haku, meaning "white" (and NO RELATION TO THE SPIRITED AWAY CHARACTER OF THE SAME NAME). Illusion's name was Kurou, meaning "black" (to highlight the fact that the two brothers are similar, yet complete opposites). I never decided on Death's old name.
Memo's old name being Haku is important to Seven's name, actually, but that's a Sentries thing. SORRY.

FUN FACT NUMBER TWO. And my personal favorite one, actually.
Illu was impaled by a falling piece of train! :iconyayplz: While it was hard for me to draw a dead Memo (I prefer Memo over Illu), I decided to have a bit of fun with Illu's death because he's a jerk that deserves it. Memo had some head trauma, and a facial laceration, but Illu had head trauma, as well as MASSIVE INTERNAL BLEEDING DUE TO BEING IMPALED THROUGH THE STOMACH BY A LIGHT FIXTURE HAHAHAHAHAHA /yandere moment

Yeah, that train accident? Death caused it. HENCE WHY HIS NAME IS DEATH, BRO. I GIVE THEM THESE NAMES FOR A REASON! Death, in his past life, was pretty depressed and kind of the sort of person who would show up at school with a gun. But instead, he decided to cause a train accident and kill himself, his brothers, as well as dozens of other people. THAT BASTARD.
I actually changed the design of this cover quite a bit. Before it had these two being a rather playful sort of couple. Still with some distance between them, but they were happy. But...that's not quite right, you know? So I decided to change it. They'd totally be an awkward sort of couple.

In other news, I'm really excited for the start of this chapter. Not because it marks the beginning of the second half of Shameless, but because this chapter is really freaking funny. (Not quite as funny as Illusion's "Love Me" rant from chapter eight, mind you, but still funny nonetheless.) And this chapter being funny is kind of a godsend after the last two chapters, and considering...what's to come (lolplotplotplotplotplot)

I...happen to know someone who is going to be very very mad when they find out what happens to their favorite character. I had mentioned it once before to be mean, but said that I was joking (when I hadn't been joking)

And I hope that person will forgive me.

Thankfully, that thing that happens won't happen until chapter seventeen
And so, Seven's crazy speech begins. If you don't quite understand what she's talking about, it's the yandere in her.

BASICALLY: The first night that her main Angels had houses (so, not the same day they were Created, but a few days afterward), Seven sat outside the Taiyou house (all three of the brothers live in the same house). Each night that passed, she would move a few inches away from the house, gradually making her way to the Tower. If you don't quite understand the symbolism of this, then I will be nice and explain.

The symbolism of her moving away from Illusion's house is that she is slowly letting go of her emotions for him. Illu coming out like this is really screwing her up, because as you could see on page 2, she is outside of the Tower.
This chapter is about to get REAL depressing.