Age of the Gray

Angelology | PG-13 for brief drug use, violence, language | Updates Mon, Fri

When the unseen war between heaven and hell finds itself bound to the plane of humans, several kids discover themselves caught in the middle.
The almighty angels of heaven and the wicked demons of hell battle for their kingdoms, a revolution that could mean the end of humanity, and when god and the devil decide to take it into their own hands, only chaos can follow.

Featuring a cast of familiar names such as Archangel Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel, Raphael, Lilith, and many more.


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@AcroArdent: Thank you so much! That means so much to me ;_;
I'm normally a really silent reader but I feel like you deserve more praise. I absolutely love this comic and I was hooked straight from the first few pages.
@Luffik: naaah man I love getting these dumps of comments, totally makes my day!!
@Luffik: So Stan Lee XD
@Luffik: ayyyy thank you!
@Luffik: If Mark is God than humanity is truly fucked lol
I love this cover! Aaaand I want to hug Andrea :C
Ahhh, this is a gorgeous cover! And woohoo I caught up XD Sorry for my reading pattern.
Woah all those dead people, niiiice XD Are they all dead or still kinda alive-ish like those people in the mud?

Omg who is this cutie to the right, I need to know <3333
*monthy python voice* And now for something completely different!
This is beautiful, the battle ballet. I am of course listening to the theme music while reading. But you missed the opportunity to re-enact the trope of the janitor who has headphones on and doesnt' notice hell breaking loose just behind his back XD
Ouch, she's acting on those emotions after all. Brilliant expressions!
Amazing intertwining of that conversation and exposition of what they are talking about via Sandalphon and Simon <3 Your storytelling is very good.
Yesss true form <333 it's okay, the back of it is lovely too.
"We don't know where the god is at the mo-" "THERE"

Plot twist - what if he's really one of them. *"What if god was one of us?" starts playing*
"God saw the Shrek is Love Shrek is Life video and abandoned humanity" omg I live for these hover-over comments now XDDDDDD
I still think this is count Lemongrab coming in like UNACCEPTAAABLE!!!. Lilith would be in for a nasty surprise XDD
All these Andrea otherworldly struggles pages are so beautiful *stares into the mist and trees*
A panic party, omg, I love your hover-over comments XD
Wooh, another part with music, I freaking love these, they give me the right chills <3