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Ask the Universe Legacy

Ask the Universe Legacy

by Daniel Sokolov
HI THERE! Do you read Sonic Universe Legacy, or Eggman Universe Legacy?
Here you can ask the characters anything you wish! And they will answer as they please!

Probable Spoilers for the Main Comics
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3 Months Ago

Ask the Universe Legacy

HI THERE! Do you read Sonic Universe Legacy, or Eggman Universe Legacy?
Here you can ask the characters anything you wish! And they will answer as they please!

Probable Spoilers for the Main Comics

Recent Comments

@DarkSonic, DarkShadow, and Crazy SuperSonic: Which one of you is the strongest? Fastest? Most endurance?
Double Update, check back a page to see the other answer.

no YOU took 5 years to answer a question
Whoops forgot to upload this
Oh hey, this third comic chould probably get an update every now and again huh
Dr. Finitevus: How many of your ring portals can you have activated at once?

Amy Rose: You ever thought of placing a booster on your hammer to enhance its attacks?

Silver the Hedgehog: Was there ever a time you went on a rampage?
Oh jolly good it’s another episode of “What cringey shit did Rushaos say 5 years ago.”

Honestly I don’t know what I was saying either about Heavy and Bomb. I suppose I can rephrase my question about Gamma though. How is he still alive after battling Beta and exploding for an ambiguous reason? Or did that just not happen here?
It's fun in an Amusement Park
Sonic: Hey Sonic are there any other Sonics from alternate universes that you know of?

Like a Sonic who can use the Chaos Emeralds without any drawbacks. Or a Sonic who can't run fast. Stuff like that.
Dr. Finitevus: Why do I get the feeling this "cleansing" of yours is mostly gonna involve something resembling mass murder? And even if it didn't, how do we know you're not playing with forces you don't fully understand and could never hope to control?
You have no idea how glad I am that a sprite sheet of Finitevus now exists on Spriters Resource, deebs is the darn best I swear
Wait I think you answered my Mephiles question twice. Once last page and this page. Oh well. Got to see more of the whacky Mephiles.

@Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Eggman: Knuckles mentioned that Hyper Sonic destroyed Dr Robotnik for good. Care to elaborate how that happened? Also as Eggman is from a parallel Universe where he won. How did he beat Hyper Sonic yet Robotnik did not?

@King Acorn: don't trade at all? How have your people not revolted and tried to depose you? Trade is what keeps a country's economy going. Without trading to outsiders your economy is going to stall and unemployment will start to skyrocket, your technology will start to stall, and in time you'll be easily taken over by the advancing countries. Think of your people before your pride. Don't have your legacy be the royal family that choose to close itself off from the world. Your family will become the laughing stock of history.
question for the sonics: which one of you would win in a race, modern sonic, classic sonic, or metal sonic?
blaze silver bond
blaze is it true you see silver as a younger brother
Haha I have a question for Mephiles..why are you so ugly?XD
I can't believe Mephiles is Cirno
Maybe he's a little out there
@Mephiles: So besides watching your manipulations unfold over time. What else do you do while waiting? I'm sure most of your manipulations take years at a time to actually become a reality. Do you have other hobbies or interests so you don't get mad just staring down onto the planet?

@Knuckles: Granted that Sonic usually goes absolute bonkers when he uses the Chaos Emeralds. Was there ever a time where they were not enough and you had to use the Master Emerald to supercharge them into the Super Emeralds for Sonic or for yourself? Or do they not exist in your Universe?

@King Acorn: I'm curious with Eggman owning about 99% of the planet. What are your economic policies? How is your country able to trade with G.U.N. and the kingdom of Solenana? Wouldn't Eggman attack any traded goods going across his land?
To Sonic: How would you feel if there was another you who didn't speak and was shorter than you?