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Stupid Cupid
Given one last chance, a cupid girl, Kyu has to unite two lovers together with the Red String of Fate or lose her position forever.
Things however don't go so well when she accidentally connects two male high school teachers, who happen to hate each others guts.
Will they ever fall in love or is everything doomed?

Updates every Thursday
Later chapters will be R-16.

Female characters seem to get a really bad wrap in yaoi mangas, so I decided to take a stand and make one of the leads a girl. I hope it doesn't put anyone off =w='

This is my first comic, I'm kind of bad at writing plots, so it's probably gonna be full of bad cliches (sorry not sorry! C:)


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Comment on hi
Vilian (Guest), 01 Jul 2014 06:33 pm
Good to hear!
We now you will complete this comic, 'cause your will is strong.
Just don't ever forget it ;)
Comment on hi
samanthasdog1231, 01 Jul 2014 06:42 am
Whatever happened I hope you feel better and we are going to wait for you as long as you want us to just take your time and mend your heart I really hope you feel better soon because from your comic you seem like an awesome person I hope you feel up to it soon and come back to us :D
Comment on hi
Rai-Chu, 30 Jun 2014 08:23 pm
Just to say that I'm still going to complete this comic like I promised myself even if it might take a while longer than planned.

It's been two weeks since the last page even though this was supposed to be hiatus over so I just thought I should let you guys know that I'm still alive.

I've been going through lots of shit recently anyway but today I got my heart broken and stepped on so whatever motivation I had left to finish this love filled comic dwindled. I don't know when I'll be coming back to it, could be tomorrow, could be a month, could be a year but I'm definitely finishing this comic. I'm not giving up because of this stupid stuff.

I just need a bit of time to collect myself again, hope you guys can understand. To prove I'm still committed there's a progress shot of how the next page is looking on my blog; http://cupidsdump.tumblr.com/post/90381777808/page-6-progress

Thanks for supporting me so far guys, I'll try not to let you down!
Comment on Page 5
CareBearCara101, 22 Jun 2014 04:07 pm
Lols:) does he need some ice for that burn!
Comment on Page 5
Rai-Chu, 16 Jun 2014 05:14 pm
@Vilian: I'm sorry I made you wait so long though T0T
Comment on Cover
shadowpen, 15 Jun 2014 02:31 am
@OhDearKamiWhy: hi sorry this is a bit random but does your screenname refer to the lynburn legacy? cuz it was basically my reaction several times and especially at the end of the first book... (if it's not i'm going to look reeeeeeeeally weird... :p )
Comment on Page 5
Vilian (Guest), 13 Jun 2014 06:08 pm
Do not worry
@Rai-Chu: I'm glad you're here back with us, making this good story to go on.
"A w.i.p. is fine too" :D
Bye ;)
Comment on Page 4
Origami Onigiri, 11 Jun 2014 09:52 pm
@Rai-Chu: It's true! Flowers everywhere! Hopefully no one has pollen allergies, ha ha. ;)
Comment on Page 5
Rai-Chu, 11 Jun 2014 07:19 pm
It's been too long =w='

I'm sorry that it's my big comeback with the page not even being finished but it wouldn't be like me otherwise right XD

I thought it'd be mean to keep you guys waiting when I had a semi-presentable page ready so yay w.i.ps
Comment on Page 4
Rai-Chu, 11 Jun 2014 07:10 pm
@Origami Onigiri: I was poking fun at the tendency in manga for things to get randomly flowery but looking back now.. those roses could do with some work Dx

And it's a pretty cliché plot line but I'm glad you like it so far :>


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