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Good Game 2


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@Shadow James: A few more pages are somewhere in my old files, but I would have to look for them and they're not in the right order, I think.
Is there more to this book
aww poor rameth jr (by how many times?) getting sucked in again omg
This is pretty cute so far, looking forward to how this goes down!
Big city is big. Or rather, it should have been. OwO' I don't know about those huge blocks of stone inside the city - either someone has a complex, or it's just plain weird. 'u'

Also, because of the rotation in the story - page 10 has a dandelion, while page 13 doesn't. It's weird, I think I'll just add a sow-thistle in here too... >w>'
Long time no update~! @_@' Sorry~!!!

I think I'll try to make updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays now... This way maybe I'll actually be able to do it. OwO; (Though I'm working now, so it could be a bit problematic... sorry~ ;w;')

Thank you very much for sticking with me~! <3
sweet, mleczyk z poprzedniej stronki wyglada super :) no i pra pra pra pra pra wnuczek rametha, fajowsko :3 czekam na dalesze stronki :)!
Ramth, look out, you're falling for their incompetence / innocence again... >_>; You have a too good heart for them... ~~'
And... they lose. Again. Yup, they're my heroes. *Ehh--*

(This was originally the 13th page, thus the dandelion.)
@M3derp: I'm using Wild Words for the Internet edition, but I will change it if I ever publish this comics. D:' So please don't consider it to be too good. xD'

@Mel: Yay, dziękuję~! ^_^= Takie słowa zawsze mnie dopingują...! ;w;'' *hug*
:3 That's it for the old ones.
Aaaa! Kontynuacja Good Game! To był jeden z moich ulubionych komiksów, tak się cieszę, że go kontynuujesz <3
Megan please tell me. What font you're using for your comics :'I because I can't figure it out orz *derp I am dumb sorry*
Ahh, I forgot about my comics. OAQ;;; Sorry, back to updates~!
Ramth, you poor clueless fellow^^; good to see you back though!
Another old page~
And... I'm back. Sorry for the sudden break - I should have just uploaded them all at once. OTL;;; Anyway, I'm still not quite fine, but a lot better then for the last few days...