Bass Comic Adventures

Bass Comic Adventures

by Rhythm_BCA
A sprite comic that follows the (mis)-adventures of the Capcom characters of Bass, Mega Man, and the rest of the group.
Featuring original storylines, new characters, a fresh take on the classic games, and some potential amusement.
Updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
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Bass Comic Adventures

A sprite comic that follows the (mis)-adventures of the Capcom characters of Bass, Mega Man, and the rest of the group.
Featuring original storylines, new characters, a fresh take on the classic games, and some potential amusement.
Updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays


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T-Thats it?
Why did i not ask about how elseworld bassman is doing, or about the whereabouts of megaman? and darkmen..REEEEEEEEEEEEE
Link to Q&A/AMA Livestream
Second BCA Q&A Livestream:
@Darius Drake: Sandwoman, Amazon Woman, Paper Woman, Data Woman, Power Woman, Medicine Woman, Cloth?... Rip Woman, and Double(Trio?) women.
This a metacommentary on fangame robots?
...and now I have to make guesses on who he's going to create in order to try to prevent some of the worst atrocities. Please note, my naming ability for these are atrocious as well, but I didn't want to call them all "-woman".

Please note, I was making this as awful and sexist as I could just by describing the characters, please don't hate me for the ideas presented, particularly when I use porn as descriptor (which I described afterwards).

1. Beachbot - A female robot master wearing a bikini and either holding or lying on a towel.
2. Battlequeen - A female robot master inspired by superhero comics. Think skintight latex that leaves nothing to the imagination, large breasts defying gravity and lots of poses that would be uncomfortable to stand in while presenting their owner's shapely breast and behind.
3. LibrarysAnn. The old "hot librarian", now in robotic form. Has hair in a bun, glasses and clothes that covers everything but is tight enough that everything's displayed instead (think of clothes about as tight as Battlequeen's, but made out of cotten instead of latex). Breast and bust might be bigger than Battlequeen's, and it doesn't help that she's propping up her chest by hugging a book underneath it.
4. Schoolgirl. Are you a horny teen looking for a date but manages to disgust or otherwise repulse your peers regardless of their gender? Schoolgirl is for you. Mostly based on a teenage schoolgirl, but given a bust size that is physically impossible either for her apparent age, size or just impossible to be natural, Schoolgirl is designed to be a companion and study aid during your educational years and will not care about your horrible hygiene or other significant problems. *Attempts to have sex with both voids the warranty on Schoolgirl, and automatically activates the "call police on paedophile" subroutine.*
5. Cavelass. Girl wearing a tiger skin bikini who smashes things with her fists, rocks or branches. Think female caveman Gutsman with appearance and costume designed for a porno. Possibly runs around on all fours, because why not. Think Ayla from Chrono Trigger, only purposefully made and without the ability to say "no" or act independently.
6. ...Mint thought of a good one, "Medicine Woman", or, alternatively, "Nurse Nurse". A porno's idea of a nurses outfit, that is, dressed all in white, with a miniskirt barely covering the crotch and a tight fitting top both showing off her large chest and displaying her cleavage.
7. Stripinglady. The one who looks relatively human. The problem with this one is actually that she rips off her clothes to use as weapons. Possibly starting with either a scarf or jacket.
8. Queerpair. The most offensive of them all. Similar to Geminiman, Queerpair is a robotmaster with two bodies. Unlike Geminiman, Queerpair's bodies are both different, with a "male" body that dresses, looks & acts like a stereotypical homosexual man (so camp & effeminate that it's cringe-worthy) while also having a busty female body who acts like a stereotypical homosexual female (purposefully dyke haircut & overly aggressive attitude, particularly to males & females who reject her). Both ARE the same robot/robotmaster, but the male only hits on males and the female only hits on females because reasons. And not good reasons, just "reasons" reasons.
Dr. Leaf must be a fan of Valo, the Waifu Maker. JK
Well this is exciting
Dr. Leaf is my new favorite male character. Teenage me can sorta kinda relate to him.
More girls.
Medicine woman (meddy.exe?) confirmed.
Well that was something- yeah there is such thing as overkill but i really didn't know how to put the backstory without explaining it in a long way. so... sorry bass-
Is it bad that every character has appeared except for the 2 (5 technically) I like?
Specifically, Mega Man? and the 4 Dark Men
Oh, wow, the 1st Baroque appearance in like, 250 installments. Hey, little fella. :P
@Zynk: It's Rock and Thomas Light. They got fooled by Mr. X.
Livestream Time
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With his temperament, I'm surprised his acting had fooled Dr. Light & Rock.
@MegaBossMan: HE IS NOT A FISH! ... Is what he would say as per the running gag.
Pretty hypocritical with the weird names comment when it's coming from the guy who's named after a fish
@Rhythm_BCA: Don't worry, it happens a lot. Thanks for answering the question.
@Zosonils: whoops, sorry about the name. it's corrected now.
I wait 6 parts for my questions, and I get drunk Dr. Light and a misspelled name.
This is exactly why I love this series.