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Ask the Universe Legacy

An ask comic for three comics set in the same verse.
Sonic Universe: Legacy
Eggman Universe: Legacy
The Zonerunners

Will contain spoilers for the main comics.

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Stockholm syndrome
Elise-what do you think of team Dark
@Dr. Eggman: Since you're aware there are multiple Universes, What are you plans after you defeat Sonic? Will you go Universe hopping and try to defeat more Sonics? If your reality does have an infinite multiverse then it would be impossible for you to defeat them all. Unless you're just a drone and the real Eggman has become something beyond our three dimensional understanding.
No-no to marriage
Who would win
Who would win in a battle, one big modern sonic, or 10 small classic sonics
Good enough reason for me
...Damn it now I need to know more. Okay Mephiles why did you create two monster versions of Sonic and Shadow?
Maaaaaan, I just went through all the questions again, what a ride.

Super Sonic - What happens to you when Sonic goes Super but remains in control? Is it the same as normal, with you just watching through his eyes?
....Well this just confused me more so this is just a general question anyone can answer.

So since Dark Sonic is apparently a thing...what's the difference between him and Super Sonic? Aren't they both corrupted versions of Sonic that want to go on a killing spree and destroy the planet? Or is Super Sonic just more...enthusiastic about it? Or are they failed clones of Sonic and Shadow?
@DarkSonic, DarkShadow, and Crazy SuperSonic: Which one of you is the strongest? Fastest? Most endurance?
Double Update, check back a page to see the other answer.

no YOU took 5 years to answer a question
Whoops forgot to upload this
Oh hey, this third comic chould probably get an update every now and again huh
Dr. Finitevus: How many of your ring portals can you have activated at once?

Amy Rose: You ever thought of placing a booster on your hammer to enhance its attacks?

Silver the Hedgehog: Was there ever a time you went on a rampage?
Oh jolly good it’s another episode of “What cringey shit did Rushaos say 5 years ago.”

Honestly I don’t know what I was saying either about Heavy and Bomb. I suppose I can rephrase my question about Gamma though. How is he still alive after battling Beta and exploding for an ambiguous reason? Or did that just not happen here?
It's fun in an Amusement Park
Sonic: Hey Sonic are there any other Sonics from alternate universes that you know of?

Like a Sonic who can use the Chaos Emeralds without any drawbacks. Or a Sonic who can't run fast. Stuff like that.
Dr. Finitevus: Why do I get the feeling this "cleansing" of yours is mostly gonna involve something resembling mass murder? And even if it didn't, how do we know you're not playing with forces you don't fully understand and could never hope to control?