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A journey through the multiverse by a wall-aware feline in order to find a scarf with the power of destruction.

Except, it's not that simple anymore.

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Okay I know that was really inspirational and emotional and props on the poignancy but EVERYBODY HYPE FOR PTK YEEEEEEEE
@Shard: XD YEAH!!!
@TheJGamer- She's going to be okay.
She's all right now, that's good to see~
@Shard: ^~^ and looks like ket is getting a vacation.. XD starting with her favorite past time.. XD the phantom thief motherfluffer!!!
@RoninHunt0987- Smiles go for miles!
@canecacomleite- Anime Pep Talks are the best kind of pep talks.
Glad to see that anime pep talk works on sad Kéts
@Shard: X3 thats all we needed to see.. X3 a smile... you're a good father figure Mr. lorso.. =3 the one thing we needed to see from ket is a smile
Well he did it!
Unluckily I have bad conditions!
Sometimes you need time to take a break and unwind.

Obligatory Q&A Question Call link
@Ren Fowl- That's entirely fair! My reference pool for people knowing things is mostly just my friends, who all have at the very least heard of One Piece, but I do accept that it might have been a better idea to go generic. When making this page I wanted a concrete example of 'here's someone Két can relate to' because I find an empty and generic "other people go through thing" doesn't help, but someone going "hey here's this thing you can literally use as reference, whether it was me or someone else who went through it" actually helps. But I understand why it might not work for everyone, and I'll try and keep that in mind on the off chance that I need to do something like this again.

Also Mr. Losroo being a massive anime nerd is a hilarious prospect to me and I will die on the hill that says he uses his spare time to binge watch tv and anime
@Shard: If your goal was "wide recognizably to the audience" choosing an existing actual cartoon is the exact opposite of what you should of gone with. There are plenty of people who have not watched or read one piece.
If you wanted to communicate that Moleman was empathizing with her as a protagonist you could of just as easily gone with some sort of traditional heroic imagery like a storybook knight or what have you. Using an established cartoon is going to alienate people who have never heard of the cartoon and seem really fucking silly to a lot of people who have.
Also the implication that wise old man mole is a big anime fan is real weird.
@plokman & @Animo- I couldn't use Damaru for three reasons.

The first and perhaps most simple reason is that Mr. Losroo doesn't know who he is aside from some offhand mentions of the guy by Két. He can't exactly use something he's unfamiliar with as an example.

The second and perhaps more emotional reason is that, no matter how sympathetic he is, Damaru is an antagonist. And even if you don't see him as one, you'd do well to remember he's Két's enemy. Encouraging someone by saying 'your enemy did this' isn't exactly kosher.

Thirdly, and most practically... Damaru has not overcome the odds. He keeps failing, keeps losing to Blair, keeps failing to bring Két to Silvena... All he's succeeded at is avoiding following orders, and even then he's running out of ways and time. Even when he and Silverado (...mostly Silverado) succeeded in making Blair mad enough to want them dead, he failed to leave at an appropriate time, failed to convince Silverado not to do something stupid, failed to die when he felt it would have been better for him to do so.

The sentiment of using someone Két knows is nice... but Damaru doesn't hit any markers that would have made him fit the bill.
I completely understand your logic, I just don't agree with it.

Gonna back up Plok on this one. Damaru was also the central focus a couple times as I recall so it would still be appropriate since he's shared the protagonist spotlight.

As-is the page only has meaning to your readers that have also read or watched One Piece. Even for those that have, the fact that you're using an outside media created by a different person still undercuts the emotion of the moment, not to mention the vast visual difference with no transition just making the whole thing look wonky.
Niv I think they fully understand, why you added visuals they are more questioning. You could of used any of your OCs silhouetted like G.B.A said but you used Luffy heck Damaru would of been a perfect example seeing how all the business with Silverado has screwed his life up but he still has risen to the situation.
@Animo, @G.B.A, & @Ren Fowl- To show Két she's not alone. It's one thing to use words, to say 'it's okay to fail sometimes'. It's another entirely to appeal to both the logical and the emotional sides of the mind to show them that "all you're feeling is okay, and justified, and in case you don't believe my words, here's proof that you're not the only one going through this struggle". It may not work for you guys, but it serves the purpose that it needed to as far as I - and several other commentators - are concerned. I could have used some generic sprites- but what would that accomplish, other than alienating Két's struggle? Két specifically complained that she was a failure 'of a protagonist'; so she needed a protagonist to empathize with. I could have used scenes from another story I'd made- but what would that accomplish, other than forcing people to do more reading, or more work if the story was not posted here, to understand what was happening? In the end I decided to go with something recognizable, because then it would both allow Két to see that she truly wasn't alone in her plight, and also allow the audience to understand the point without needing to do much further research, if any. I could have re-created the scenes with sprites, but that would require finding backgrounds for each scene, finding and in some cases making sprites that matched the particular scenes I had in mind, in some cases actively editing sprites so they'd match a consistent style (because Gear 2nd sprites have a different style than Crocodile, for example; and Timeskip sprites are far different as well), and ultimately doing far more work than I really needed to since the scenes had already been created.

If you don't understand my line of logic here, that's fine too! To each their own, and not everyone is going to enjoy a particular choice an author makes. But hopefully at the very least you understand why I took the path I did when making this page.
I just cannot comprehend what could of possibly lead you to use one piece screenshots for what was meant to be an emotional page.
Honestly, you could have just used silhouette figures to explain instead of using One Piece screenshots.

Is this supposed to be inspirational? Because I can't get over the fact that most of the page is One Piece screenshots. And given Ket's meta perception she probably just watched a slideshow of One Piece stills floating by her vision. This is very silly. I can't take Losroo seriously. Why did you think this was a good idea?