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Taint of Exile

There used to exist an empire which struggled against human invasion. One exiled sorcerer found himself in the middle of it all.

During the time of Vikings there existed an empire by the border of today's Finland and Sweden. This empire, Prohenta, was inhabited by humans and a magical race called q'etyana. While the empire gets ready for a war against Vikings an exiled sorcerer gets himself involved with it all. This sorcerer was long ago exiled, but still he never left the kingdom. His past is a mystery as well the reason of his exile. There are many rumors of him and of a deceaced soldier and this soldier's missing lover, but no one seems to remember the truth. And now the sorcerer has returned to be an important player in the upcoming war.


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February 4th, 2015
The food-picture is actually a compilation of Finnish traditional Christmas foods and something extra.
There's ham, potato casserol and less Finnish eggnog.

The hands with water in it is connected to John the Baptist and the baptisement.

The sunny picture is "Jesus comes from light" and the last is bregnant Mary. The flower is poinsettia that is a very common Christmas flower.

And yes, the house is an advent-house XD
February 2nd, 2015
Oooh, frisket! And breakfast of cheeses. And an advent calendar-styled house. And water in your hands? And that lovely red flower!
I'm glad that you are still drawing, and understand how slow "fun" things can be to get done.
January 29th, 2015
Just the fast pieces of art I made for the calendar mentioned.

I'm really slow with things. After almost a half a year since I bought a new Computer I finally got my art programs installed today -_-
December 10th, 2014
It can be really hard to get back into updates once life takes over - I understand! I'm really glad to hear that you aren't done with TOE, though, so I can still learn how the story goes some day. And, pretty flower!
December 9th, 2014
I'm sorry for my lack for any updates on my both comics. It's not because of any lack of interest to continue. I have some pages scetched for both. However, I have been unable to really concentrate in finishing any of them.

I think this is just because so much has been going on. Many big changes are also going to happen, but when things calm down again I hope to be back to drawing.

Lately I have drawn a couple of pictures for work. The picture here is one of them. They are quick and simple so that they won't be too different from the childrens' pictures that are published alongside them.

It's enjoyable to do some quick work in a long while. Pages always need more work.

I have also been thinking of only sending scetches online, but if I do that I most likely will never finish the pages properly. This is why I have rather not uploaded what I have already done.
I rather upload finihed pages.

For more regular news check my blog http://winzrella.blogspot.fi
September 25th, 2013
Sunsets rise again
Sad times are good for reflection, and remembering. Good wishes and thoughts with you!
September 25th, 2013
Sunsets rise again
Sad times are good for reflection, and remembering. Good wishes and thoughts with you!
I don't really know what to say other than my thoughts are with you. Hugs and my best wishes.
August 28th, 2013
I love the first and the last panel. I find the way they connect amazing. Wonderful work, congrats!!
I agree with bucky, it's so rude to point at people! And also to make comments about their smells.

Hmmm! I want to learn how to make beer as well XD
Whoa, first panel is awesome. I love it! It's a very good still life painting. And the perspective on the third panel. Brilliant!
Hmm, scanners have a tendency to eat colours, it's true. But I think the colours still look pretty here, especially on the eye.
I still have a lot to learn about this scanner and colors... -_-

This is a bit late even when I had finished it in time. This is because I didn't have time and energy to scan it and etc last month.

The update for my other comic will still be a bit late, but will come during the weekend.

Thanks for sticking around Bucky-b :)
She's quite rude, but reprecents the common way of thinking.
Well, some people are SO rude! Poor guy!
The update schedule for this years will be one page / month. I'll try to keep this up. If I make more updates, good. But I won't stress myself with more than one for each of my comics.

This page is not the best example of my skills, but I really didn't feel like working on it and it shows :/
It's amazing that this is one of the oldest comics hosted by this site (about seven years old) and yet it still is updating. I can't wait to find the time to read it.
December 21st, 2012
Okay, the colors are now better even after scanning! I made them a lot darker and deeper in the original and it seems it payed off :)

This is the last update for this year! Lets hope for all the best for next year for each of us!

And now I'm off to celebrating Christmas, my birthday and the new year. See you on year 2013!! :D
December 6th, 2012
Today Finland celebrates its 95th years of independence and here I commemorate it by updating TOE!! XD

This new scanner of mine scans the colors very differently from my old scanner and I was unable to fix them properly with computer.

I will try to make the colors darker on the next page so maybe then they would scan better. We'll see. I just have to learn to understand this machine now.

Pages will come when I get them done so I can't say when, but I'm working on it!
Ah, you're back! Must check out your other comic then :3