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A vampire comic in Chinese


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July 26th, 2009
Me too! I'm always noticing stuff I don't remember seeing before!.. Your stuff is so awesome... XD
July 24th, 2009
I always look at might take a long time between updates (for myself that is) but anyone who really loves your work always appreciates it when you do post. Hence you have one fan here appreciating the latest filler. especially like the vampire spy on this page. love his whole pose etc.
Thanks for the translation GoC XD
I'm reading it, kinda, because I'm learning Chinese, and it's good practise.. well actually I'm still going from the pretty pictures and Goddess_of_Critique. :)
Eunice P
July 23rd, 2009
Haven't been updating this site for a year already. Actually, I kind of miss updating here.
May 14th, 2009
OMG even though I have no idea what it is saying since cannot read looks so so so so so good and professional. Just sits here amazed at your artistic skills and use of toning, panelling etc. Who needs to know the language when the pictures speak so loudly.
Why does that uncle sound like a pervert to me for a second there? 0____0 Sorry, ignore what I said. I never think normally to begin with.
Ah, I'm so happy that I can read Chinese 8'D *gunned down*
November 10th, 2008
*struggles to read*
July 31st, 2008
The good thing about manga is you can pretty much know what going on without understanding the words. xD

.. I needa learn Chinese. |D

I can't wait for more of your art~
wow!! O.o
this is like really awesome art. but i can't speak chinese. :( could you put it into english soon?
I'm reading it coz I just found it, and I know chinese!!! >w<
the page didn't show up... ;__;
March 7th, 2008
Yay, I've just discovered the real reason I'm learning Chinese!
Well, actually I hardly understand any of it, is it simplified or traditional?
In any case, the art is amazing! I'm so jealous. +Fav
I'm reading~

With help from Goddess_of_Critique, that is.
Goddess_of_critique, you're wonderful. :'D

And Eunice P, amazing art. As usual :]
The art of the characters on this page kind of remind me of the art of one of my favorite Manga-ka.
(Not meant to be an insult, btw. I really do adore your style and talent.)

. . .D:
Though I wish I could read Chinese.
Panel1 [no text]
- "Heh~!" [shout]
~sound~ (sorry can't work it out)
- "Idiot! Your death day has arrived!"
- "Who that?" (Alt: "What person?")
- "What's this? Their eyes are all glowing red."
- ~sound~ (sorry can't work out what sound it is)
- "Ignore her! This guy is now coming this way!"
- "What are these people doing?"
- "Huh..."
- "!?" (you clearly needed tha bit translated)