A journey through the multiverse by a wall-aware feline in order to find a scarf with the power of destruction.

Except, it's not that simple anymore.

Updates on Tuesdays and Fridays.


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Ironically enough, I just went back through the entire archive so I literally just saw the first run through an hour or two ago. That was a rather short visit but I'm curious as to what this one will be about!

Also, reading through everything again has really put into perspective how much you've improved as the story went on as well as how the characters themselves have done so, it's very nicely done! Well worth the reread.
Even if some of the comment sections were a little bit trash.
YEY POPSTAR *throws paws in the air*
Wonder what gets to happen this time around

Is Meta still stalking nearby? *rings bell for popcorn*
@TheHowlingStorm- Most protagonists are like that.
@littlekirby61524- Indeed.
Ohey, we're back here.
@TheHowlingStorm- Yes again.
@Snurple-the-Hedgehog- He does tend to do that.
@RoninHunt0987- Back in Dreamland/Pop Star!
@Shard: XP back into Kirby's realm hehe
You see, I agree with Kirby's method here. Attack first, ask questions later.
FFS Kirby, not again.
The song of World [2] is Max Raabe's cover of "We Will Rock You".

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
It's been a while since we were last here. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to World [2]! The revisit to World [2] was actually pulled right from the World Suggestion Box. Go figure! It should be fun to Return to Dreamland ™ [SHOT]

You know, I figured I'd have more to say, but I have an astonishingly huge case of writers' block at the moment. Hahahaha whoops! Well, I don't have to ramble all the time in my author comments. Besides, I'll probably have a huge one for you all on Friday. ahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-

in other news kirby is smol and cute and i love doing emotes for him send help
@Axan- Aww :3
@ted the saiyanfox- Which one would that be?
Well I hope Ket doesn't go to the world that has "Deadpool" levels of insanity
They ain't so easy to pass!
Awww, that was proper cute.
@RoninHunt0987- ;3
@plokman- Someplace old, someplace new, someplace red, someplace blue
Well glad you get a break from the screaming. Now where will our little Cat end up next? Someplace old. Guess we will find out soon.
@RoninHunt0987- Whoosh
@foxpuff- I mean, unless she somehow stays like this, then yes she's losing the flight.
She's gonna be losing that flight if I'm right.

I swear that was unintentional.