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A webcomic about things and stuff! HOW EXCITING!

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Whoa! Hey! It's been awhile, hasn't it?
Well, I have been surviving school. Like a champ.
Except there are times when I just don't want to do my work and become a hobo.

Say hello to my beautiful future, I will be the best danged hobo EVER. I mean, I will even thing for stuff! Isn't that great? No?

Gosh darn it.
September 6th, 2014
WHOA! Hey everyone! I'm BAAAAAAACK!~
I am back in school again. While I am really excited over it, I'm also really scared because of things like presenting assignment questions. I don't even present until the week after and I'm already freaking out.

I am a huge scaredy cat.

(Also, my classmates don't need faces, what are you talking about. Stop calling me lazy, gosh. :P)

P.S.-<strike>I will hopefully finish the colours tomorrow because I doubt I will finish them tonight :P</strike>
Still working on them! BUT HERE'S SOME COLOUR JUST FOR YOU!
Epic reference XD
WHOOOOOA has it been awhile since I posted anything, whooooops!
But today, I do have something for you!
I saw the designs of the mane six for the upcoming MLP:EG movie and um, I was rather terrified of them.

I still would rather have the actual ponies, though.
AAAAAA sorry it's late! I've been very distracted and stuff.
Other than that, I don't have much else to say this time.
So, change of plans for this week because I'm in a bad emotional state.

I texted my friend, asking him a question, and I got no reply. If you don't want to hang out with me, cool, I get it, but not even saying "no" tells me that I'm not even worth the minute it would take to send that. And that upsets me A LOT. I thought we were friends, but clearly I'm a moron for thinking that.
WHOA! Herpin' and Derpin' has now been around for a year!

Anyways, it is time for a multi-part comic involving a terrible game show thought up between Josh,Carlin, and myself. It also won't take forever to finish because I'm now aiming for WEEKLY UPDATES again.
You're welcome.

I also highly suggest you check out the hover text this week, it is the whole reason I named the host Billy Genius.
So I spent today “studying”.

As in: I slept, played video games, and drew Commander Justice and WebFoot RageFace.

Basically everything except actually study.

ANYWAYS, In more important news!
Come Monday, I am done exams and then have a ton of free time again!

<strike>This will be updated once I finish colouring/lettering the comic!
(At least the lines are finished)</strike>

Eliza and I are strong independent women who don't need no menfolk. (Or so we try to be). This is why we'll totally adopt a million cats and make them re-enact musicals when we're old and still unloved.
Hello, everyone.
It is that time of the term where everything is suddenly due on top of my normal assignments. That was especially the case this week where I had 2 papers and a lab report due all on the same day.
2 papers I had not started.
Because I hate writing papers.
Needless to say, it was an interesting week.
I had things to do.
And then when I went to draw something, my tablet decided to be a derp.
So have this stupid sketch from a few days ago that is clearly not at all Madoka related in any way whatsoever.
Hey! It is reading week this week, so I managed to draw an ACTUAL COMIC!

I have been texting my friend on and off. I freak out if he doesn't respond and come up with these wonderful stories of how he probably hates me (because my inner monologue is a jerkface who can't leave me in peace).
It usually turns out to be due to him working on something, though.
I still panic, however. AIN'T THAT LOVELY?

Also you may laugh at my super old phone.
But it has a dinosaur charm and a Rick Astley ringtone, so we're all good.
Today I have sketched my minecraft character for you.
Looks like a creeper blew up her stuff again.
February 7th, 2014
I got Wind Waker back during Christmas, and I immediately loved the pictobox.

Hello everyone!
It is not a week were I draw a comic, BUT I DID DRAW A THING!
For Joelburt's Birthday, in fact!
I have comic ideas, but I'm too tired to actually draw them today, so here you go.
Good night.
So I'm taking Medical Imaging this term.
Which is pretty awesome, but I was extreeeemely bored the first 2-3 classes because it was stuff I've known since highschool. Medical Imaging was simply just Imaging for me the first few days.
And here are my "notes" from the first day.
You're welcome.
Not bad
Like your art style, keep up the good work :D. Your comic is so derp.
Thank you very much, Soleana! :)
I personally wish for Link to be real xD
Then again, no clay pots would be safe...