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When a mysterious man named Mika shows up Anthony is forced to face his demons, but is he up for the challenge?

This comic is about two guys falling in love and determining the fate of humanity. Because love has the power to do that, right?

Updates once a week.


Recent Comments

It's easy to dance when you don't seem to have any inhibitions.
She taught him some booty shaking lol
WHAT... like destroying every cell of ole dude was a possible outcome... lol HO SHIT!
Lol I remember when I went to my school's military ball for JROTC two of my guy friends sandwiched me between them on the dancefloor. I didn't know how to react to that lol
Is that some salsa/bachata moves i see there? 8D

Plz Mika go on boy, go booty flirt with yo man :3 (Anthony don't be surprised, you were the one implying he was talented 8D)
Let's just let them dance for a bit.
Anthony gets embarrassed easily and everyone knows it.
Now a warning....
@deee45: thank you <3
Glad you’re back and safe.
Not sure if Sara would have been better for Liam to deal with...

Finally getting back into the swing of things after hurricanes and festivals and's good to be back.
Without Mika that would have been a trip to the hospital.

Note: I don't usually mention stuff like this in the description but you all should check out It is an advertising site for comics that is LGBTQ friendly. It's fairly new and I'm already getting new readers. It definitely has the potential to fill the void left by project wonderful. Just want to post about it in case it could be of benefit to any of my readers/fellow comic creators. <3 Also, I want to bid on your ad spaces ;)
I'm on pins and needles here...
Liam should be fucking *pissed* at that, assuming he understood wtf just happened lol
It's Space Magic, Liam.
I mean... He did not consent to the mind rape, sooooo dude has a right to be super pissed.
Ok dont get me wrong or anything.... BUT...... has like no one (in the comic) noticed his eyebrows.......? LoL
The art is just as beautiful this way.
Everyone's crying...
Just inks for now, my friends. Work is literally insane right now and I didn't want to make you all wait forever for this page <3
Nice rain shot.