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When a mysterious man named Mika shows up Anthony is forced to face his demons, but is he up for the challenge?

This comic is about two guys falling in love and determining the fate of humanity. Because love has the power to do that, right?

Updates once a week.


Recent Comments

"It's a lesser-petted purrmouse."

I hope your health is improving x
Yes, Mika, aren't cats delightful?
Mika + cat = awesomeness.

Also, anthony, just be grateful that he's wearing boxers. (And yes, I had to go back to check. I wouldn't put a commando moment past Mika...)
@secant1: nyuuu!!!! Feel better :D ~
Mika found a cat. Of course he did.
Sorry for the sparse updates. I have been unwell.
September 28th, 2018
@IronDog: Thank you so much <3
September 27th, 2018
Such a beautiful cover! Very moving and ambient, and an impressive angle.
A very valid point indeed, Mika. And we are glad for any update, author. Take care of your responsibilities and needs first and we will wait if necessary :3
Mika hasn't caught on to "cash & carry" quite yet. Interesting wardrobe there *chuckle*giggle*teeheehee*
September 26th, 2018
Chapter Two Cover. Better late than never <3
At least he's wearing shorts...I think.
Umm...has someone been helping him dress up til this point? I think he still needs help.
Oh, Mika.
Way to small talk, Mika.
In other news, I'm still alive! Hooray! Money is tight and I have to work a lot, but I will update whenever time allows <3 Thanks for your patience.
Cant wait to see what happens next. What day does this update?
I like her shoulder freckles.
His face as Mika sleeps on him. Priceless!
Dude all you had to do was cuddle him back lol
Ooh leg right over his junk...heheh