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X out of 100

by Firecat1311
So I fancy myself a critic.
While that may or may not be true, I've decided to start reviewing.
As long as I have enough experience with something to be confident in giving it a rating, and I choose to do so, I'll post the review here.

Request Rules:
-I have to have enough experience with it
-Nothing offensive
-Nothing that I might have too much personal bias with
-No people
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6 Years Ago
So I fancy myself a critic.
While that may or may not be true, I've decided to start reviewing.
As long as I have enough experience with something to be confident in giving it a rating, and I choose to do so, I'll post the review here.

Request Rules:
-I have to have enough experience with it
-Nothing offensive
-Nothing that I might have too much personal bias with
-No people

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February 24th, 2014
@jmleleven: I rate it five silver medals plus out of thirty seven thumbs up points and a moldy shoe.
February 24th, 2014
review X out of 100, some stupid webcomic i found deep within the recesses of my favorites list
@TaterOfTheTot: these games are displeasing at best. 9/10
Thats right
Thats how good it is
@Firecat1311: In that case, could you do it via PM? I'd really like to know if there's something I need to improve there, and if it's that bad, I don't want it public.
@Luigi_96: Well... To put it mildly, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like the results of that
How about reviewing Re:Booted?
@contradiction123: mainly for techniques and quality. It's easy to write a story, only slightly harder to make a decent story, but really hard to make something... I dunno, moving? Something that just makes you think "wow" when you read it. Maybe I'm too much of a critic, but I don't feel that way while reading very often.
@Firecat1311: Oh. Well, just wondering, but is writing for the grammar and spelling, or for techniques and the quality of the writing within the media?

Also if sooo, review... Rain!
@contradiction123: If I'm going to review a webcomic or something it needs to have at least enough pages to get a good way into the main plot, Moonlight is still just starting out.
And I've never had instant noodles or ramen before '^'
review Moonlight

there are now a total of three more pages from when I asked you last

if still not enough pages

review instant noodles/ramen
Comic Profile:
I've seen this comic around a few times, but hadn't read it yet. Having done so now, I think it merits a review.

Bringing back one of Kirby's old enemies, Drawcia, is an idea I haven't seen very often. It's original, and the way it's done is interesting, so I look forward to seeing how it goes in the future. I do have some complaints about a few of the plot points, though, such as having Mint be thrown in for no particular reason, yet giving him a large role in the story.

Unfortunately, the writing is just... not very good. It has its good times, and gets a little better as it progresses, but in general it's confusing, inconsistent, and weird. The character's reactions often seem forced, or wrong in some way, and some events just appear to happen for no real reason. The author acknowledges that it's confusing, but just says "deal with it", which isn't exactly the best attitude to have for something like this.

Okay, there's absolutely nothing I can say about the art that would merit anything less than a 10. Everything is well drawn and colorful, and it's overall just nice to look at. A few of the canon Kirby character's designs are different from the originals, but they don't look too weird because of it.

Not really too much to say here, as most of the characters come directly from the Kirby canon. The fan characters that do show up, however, are relatively well designed. There are some weird points in their reactions towards other characters, and I have to say the way Kirby himself is portrayed is a little... weird (often snapping into a violent rage without much provocation). The interaction between some characters also seems a little awkward at times, as stated before. For example, a character may be reduced to tears and/or mental breaking point if someone they met mere minutes ago suffers some misfortune. Other than that, the way they're drawn makes even bad guys like Marx and 02 likable.

Final Score: 80/100
Okay, so another weird one. Well, things like this is what keeps this comic original, I guess?

It's obvious human civilization wouldn't be able to function without writing, and that fact has been shown since ancient times. From cave paintings to hieroglyphics to modern texts, writing has always been a part of history. Today, people write for many reasons, including entertainment, profit, work, or other things. I'm not the greatest writer myself, but as I understand the importance of writing (and read quite a bit), this is definitely going to get a high score. The only issue I have with it is how hard it is for anybody to come up with something good, and write it well too.
Final Score: 95/100
K well since it's been a while since a review here, review...

Writing! The action of it, that is. :3
only 80 snif snief

oh well
February 19th, 2013
Dammit Contradiction.
I don't know if you were serious or not but I did say I'd review ANYTHING.

Anyone with a childhood (who lives in the right climate, of course) has played in snow before. It's perfect for snowballs, snowmen, snow forts, sledding, skiing, and plenty of other things. But... It's cold. And wet. And you have to shovel it out of your driveway. Chances are, as you get older it quickly loses its appeal. At least it still looks nice.
Final Score: 80/100
*Minor Spoiler Warning*
Got this game a while ago, and I still play it every once in a while.
Onwards to review~

With plenty of twists, the plot in this game (like the gameplay) keeps you on your toes. At a certain chapter, it seems like the game is over, but then the real final boss rips through the credits screen and it's revealed that there are plenty more chapters to go.

Being a 3DS game, everything looks great, and the flight stages give the 3D function a workout. Since range in your shots is important, the 3D also makes it much easier to gauge distance and hit your target more accurately.
Also despite having such a large variety of weapons, each one has its own full set of effects, giving each one a further depth in their uniqueness.

The control is fast, responsive, and accurate. Although unorthodox, it's a perfect fit for the game and makes playing a breeze... unless you're left handed. I'm right handed myself, but I've heard enough lefties complain to know this is a pretty big issue. It doesn't seem right for so many people to have to buy an add-on just because of their dominant hand. There's also the fact that your hands will probably cramp after playing for too long.
Despite all that, the action is still fast, frantic, and just plain fun. It really does hurt to only give a 9 here, because this game is pretty much the most fun I've ever had.

All the music in this game is great, don't be surprised if you feel like going to the sound test a ton for this reason. It's also always nice to hear remixes of some of the original game's music as well.

Final Score: 98/100
wow ghey!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comic profile:
So after a really long time of ignoring the updates on this comic, I finally went back to reading it and I liked it more than I thought I would.
Now on to the revieeeewwwww

At first it just looks like another one of those "stick a bunch of Kirby recolors in, have them do stuff, and call it a plot", but actually goes a bit deeper than that. Each of the characters has their own backstory, and their true origin is definitely an interesting reveal when it comes. The other parts of the plot are also very creative as well, going far beyond the regular old Kirby canon.
The only reason this gets a 9 instead of a full 10 is because the base idea of having a big group of Kirbys has been done before. Honestly, I'd prefer 9.5 for that.

Yes, the author is Brazilian so the grammar will sometimes be a bit off, so I won't really be penalizing for that. Besides, she gets much better with English as the comic progresses.
The main bit of this is how she manages to write huge sections of exposition without boring the readers, and this is also apparent in some of her gigantic author comments, which all her loyal fans read through in full. Even when it gets dramatic, it never comes off as cheesy, so that's also a big plus.

It uses sprites, so I'm not really sure about a full 10 here, but the way they're used is almost just as good as any other medium so I won't be too harsh with that. The effects, although still sprites, are always well used and never seem out of place.
The speech bubbles are simple, yet effective, and their color coding makes it easy to see who's talking at a glance.
The drawn pages, though uncommon, look a little strange, but they're a bonus so penalizing for them would be unfair.

As the banner and title easily show, this comic has A LOT of characters. Now, something like this is risky to do, but Gigi pulls it off well. There are times when names can be hard to remember, and a few of the characters don't get enough attention to be memorable just yet, but there's always the characters page to look at for reference.

Final Score: 95/100