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A Kid and his best friend, a Broccoli living on the Ice Cream Planet as you probably remember.

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Dang I liked this comic but I hope u r having fun elsewhere :*
August 15th, 2014
There's a news section just for this that allows you to post important info. Just look in the Comic Management section and it should be there!
Ah, run guys run!
And the contest is still on? Thank goodness; I was worried that I had missed it. I doodled the picture and everything, just forgot to fix the details and upload it >_<
@LadyLestat101: :D Thanks for reading and for leaving a comment.
August 14th, 2014
As I usually do, once a chapter is completed I make the cover.

The contest is still on and you can read about it on If you've done an entry please post the link below so I don't miss it. Thanks!

In other I'm going to upload a new webcomic as I need some time before I start chapter 3.
Is there a way to keep the smackjeeves readers posted on this kind of stuff? Like a blog or something. I'm using the facebook website and but I don't know if you get those news too.
Im really liking this so far. You have a new reader! :)
@Lego_423: oh! that would definitely kill it! But the king likes his flavor so he would probably let him live until he grows back again. Kind of a slave drink D:
@someone: Thanks! :)
@futurechoco: its just, if the drink is the life, and it you slowly drink off some of it at a time, wouldn't you kill it by drinking it all?
@futurechoco: i read it here! :)
@someone: Yeah! It won't spoil the comic. Btw, do you read the comic here or do you use
@futurechoco: ohhh! so even if i play the game i won´t spoil the comic? :D
and its acknowledged by you! :D
@Lego_423: you aren't a murderer in the land of food if you don't kill your food, eating won't kill anyone.
@someone: not weird at all.
I worked on it only doing the graphics together with a pixel artist.

Though the comic and the videogame share the characters and some of my ideas the story in the game is not important in the comic.

Did this help you?
weird questions
@futurechoco: umm...i just saw on the indie Gala the game of Ice cream it a fan game or its made by you?
I'm not sure if that's a loaf of Bull-bread or a bull-sandwich.
Ace seems a lot like a super hero mentor.
Good save, Ace.