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A journey through the multiverse by a wall-aware feline in order to find a scarf with the power of destruction.

Except, it's not that simple anymore.

Updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


Recent Comments

@Shard: defenestrate the ket
@WiispNightmare- Yeet her right out the window
@daniel edmondson- :3c
Silvena's mind: Maybe this is a sign...Maybe I should change...Maybe I should leave her be & Make the world a better place...Maybe..I was wrong...
@Shard: guess we've gotta yeet her now
@Shard: gotta wait till Friday to find out
@Shard: (we'd all be such a good audience tho like
Silvena's kind of a meanie but she's such a fun character,,,,,,)

Wait but if she takes the humanity
Does that mean Ket is the one who's empty
@JovanW- We'll see!
@WiispNightmare- What if I just yeet this into oblivion
@lazerbeam- Are you kidding?? She hasn't had a captive audience for years! She'd love it.
Thought just occurred.
If Silvena successfully takes over Két's body, would that also cause her to gain "awareness"?

If so, would certainly be interesting to see such an egotistical goddess learn that she's nothing but a character in a webcomic.

So what if I just yoink this out
Okay, I don’t know how Silvena is feeling about this, but hopefully she might start to change her mind... <_<
Két's bow means a lot more to her than may be readily apparent.
I'm not sure how accurate it is, but something in me is telling me that she's going to come across a memory that she'll regret seeing. Probably not right at all, but it's a possibility.
@Shard: then it's up to Blair then
@daniel edmondson- That would be telling.
@RoninHunt0987- Damaru and Silverado are literally incapable of disobeying Silvena!
@WiispNightmare- She's gonna touch the light
Silvena dont go towards the light p lease
@Shard: mmhmm... Ket's torture is about to begin... lets hope and pray someone gets her to snap out of it and etc... something tells me Blair may end up doing that or unless... Damaru and Silverado turncoats to the good and tells his boss to fluff off... because if ya remember in the last chapter he felt guilt inside him.. so there maybe a bold chance he may turn on his own boss as in damaru and silverado backstab silvia at the last minute
@Shard: please tell me that evil wannabe goddess is gonna die yet?!
@RoninHunt0987- Yep!
@G.B.A- Oh most definitely.