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Just a little web-diary.

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September 22nd, 2013
my opinion
@ItzyBitzyDitzy: Well, this answer may be vague, but i personally think that you should go with what's easier for you...other than that, im pretty sure people will say 'colors! colors!'. so to be honest, do what you feel like :)
September 22nd, 2013
The coloring is really good...
September 22nd, 2013
I have a question for ya'll
So I tried coloring my babies... :I
I plan to upload a lot more chibis so would you guys rather i upload them in color or not?
I really enjoy your drawings, especially these ones...I look forward to seeing the others you may have in store. (listen to me i sound all geeky lol)
My babies~
So I have A LOT of Ocs and I have decided to draw ALL of them as Chibis.
So expect more of these later. :)
the first two don't have names yet :I still trying to decide what to name them... XD

@MediocreArts: Thank you~<3 I hope to upload more thingies soon. :3
September 15th, 2013
September 13th, 2013
B.... Bunny.
September 12th, 2013
I guess you could say that this doodle shows how I've been feeling lately. . . bleh

So My family bought a new printer/scanner so i thought that i might as well post something from my sketchbook. I'l update soon. hopefully.

I cant draw bunnies.... especially dead ones. :P

@Cryingblujay: :I it's dead, yep.
@kay-land: Thank you~! >w< ~<3
i think u should ....CAN'T WAIT!!
I think that'd be awesome! Please do it. owo
AH YOU'RE BACK!! /trows my love at you/ And sweetie don't do that! You dork! <333
So before I went all depressed and lost all motivation to draw. I was working on a short chibi story based off of a Dragon dream I had over a year ago.
So after things settle down at home I'm going to continue working on it for you guys to see.
What do you guys think?
They say pain is a good distraction, I guess it also work to keep people from daydreaming
*awkward laugh*
I'll stop now
You art is so good ;)
Wanna see more (>v<)b
:I peek a boo
This was done real quickly.
a few weeks ago I mindlessly started to lightly cut myself. I don't really know why. I find it kinda funny :I

I've been gone for a while. But now i'm back and this time I hope to stay TT~TT
A lot of things have happened and i've been really stressed and depressed.
omg your art is so clean and..and..SO COOL *A* <3<3 update soon please~ xD