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Damsels Don't Wear Glasses
Life's no cake walk in Persephone, but Lave Faraday has it worse than most. In a city where the undead are part of the night life and supernatural's the norm; Lave is expected to help keep the peace in this impossible city; or do hard jail time for past crimes. But when you have mafia vampires, necromancer frat boys, and zombie booze drinkers prowling the streets, one can't help but feel like a glorified; paranormal janitor. And Laves problems don't exactly improve when she finds herself protecting a young boy from a sinister force; and making enemies in all the right places.


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Comment on 3.15
Author Jakes, 09 Feb 2016 02:45 pm
yea... okay... i see... alright...

Can you repeat that part between the beginning to the end?
Comment on 3.15
Almightyra, 08 Feb 2016 09:19 pm
me when math
Comment on 3.15
KathyJDB, 08 Feb 2016 06:22 pm
Glowing bookback. Second to last panel
Comment on 3.15
RedClause, 08 Feb 2016 06:15 pm
Lave explains transdimensional travel to a 12 year old.
Comment on 3.14
Anna (Guest), 02 Feb 2016 05:42 pm
I must say I really love your comic and can't wait to see more of it!
Comment on 3.14
Pyrophoricity, 02 Feb 2016 09:43 am
@RedClause: nice flat near Sweet Haeven
Comment on 3.14
RazorD9, 01 Feb 2016 08:21 pm
It's Atlantis kid.

If Lave did lived down in the tunnels and given the amount of overflowing mail she has, then she would have had one badass mailman to fight off the aqua hobos and gator men.
Comment on 3.13
RedClause, 01 Feb 2016 07:45 pm
@melaredblu: not seen her bedroom yet XD
Comment on 3.13
RedClause, 01 Feb 2016 07:45 pm
@Almightyra: it probably very much is.
Comment on 3.13
RedClause, 01 Feb 2016 07:44 pm
@Pyrophoricity: D8;


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