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@GrovyleGoodbye128:Nice drawings! I really wish I could draw like you!
Minor Update Log
-Removed Portal Gun and X-Blade sprites
-Reorganized Idle section
-Reorganized Movement section
-Reorganized Attack section
-Made one of the Aoihi swing sprites more easily usable for the rest of the sheet.
@Destroyer: Did I say I had no reason?
I simply stated that it looked as such.
Also, I hope your nonexistant wife loves you, y'know, since you'll never have a real one.
@GrovyleGoodbye128: Oh yes, inflicting pain on to your lover is something to be proud of.
I beat my wife all of the time and it feels great!
I'm so glad there's someone else here who loves punishing their significant others for no good god damn reason.
@aqua the hedgie: Those hurt faces look like I slapped him. >w<
I realized I should probably upload these too, for future use.

After years of procrastinating and forgetting I even have a sprite sheet to finish

I have finished Aqua's advance sprite sheet!

It's a miracle, I say.
So I drew this for my girlfriend Flutter. She said she wanted me to draw "anything" so I drew this cuteness. Enjoy!

Speedart below!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Whoa snap

He's wearing clothes- *Shot*

Really though, I like it. He looks fancy. :3
When a knight must attend an event such as a ball, what does he wear?

For all the lovely ladies who would like to dance~
So I got bored, and wondered about "what if the Freddy band gang took Foxy's place after he was shutdown?
And Boom...
Awww, I wanna adopt them now
Well, I asked 2 people what they wanted, and both of them chose this.
Well here you have it, Young Soren and Bolt.
One's a runaway, the other an orphan.
How sad and cute.
@Kurona: Is he Blaze's? *SHOT*
cos hes a dick
@GrovyleGoodbye128: Why did his king order the death of so many innocent-looking people
Two bats, one snap of a wing, a game to the stronger.
The smaller one falls...
The cat, the hero, hears the cry.
He runs and never stops.
@plasma_knight303: He killed them all at the order of his king.