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Age of the Gray

Angelology | PG-13 for brief drug use, violence, language | Updates Mon, Fri

When the unseen war between heaven and hell finds itself bound to the plane of humans, several kids discover themselves caught in the middle.
The almighty angels of heaven and the wicked demons of hell battle for their kingdoms, a revolution that could mean the end of humanity, and when god and the devil decide to take it into their own hands, only chaos can follow.

Featuring a cast of familiar names such as Archangel Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel, Raphael, Lilith, and many more.


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@Valapfia: Ahh I see I see

I'm seeing it less as "What evil country would host such a place" and more "what poor country would have this blight forced upon them" but I get what you mean (At least its not in the middle east O:)
@arswiss: I think its about some trend with putting All-The-Bad-Guys in Russia (like Hydra from Marvel, or evil russians in Daredevil, ect) because "russians are foes again".
Had the same feelings, really)
*Anxiety intensifies* This is getting more and more intense with each pages! Can't wait to see the next! :D
@Zlukaka: Wait I'm lost, what world politics? Is something happening in Siberia that I wasn't aware of??
As a Russian, I was hoping for Russia (though there are other strong contestants out there), but I am good with this choice. XD
It's truly better to steer clear of real world politics, they get messy.
If Simon sinks any lower in his seat he's gonna break through the table with his chin.
I sigh in relief of Roberta avoiding political garbage and putting hell in Russia. The whole forest thing suddenly made so much sense!!! I LOVE THE MYSTERIOUS PLACES ON EARTH, THIS IS VERA CLEVER!
he's talking tongues
@Rocktopus: Vampirific yokai-bears coming up
That means by the end of this arc I expect to see either vampires, yōkai, or demon bears.

Do not fail me.
we gon full on yoki yoki panic
EDIT: Made a change to the script; was confused whether it's supposed to be Romania vs Transylvania, I'm still a little fuzzy. Is Transylvania like a province? I... always thought it was a stand-alone country...
@arswiss: I barely heard of them, but I already love this duo.
@Bird Enthusiast: Plants!
Well, that's a start!
Japan!! Called it from the second she arrived, its suicide forest isnt it omg im psyched to see where it is!!!
@arswiss: What is Sachlup the angel of ?
Plot twist: Satan is a vampire.
If it is in Transylvania then that means they are coming to visit and that now Romania has vampires AND demons
In Japan, they have their own demons. I wonder how all those Yokais would react to their Western cousins. X)