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When a mysterious man named Mika shows up Anthony is forced to face his demons, but is he up for the challenge?

This comic is about two guys falling in love and determining the fate of humanity. Because love has the power to do that, right?

Updates once a week.


Recent Comments

18 day stretch? Ack! They had better be paying you a decent rate! $$ = :))
Holy moly I hope you make through it! Fight-o
One small step at a time, Mika.
If you see any mistakes let me know. I'm in the middle of an eighteen day work stretch. Though grateful for work, I'm so tired.
And his adventures with clothing continue. You wear what you want, Mika.
Mika ddsiafhudisahfwioahfuiew don't do this to me
Ha, Mika's face. That moment definitely had an impact on him.
Haha, opps. Sara has a green shirt. Forgot how much green is in Anthony's apartment.
I called it XD
Oh no! Drama!
Oh no! Drama!
Oh no! Drama!
Oh no! Drama!
come on..use your alien powers and disintegrate her or something lol or just freeze her XD hahah
Oof. Maybe next time lol
...please don't hate Sara. She didn't know.
Oh, there is so much drama to come from now on.
God fucking dammit. I KNOW something is going to interrupt this and I'm already not okay. ;-;
Oooo oooo go for it dude
@Travelingpooch: He HAS been on the internet