Bass Comic Adventures

A sprite comic that follows the (mis)-adventures of the Capcom characters of Bass, Mega Man, and the rest of the group.
Featuring original storylines, new characters, a fresh take on the classic games, and some potential amusement.
Updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays


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@MegaBoyX7: ...I actually thought it was a Fake Man sprite used to be a police robot.
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: This one!
His Name is Totally Not Fakeman Man
Which of these are Megaboy's characters, exactly?
@Rhythm_BCA: No Rhythm, Thank You for using the character :)
Credits go to Blackhook, NeoValo, MegaBossMan, MegaBoyX7 for use of their characters
Well, at least he's cute. Yet, I feel Light did not take liberties about testing the use of energy consumption.
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: Not even gonna try to argue with that! XD
"There are days I wonder how you ever managed to build me..."

Probably the best quote in the comic thus far.
Mariachi the hamster ? Alright !
February 15th, 2017
That year never changes.
@MegaVile: Alright
Don't Tempt
@Random _ year old: Don't say that. You might jinx and make Dr. Light make that alternate universe Mega. Don't. Tempt. Fate.
@MegaBoyX7: ... Fair enough. Still, I don't think he has something that can shut down the military...
I think Light's got temper issues.
@MegaBoyX7: Oh yeah, forgot about that.
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X:
@MegaBoyX7: Isn't that Wily that has a bunker of Death Machines?

Unless Light somehow managed to claim all the Fortress Bosses that Wily made after they were destroyed.
@Random _ year old: I mean he does have like... A whole bunker full of Death Machines
I don't think that's how being the father of Modern Robotics works.
So... Did Dr,Light grow out his hair before the Convention?