VELPIa: The Legend of Dang

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Medicine that YOU stole!
Best friends
Best friends complete each others' sentences.
Hey! It's tough to make the earth elevate like that in front of a moving person, all right? What if Oph crashed into the wall?! XD
Le *style*
I love how Kainazo draws chibi and stick figures. It's just... beautiful! <3
What would I do without patterns? :)
Notice how everything's turning dark? Well, it means the chapter's coming to an END SOON! xD
@Kainazo: I take the blow for the poor landscape xD
This should be persecuted for its heinous crime of poorly drawn landscape.
*dies at author's comment*
Sorry guys, I had to reformat the page size for some reason... I'm sorry that it affects the flow of the comic...!
What do you guys think?
Should we put it this size, or should I put it back to the size it was before?
@Kainazo: OMGG, and also, update more plz, kthx bye
It`s like a rainbow of ugly