Age of the Gray

Angelology | PG-13 for brief drug use, violence, language | Updates Mon, Fri

When the unseen war between heaven and hell finds itself bound to the plane of humans, several kids discover themselves caught in the middle.
The almighty angels of heaven and the wicked demons of hell battle for their kingdoms, a revolution that could mean the end of humanity, and when god and the devil decide to take it into their own hands, only chaos can follow.

Featuring a cast of familiar names such as Archangel Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel, Raphael, Lilith, and many more.


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@Ms. Morri: maybe lailah will link with one of them. Either that or there's about to be a scene interrupting the dane
Okay, I'll admit I'm wondering how the ballet fits in.
i cant stop laughing at lilith's face in the first and last panel
*Stardust Crusaders battle theme begins playing*

*agreesive ORAs*
Wow! BADASS!!! Go Lailah! It would be really cool to have all the battle pages together (I hope there will be more of them?) and have the music play then, it fits perfectly :)
holy shit boss battle or mega asswhoop ?
Is this some sort of scary pregnant lady power?

(I did see it in my mom when she had my sister) *shudder* SCARY!!
h o l y s h i t

the biggest asswhoop ever
February 11th, 2017
@Bird Enthusiast: me at the time when i had the undercut haha
is that you talking on the third panel omg
@arswiss and @guest: Holy shit.
February 11th, 2017
@Bird Enthusiast: You're thinking of the Aokigahara Forest in Japan, which is known for its high rates of suicides. This place actually will come up briefly next chapter!! ;)
February 11th, 2017
@Bird Enthusiast: Nope. The Wood of the Self Murderers lies within the seventh circle of Inferno, where the violent are punished
@Waluigi: Isn't that in Japan too ?
February 10th, 2017
@Waluigi: Doho you are very close
@Ms. Morri: I believe she means that the merging between heaven, earth and hell is uneven, and there are places where hell merged even more than any other places, and thus have cursed properties. They might be portals to hell maybe ? Poor Andrea might have ventured a bit too far...
February 10th, 2017
Interesting, I haven't expected this :O
Ok after lilith said that, and thinking back to where andra is trapped I think i know what part of hell shes trapped in (possibly)

The suicide Forest